Weekly Roundup – Tech and Accounting

Welcome back to Tallie’s weekly roundup! This week we take a look into how you can prepare for automation, the FIFA corruption case, Google Photos, the possibility of Snapchat going public, and our favorite app of the week. It’s another great week for tech and accounting!

Accounting News

1. Don’t hesitate to automate! Here’s how you can prepare:

Jim Boomer, CIO of Boomer Consulting gives some advice to any company or accounting practice looking to automate their accounting services. Organizations have to start identifying and offering services that move them up the value chain with their ever modernizing clients. Moreover, employees must utilize their expertise and decision making skills to stay competitive in the future job market.

2. FIFA gets ‘red carded’ by the IRS:

The big news in the accounting this week involves the international soccer giant FIFA. The IRS, FBI, and numerous international agencies have officially charged 14 high ranking officials in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) with counts of racketeering, bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracies. These are all in relation to a long-standing conspiracy to corrupt international soccer. We love soccer at Tallie but we don’t love fraud anywhere, including in your expense report process.

Tech News

3. Snapchat might go public soon:

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel reveals his plan for an initial public offering. The company has around 200 million active user and is currently worth $10 Billion. Additionally, Spiegel gives his views on the future of the tech industry.

4. The latest from I/O – Google Photos is here!

At Google I/O on Thursday, Google announced their release of Google Photos – a way to store and manage photos without needing to to use Google+. You can also tag photos and make .gifs! The service is free and offers an ‘unlimited’ amount of storage. Also announced at Google I/O are numerous updates to Android OS, Chrome, and much more.

Tallie’s Favorite App of the Week

5. Tallie’s app of the week comes from our pals SmartVault:

Think of SmartVault as a sort of receipt shoebox optimized for the cloud. It stores documents and images of many different file types that are accessible from any device. Need to whip up an expense report quickly? No problem. Drag and drop your receipt images from SmartVault straight into Tallie and we’ll automate most of your data entry from there. It’s that easy.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!