Tallie & Intacct Webinar: Automating Expense Reports, Cloud Accounting & Zero-Click, Real-Time Integration

The future is coming, and it’s automation. Are you ready? You know that automating your expense reports with Tallie is a simple way to save time and money. Now, Intacct and Tallie have partnered to form the ideal accounting system for businesses that want to stay relevant well into the future.

Our very own Jules Carmen and Justin O’Neill gave a webinar demonstrating Tallie’s powerful, zero-click, real-time integration with Intacct. Topics included:

• Can cloud accounting really create revenue opportunities?
• Increasing ROI by the thousands every hour.
• How automating expense reports can save your firm money.
• The future of the accounting industry, and the right tools and best practices to thrive.

Want to see for yourself? Feel free to check out the webinar recording below:


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