Why Your Company Needs a Paperless Expense Reporting Solution

Travel continues to be an important activity for enterprise employees, and businesses must have a streamlined way to track and organize expenses to ensure quick reimbursement. Whether workers travel on a regular basis or are responsible for tracking other types of corporate expenses, having an expense management platform in place is now essential.

According to the latest data from KBV Research, the travel and expense management software market is maintaining significant expansion, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.6 percent expected through 2023. This will bring the market value to $2.3 billion, as companies large and small invest in these advanced solutions.

When it comes time to choose an expense reporting solution for your business, one of the best features to seek out is the ability to go paperless. There are many options available that fit this bill, but these solutions aren’t one and the same.

(By the way, download our how-to guide if you’re looking for the right expense reporting software for your small business.)

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways a paperless solution can benefit your organization’s expense reporting processes:

Sustainability: Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Green initiatives continue to be a top priority in every industry, and one of the first places businesses look to adjust their practices is the amount of paper they consume. According to the Paperless Project, enterprises in the US and Canada are some of the largest consumers of paper across the entire globe, and even with considerable digital advantages in the last few decades, paper usage continues to rise.

Worst of all, the material often isn’t recycled properly – paper is now one of the largest contributors of solid waste in landfills today, with 29 million tons recorded in 2009. Because 45 percent of paper printed in an office setting ends up in the garbage by the end of the day, adjusting company practices for paper consumption should be a main focus for managers and employees alike.

A paperless expense reporting solution can be a huge step in the right direction here. Not only does a solution of this kind cut down on paper reports and spreadsheets, it can also prevent employees from having to carry around paper receipts for expense tracking. Managers can access expense reports anytime from anywhere, and can send approvals via email. Going completely digital with expense reporting can reduce office costs while keeping your organization in line with its sustainability goals – a boon for your company as well as for the environment.

A mobile-friendly, paperless expense reporting solution can provide several key benefits for your company and employees.A mobile-friendly, paperless expense reporting solution can provide several key benefits for your company and employees.

Mobility: Align with Employee Working Styles

There’s no arguing that working styles have changed considerably in recent years. Employees are no longer chained to their desktop computers, but can leverage mobile devices to complete enterprise tasks from anywhere with an internet connection. And, according to current statistics, this is a trend that many workers have quickly adopted.

IT Biz Advisor reported that today, the vast majority of employees – 80 percent overall – use a personal mobile device for work. Some companies also continue to provide mobile hardware to support their workers – Gartner found that 23 percent of businesses issue smartphones and 37 percent provide laptops.

As workers continue to utilize these powerful devices, it only makes sense that employers provide tools that align with these mobile working styles. This is especially true in the case of expense reporting – it’s a huge hassle for employees to hang on to their receipts and wait until they return to their office desktop computer to input their expenses. Instead, it makes more sense to arm staff members with a mobile expense reporting solution that they can utilize from the device they already leverage for work.

Close Gaps: Eliminate Untracked or Unorganized Expenses

In addition to advantages for sustainability and mobility, a paperless expense reporting solution can also help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks where employee spending is concerned. Paper-based solutions require workers to keep their paper receipts, but this can create a situation in which it’s easy for a receipt to go missing and an expense to remain untracked. This prevents employees from receiving the full reimbursement that they deserve, and can also skew accounting data.

Instead, a paperless solution enables staff members to snap a photo of their receipt as soon as they receive it. In this way, spending is tracking in near-real time, and employees don’t have the chance to lose a receipt.

Going paperless comes with considerable advantages, particularly for expense reporting. Request a demo of Tallie for free today to find out the impact this paperless expense reporting solution can have on your business. Or, download our guide for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.