Weekly Roundup – Accounting and Tech

Welcome back to Tallie’s weekly roundup! Below we discuss how to prepare your firm for upcoming changes in the accounting industry, upgrading to new accounting software, an electrifying new product by Energous Corporation, our favorite app of the week, and the latest in the Tallie world. It’s been a great week in the Accounting and Tech communities!

Accounting News

How to prepare your firm for imminent change

This week, Sean McCabe explored some of the major steps firms can take to adapt to change taking place in the modern accounting industry. Action items included investing in change management within the firm, fostering communication between employees of different generations, and most importantly adopting an ongoing process to analyze your firm’s goals and comparing that process with the rest of the industry. Erik Asgeirsson, CEO of CPA.com, also noted “To drive change successfully inside the firm, it’s very important to be clear on your purpose. You drive purpose with what you’re trying to change within the firm.”

To cloud, or not to cloud?

Are you looking to upgrade accounting software? In this guide, Alan Cooke implored you to ponder some useful issues that will help you pick the right accounting software solution. These included the capabilities and differences of the product, the integrations it offers, and the product’s ease of learning.

Tech News

WattUp will soon come to light

TechCrunch this week highlighted a product called Watt Up by Energous Corporation. WattUp plugs straight into your smartphone and has the ability to charge it using the radio waves present around us. Although they are certainly not the first to develop this technology, Energous Corporation is currently leading the charge with WattUp due to be released as early as next year.

App of the Week

Tallie’s favorite app of the week is Bill.com!

Bill.com is the ultimate tool for your accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows. It helps you save 50% of your bill payment and approval time, and helps you get paid 2-3 times faster with ACH and credit cards. Bill.com also syncs with your choice of Quickbooks Online, Intacct, and Xero for the seamless transfer of all data for your receivables and payables.  Moreover, if you connect it with Tallie, you can choose to have both your reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses sent to Bill.com after you submit your expense report. Get those expenses reimbursed faster!

Tallie News

Tallie version 10.7 is out now!

We just released version 10.7 of Tallie! Some of the highlights of this release included updates to our Intacct integration, credit card improvements, export and UI enhancements, and other general product improvements. Expense reports just got that much better.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting and technology news!