Tallie & PEX Card Webinar Recap (Video Inside)

Tallie and PEX Card hosted a webinar to share a simple solution for dramatically improving the expense management workflow. We affirmed that petty cash was dead, and that Tallie & PEX Card killed it. Our solution saves money, eliminates busy work, prevents fraud, and offers total control over your expenses. Best news of all? We’ve saved the recording for you.

Listen to our CEOs discuss:

• Gaining industry-leading controls without the cost.
• The right tools & best practices to prevent expense fraud at your business.
• Replacing annoying cash advances & risky corporate cards with the smart option.

To learn more about how Tallie & PEX Card can work for your business, sign up for a personal demo.

2 thoughts on “Tallie & PEX Card Webinar Recap (Video Inside)

  1. Our company is looking at Pex and Tallie to implement for office supply purchasing. In accordance with your webinar, you are able to set purchasing restrictions. How would this be beneficial for this purpose only?
    Thank you for your time!

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