Tallie Expense Report Software 12.0 Release Notes

For the past couple months, the Tallie team has been laying the groundwork for a major product release that’s happening early this Summer. While we’re still developing more features and polishing the ones that have already been built, we’ve also added some enhancements and addressed certain issues. Stay tuned for our upcoming release, but until then, read on to learn about the additions and bug fixes you can find in Tallie starting today!

New Enterprise Time Zones

São Paolo, Brazil, all Australian and New Zealand time zones are now available in our Localization menu in the Company Preferences area.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Enterprise Time Zone

Oceania and São Paolo time zones are now available.

Further Improvements to our Bank Data Delivery Credit Card Feeds

Ever since the release of our in-house credit card integration at the end of 2016, we have been able to successfully connect several clients’ commercial cards, some of whom need support for dozens of corporate card sub-accounts. We’ve had success on all three financial institutions we support, which are Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Due to the fact that the process of initiating a Bank Data Delivery is not always the same across different banks, our Product Expert team would assist the client every step of the way and raise any technical roadblocks to our Development team. In this release, we’ve addressed a handful of Bank Data Delivery issues, including well-formed files with no transaction data being treated as errored files, file parsing error, and auto-import skipping transactions. We take pride in the integrations we built from the ground up and we’re continuously making enhancements to them, that includes Bank Data Delivery as well.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Bank Data Delivery Credit Card Feeds

Bank Data Delivery supports corporate card sub-accounts from Visa, American Express and MasterCard. New sub-account shows up automatically when the bank sends transactions attributed to it.

Additional Fixes

  • Monetary Approval Levels Addressed the issue where if a monetary level is not part of the managerial chain, it would interfere with the managerial approval. Also addressed another issue where unlimited approver is skipped and default approver is contacted when there’s a “silent” approver who is not assigned in the approval flow.
  • Fixed the issue where expense category default billable flag prevents user from making the expense not billable.
  • Fixed Print Selected reports functionality on the Export/Exported page does not include the Google Maps for mileage expenses.
  • Rewrite Billing page “past due” error if there are older invoices that need to be processed after the admin had updated credit card, so admin knows to contact Support.

Stay tuned for the big announcement coming early this Summer.

We love to hear from you — even if it’s just to say hi. Let us know how these updates to our expense report software help your team. Reach out to our Product Expert team at support@usetallie.com or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.