Tallie’s 10.2 Release Notes: Improved Product UI, Custom Exports & Templates, and Expanded CSV Support

We’ve just launched the latest version of our expense report automation software! Tallie 10.2 brings new custom exports and templates, expanded CSV support, as well as improved, easier-to-use UI. These changes were designed to better serve our customers who want greater speed and customizability in their accounting workflow. In particular, our new templating tool offers you much more control over data exported from your accounting system. Want to take advantage of these upgrades right away? Read on to learn how:

I. New Custom Export and Templates

Tallie has created a better method of generating custom spreadsheets upon export – not only are we now be able to support a “third” export file, it’s a much cleaner and easier experience to create new templates. In practice, users can export their reimbursables to an accounting system, and their non-reimbursables to an accounting system or custom spreadsheet. Now, with this feature enabled, users can also export unlimited numbers of spreadsheets with either reimbursables or non-reimbursables – or both.


Go to “Settings”, then click “Features” and enable “Turn on .CSV Export Templates for custom exporting to third party systems.”

Go to “Integration & Sync” and click “.CSV Templates.”

You’ll see Bill.com and Practice Engine templates built in. If you turn either of them on, next time you export – regardless of what your export settings are currently – you’ll also get a .zip containing your CSV file for download in the specified format.


II. Improved Product UI

In this release, there a number of quick wins that improve the Tallie experience, including enhancing the functionality of the expense report area and showing greater details on expenses themselves.

Expense Report: Mass Edit and Delete

You can now edit and delete expenses directly from the report itself on the Expense Reports page without having to navigate back to the purchases page.

Deleting Expenses


Mass Editing Expenses


New “Possible Duplicate” Comparison View

Tallie has always offered auto-flagging of “Possible Dulicates.” Now, you can compare the line items on each expense against each other, rather than just the receipt images.

Click “Possible Duplicate” to bring up the lightbox.


Next, click on the “Expand Image” link.


Now you’ll see the entirety of the two expenses in question and you can compare each expense’s line items.


As always, if you have any questions about how these changes will improve your expense report process, feel free to reach out to our support team at 1-888-874-1118 or through support@usetallie.com.

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