Tallie Talk: Jules Carman, VP of Business Development

Her fiery personality, enchanting confidence, and sage wisdom are only the beginning of what makes Jules Carman so special to us. As Tallie’s new Vice President of Business Development, Jules brings fresh insight and unmatched industry experience to the table. To celebrate her recently joining the Tallie family, we’ve asked Jules to sit down and share her Tallie story with us.

How Jules Carman started at Tallie:

I worked with the Tallie team for many months before I accepted a position at the company. Because of Tallie’s strong integration business plan and team, I was introduced to the product while working with other companies that had integrated with Tallie. When you work in the tech industry for as long as I have, you know the recipe for superior software when you see it. As it stands, Tallie has all the ingredients. I first became a user, and then a fan– and because I’m a really lucky girl, an employee.


Her favorite part of day-to-day work life:

The Tallie Team. I get to come to work everyday and do what I love. I love my work because of who I am surrounded by – lovely, salt of the earth people who are as wicked smart as they are hilarious. We have total respect for each other, which allows us to agree to disagree. We are direct and don’t pull any punches. You know exactly what you’re dealing with, and it’s this authenticity that allows us to amplify productivity. The Tallie culture is the true “work hard, play hard” environment.

What does Tallie’s future look like for the VP of Business Development?

If we continue building, innovating, and perfecting at our current rate, the sky’s the limit! We have a highly functional expense management product that performs the way we say it does. This breeds trust. For a biz dev department to be successful, a company actually needs all the attractive human elements – trust, love and kindness. If people don’t like you, they will not do business with you. It’s pretty simple. And, because we are also building a company, one needs unrelenting positive energy.

The secret to staying motivated in your career when things get tough:

Although it’s not really a secret, my first thought is having a competitive streak due to my background as a trained athlete. In track, they say “If you’re going to try to take me down, you’re going to have to beat me to the finish line.” That challenge motivates me in both my athletic passion and my professional life. Additionally, you must have courage. You must be able to “go for it” and roll out the intuitive strategy that YOU believe the market is telling you it wants. I’d rather crash and burn and completely fail by doing what I think is right, versus winning by playing it safe, and fading away without a bold move.

Her advice for women interested in pursuing a career in tech:

Hurry up, we need you! There are tons of women ahead of you that want to scoop you up and get you on the on ramp.

My secret guilty pleasure:

The Green Bay Packers minus the guilt. There is no guilt.

A typical Friday night for me looks like:

Relaxing with my boyfriend who also happens to be my beloved husband, our two children, our dog, our cat, and lots of red wine. Come on, I’m a mother – motherhood + red wine = happy family. HA!

If you share Jules’s love for building a successful business, have cool ideas to share or are Tallie fans with stories to tell, we would love to hear from you. Email your thoughts to info@usetallie.com.

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