Training Webinar Q&A: 5 Ways Tallie Will Change the Way You Do Expense Reports Forever

As you may have already heard, Tallie offers free, weekly training webinars with our fabulous Product Experts. At the end of each session, we open the floor to questions from users, administrators, and accountants alike. Not only does this help our team ensure our clients are getting the most out of Tallie, it also enables us to see which features Tallie customers are eager to learn more about. So, whether you fancy yourself a novice or an expense reports expert, check out these answers to the top five questions asked at our training webinars.

Question #1: “Does Tallie offer support for managing the expense reports of multiple companies?”

Absolutely. At Tallie, each company is referred to as an “enterprise,” and switching between them is a snap. If you look at the upper left-hand corner of your screen, you will see your name, as well as the enterprise you’re currently working under. By clicking the name of your currently active enterprise, you will be given the option of switching to another. As long as all of your enterprises are linked through Tallie, you will not be required to log out before managing your other companies’ expenses.

Tallie Expense Reports Blog - Webinar Questions and Answers

Question #2: “When you export your expense reports into accounting software (for example, QuickBooks) are the entries also automatically pushed to

Yes! When first setting up your Tallie account, one of our Product Experts will create a custom workflow with your company’s chosen accounting systems. In this case, the asker decided to connect their Tallie account with QuickBooks and Now, when exporting expenses, Tallie will simultaneously push their reimbursable charges to, and the non-reimbursable company charges to QuickBooks. If you ever decide to switch accounting services, just give our team a call at 888-874-1118 Ext 2 or email us at We will reconfigure your Tallie account to accommodate these changes, no matter how long its been since your initial setup.

Question #3: “When a user adds an expense, can they also pick which class the transaction should be assigned to? If so, can administrators control which options each user has?”

As an administrator, you have the option of allowing users to select their own classes. These classes can be assigned to individual transactions, or even to entire expense reports. When it comes to controlling user options, you can also choose to require class and department tracking for all expenses, or to assign classes to people and projects yourself behind the scenes. To learn more, come check out our explanation for Tallie’s class configuration and hierarchies.

Question #4: “Which browser works best with Tallie?”

Tallie works well with all modern browsers. While we also offer support for older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 10) we’ve found that users have the best experience with the more technologically advanced options. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of our expense management features, we recommend using the latest versions of browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

Question #5: When setting up items, can I directly import the item list from QuickBooks Online and use them as the Expense Categories in Tallie?

You sure can! In fact, we highly encourage our users to directly import items from their accounting software into Tallie. From there, users can then assign these as custom Expense Categories for future transactions. In a recent article, we outlined how to set up service items, markups, and invoices through QuickBooks Online.

Have some questions of your own? Come join us for our next free Tallie training webinar! If you’re ready to see how Tallie can improve your accounting workflow, schedule a free product demo with one of our experts today. We also offer 14-day trials with no credit card or commitment required.