Tallie’s Conference Survival Guide

As business teams prepare to embark on their own busy conference seasons, we’re offering a Conference Survival Guide to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience. Here are our recommendations:


1. BKR Water Bottle – $30

We’ve all experienced this. Back-to-back seminars can quickly lead to dehydration and afternoon lethargy. Power through your break-out sessions with a BKR water bottle. These glass bottles are easy to tote around the conference floor and include a soft, silicone sleeve available in a variety of colors.

2. Baggu “Duck Bag” – $26

From branded water bottles to USB charger blocks, conference vendors continue to deliver increasingly innovative conference swag, and we recommend you snag a bag that can hold it all. The Baggu “Duck Bag” is made of recycled cotton and will keep all your personal and professional belongings comfortably safe and secure.

3. Mophie “Juice Pack” Powerstation External Battery – $60

Don’t drain your patience on a dead battery; stay connected with a portable charger. This iPhone and iPad charger boasts a special high-output battery that charges twice as fast as traditional 500mAh batteries and improved conversion efficiency so more power reaches your device.

4. Strong & Kind Bars – $2

Be prepared! Pack some protein to stay sharp and alert through collaborative meetings. We recommend the “Strong & Kind Bar” which comes in a handful of delicious flavors: Honey Mustard, Hickory Smoked, Thai Sweet Chili, Roasted Jalapeno, and Honey Smoked BBQ. These bars are made from 100% whole ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, and pea crisps, and deliver 10 g of protein per bar.

5. Coloud “Pop” Earbuds – $25

Wildly popular at Tallie HQ, the Coloud “Pop” earbuds are essential for skyward conference travels. These earbuds are compact, colorful, and deliver quality sound all for the great price of $25. Not too bad considering Apple’s earbuds range from $29-79, and Coloud’s will actually fit in your ears.

Team Tallie wishes you a happy and productive conference season! Want to see how easy Tallie makes submitting conference expenses? Schedule a 1-on-1 product demo with one of our experts. Or take advantage of our free 14-day trials– no credit card, no obligation.