Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Expense Report Template

Say goodbye to the days of manual expense reports. Automated expense management products have arrived in the market with advanced processes that are saving companies tremendous amounts of time and money. In fact, a recent study concluded that companies using this type of software spend 27% less than those using paper-based methods, and over 40% less for travel expenses (Runzheimer International, 2013). Here are 5 reasons why an automated expense product could revolutionize the financial apps industry and improve your accounting workflow:

1 – Data Entry Automation

Input expense data in a snap – literally. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology now allows users to simply snap a photo of the receipt and let the pertinent information populate automatically. Merchant, date, dollar amount, and expense category can all be automatically extracted and populated for you. This means no more manual expense data entry or creation of new columns for every expense category your company uses.


The manual Excel expense report template seen above is revolutionized by expense management software products.

2 – Human Error Elimination

You’ll never have to stress about accidentally double counting your receipts. With an intelligent automated expense solution, duplicate receipts are accurately identified and flagged for the submitter’s review. Algorithms analyze the merchant name and total dollar amount to determine whether or not this expense has been previously entered.

3 – Increased Administrator Control

It’s no secret that any company can benefit from greater visibility into the spending habits of its employees. Expense management software provides multiple approver level options to assure the correct manager has control over their respective departments. Many companies have specific policies on reimbursable spend that are tedious to enforce in an Excel expense report template. Relieve that burden by automating your policies to enforce policy before it’s broken.

4 – Corporate Credit Card “Reconciliation”

One of the more valuable aspects of using a premier expense management solution is the ability to plainly track both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses. Corporate credit cards can be automatically imported into the expense report and designated as non-reimbursable. This smooth process allows for quick reconciliation of corporate expenses. This level of control is simply unheard of in a traditional Excel expense report template.

5 – Tight Integrations with Core Systems

Integrating with QuickBooks is a key technical feature that requires a deep understanding of accounting and accounting systems. Deep integration allows for confidently accurate books, faster reimbursement to employees, and the reassuring notion that no errors have been made. Your expense management solution should do this seamlessly. If done correctly, you will eliminate any need for manual entry and ensure both systems stay synced. This level of confidence and accuracy in the expense report process is made possible only when the next generation of automated expense report tools seamlessly integrates with the systems you already use to run your business.

The age of efficiency and powerful automation is upon us. It’s time to ditch the expense report template and join the next generation of expense management. Learn more about how Tallie has incorporated all of these features and more by visiting our website.