Tallie & Bill.com: Automatically Sync Your Systems to Reimburse Employees Faster

Reimbursing employee expenses can be a time-consuming pain for your small business’s finance team. Uploading expense reports to bill pay systems, and syncing accounting, bill pay, and expense reporting systems yourself each day. Manually reviewing expense reports and reimbursements to confirm everything has synced. It all takes valuable time away from more significant work. 

Your finance team deserves an easier, faster way to reimburse employees. That’s why Tallie’s expense reporting solution was selected as Bill.com’s preferred expense report solution. In fact, “the ease of transferring expenses to Bill.com” is what Peter S said he liked best about using Tallie for his small business. 

This article shares how your small business can benefit from syncing Tallie with Bill.com. 

Watch our video on how Tallie syncs with Bill.com

The Overview: Tallie and Bill.com

Anyone using Tallie to manage their expense reports can integrate with Bill.com. When doing so, your reimbursable and non-reimbursable expense reports can automatically create bills to digitally reimburse your team and pay your credit card vendors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Employees use Tallie to record their expenses.
  2. Your finance or accounting team reviews and exports them to Bill.com for reimbursement.
  3. Bill.com makes the payment; all updates in Bill.com come into Tallie within the hour.

Tallie customers rate the Bill.com integration as incredibly easy to set up.

How Tallie Saves Your Business Time

Activity-Based Syncs

Tallie and Bill.com offer an instant, real-time, and automatic data sync called an “activity-based sync.” Data is recorded and synced each time a change happens to list data in your accounting or bill pay system. Everything stays up to date — no manual work required.

That means when a record is edited in Tallie, the update is reflected immediately in Bill.com. When an update is made in Bill.com, it’s reflected in Tallie within the hour. Tallie syncs any accounting information into Bill.com, including receipt images, billable flags, and recording the bill as paid. 

It all saves you and your finance team time to focus on the work that drives your business forward.

Increased Productivity

Employees can use Tallie to easily submit their expenses. They snap a picture of their receipts and Tallie does the data entry. Internal controls and rules prevent employees from accidentally submitting a non-compliant expense report. 

Finance and accounting teams can review expenses trusting that they’re compliant. Once ready, they can export reports to Bill.com for reimbursement. Bill.com and Tallie handle the rest. 

The result is less time spent on expenses for everyone involved — and increased productivity as a result. Employees can submit expenses faster and finance teams can reimburse faster as well. 

Everything in One Place

Tallie’s connection with Bill.com gives accountants a centralized platform for managing all payables, no matter the ERP. 

If you also use accounting software like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, or Intacct, the Tallie + Bill.com integration can also synchronize with that data to ensure everything runs smoothly. All accounting data is always in sync with Bill.com. 

Ready to explore the Tallie and Bill.comn integration for yourself? Contact us for a demonstration or sign up for a free trial today.