Using Client Feedback to Optimize Accounting Workflow

It is somewhat ironic that businesses labeled as a ‘Software as a Service’ company typically deprioritize customer support in pursuit of growth. At SpringAhead and Tallie, we look at it from a different perspective. We believe the ultimate metric of success is customer satisfaction. Highlighted in a recent SalesForce/ case study for customer support, SpringAhead has successfully maintained a 99% satisfaction rate through 796% growth period. We are continuing the same tradition and commitment to customer satisfaction with Tallie.


Tallie featured in feature regarding accounting workflow optimization.

Our high customer satisfaction rate is not a result of a disproportionate investment in post-sale customer care. Rather it’s the by-product of our redefinition of the whole customer support function. We do not settle for just a customer support department. Instead we have a team of product experts to engage practitioners throughout the product lifecycle, from product specification, to implementation, to accounting integration and bug fixes. The purpose is to incorporate their accounting workflow experiences into the decision-making of our designs.

The same team facilitates the implementation process and remains engaged to assess the effectiveness of our product.  Ongoing user feedback is the backbone of feature refinement and engineering roadmap prioritization.  We consider our customers as an important input to the solution, rather than taking them for granted as an output. When customers are treated more like partners, accounting workflow becomes smoother and both parties are left with optimized business.