Top Trends in FinTech: 2017 and Beyond

While banks, insurers and investment managers may have been slow to adopt advanced systems to support and streamline processes in the past, fintech is now taking the world by storm. In fact, the PwC Global FinTech Report 2017 noted that investments in fintech will continue to increase over the next three to five years, as financial service providers cement partnerships with technology vendors.

Fintech offers considerable benefits for organizations in this industry – according to the report, companies working on fintech projects can expect to see a 20 percent return on investment on average.

As fintech continues to garner interest and become a more pressing part of financial service providers’ critical infrastructure, decision-makers must stay ahead of the curve and select the solutions that will offer the most value for their organizations. Top-trending solutions provide a jumping off point, showing executives the potential these systems can have for their internal and customer-facing processes.

Which fintech solutions should financial service providers consider first? Let’s take a look at the top trends for this year, and beyond:

1) Wider Acceptance of Fintech Solutions

The banking and financial service sector has historically hesitated when it comes to new technologies due to the industry’s needs for high-level security and data privacy. As a result, fintech options floundered in the past, as execs struggled with the best ways to balance security and compliance needs alongside new technological capabilities.

The situation has changed drastically recently, however, as more financial firms are seeking out advanced fintech solutions to address their most pressing industry pain points. While there are still important considerations to make with the implementation of innovative platforms and systems, the days of hesitation toward new technology are nearing an end.

“A large number of our clients are taking aggressive action to determine how they can use these technologies within their ecosystems,” noted Dilip Krishna, Deloitte & Touche LLP managing director and head of innovation. “They’re acting as venture capitalists and investing in their internal projects to see what specific problems these technologies can solve.”

2) Blockchain Becomes More Popular

Digital currencies initially threatened financial service providers, but recent months have seen more acceptance, especially given the rise of blockchain technology. Chargebacks911 explained that this technology comes as an alternative to the traditional transaction method of ACH clearing, and includes an accessible digital ledger to keep track of payments in real-time. In this way, transaction delays can be eliminated and overall use of digital currency can be streamlined for both banks and consumers.

Currently, more financial institutions are exploring the use of blockchain, and experts predict it will only gain popularity as a more efficient means of transactional record-keeping.

Mobile devices add efficiency.Mobile devices add efficiency.

3) Mobile Capabilities Help Level the Playing Field

The ability to use a mobile device to get work done on the go is a growing demand in every industry, and the financial service sector is no different. Fortune contributor Chirag Kulkarni noted that mobility is helping organizations enhance their customer focus, and is improving market competition for older financial service providers as they look to become more modern.

What’s more, support for mobile capabilities hasn’t just been a boon for banking customers – financial service providers have also found success with employee mobility, especially for workers that travel or operate from outside the office. The ability to leverage a mobile device helps ensure collaboration and productivity, and will continue to be an essential capability for financial service staff in the future.

4) Increasing Interest in Automation

An increase in automated processes has been seen across nearly every industry, and fintech is also riding this wave. Automation helps cut down on manual processes, improving efficiency while helping to cut down on human error. Automation, especially as it relates to transaction processing, will continue to be a top focus in financial service technology.

Leveraging Fintech Trends: Mobility and Automation

Financial service providers seeking ways to incorporate these trends within their businesses should consider all of their available options. Mobility and automation are especially key, and an expense reporting solution that supports both can provide a win-win for organizations and their employees.

An industry-leading expense reporting solution enables employees to track and submit expenses via their mobile devices, reducing the potential for lost receipts and unrecorded spending. In addition, such technology provides the best visibility for managers while supporting automated receipt processes and credit card transaction matching.

To see how an expense reporting solution could benefit your organization, contact Tallie for a free trial.

Tallie Introduces New Client Onboarding Automation

Onboarding new clients just got easier with new Tallie profile presets.

Tallie today announced a new feature to simplify the task of onboarding new clients for its accounting firm partners. Adding new clients can be an unnecessarily repetitive task, especially for accounting firms transitioning their clients from inherited systems to firm-managed standardized systems. Now, Tallie’s accounting firm partners can save time by storing the settings for an existing client to use as a template for future clients with similar business models and needs. These stored profile presets can then be applied when onboarding new clients.

Review of accounting firm partner processes inspired the new functionality. As accounting firms shift from a traditional time and materials billing process to flat rates and basic service offerings, standardization and automation are keys to profitability.  

“The accounting industry is rapidly changing its business model,” says Claire Milligan, Director of User Experience at Tallie. “Rather than replacing the traditional accountant, we believe Tallie is the technology business partner that will enable firms to evolve, expand profits, and develop new relationships with their clients.”

The new functionality complements an already robust reseller management portal that Tallie created for accounting firm partners to streamline billing, usage data, and access for client accounts all under one accountant login.

“Tallie is committed to helping our partners set the standard for the future of the accounting industry,” says Claire Milligan. “With consultation from clients, partners, and industry leaders, we consistently build tools that empower our partners to offer better, faster, more profitable expense management as a part of an outsourced accounting product.”

About Tallie

Tallie expense report software simplifies the entire expense management process. From point of purchase to accounting and reimbursement, Tallie eliminates busy work using real-time integration with leading accounting and bill pay solutions, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Intacct, and Recently, Tallie joined forces with Nexonia, Certify, and ExpenseWatch to form the largest independent expense management company in the world. For more information about Tallie, please visit  

Tallie Expense Management – August Webinar Schedule

Throughout the month of August, we are conducting free weekly webinars on a range of subjects to ensure you get the most out of our expense management software.

These webinars provide free training for employees, managers, and accountants alike. Lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, each webinar is loaded with information ranging from product guidance to live Q&A with Tallie Product Experts.

Register for a free August webinar below!


  1. Run through the creation of a Tallie expense reports.
  2. Share the tips and tricks to create your expense report in a few minutes.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you might possibly have.


Tuesday August 1st 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Tuesday August 8th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Tuesday August 15th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST **SPECIAL: How To Use Tallie Android & iOS Apps**

Tuesday August 22nd 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Tuesday August 29th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST


  1. Walk through how to create custom policies and approval levels within Tallie.
  2. Show how Tallie streamlines your expense reporting workflow with multi-point data export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday August 10th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Thursday August 24th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST


  1. Walk through the corporate credit card management within Tallie.
  2. Show the three types of credit card connections in Tallie.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday August 17th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST


  1. Run through a variety of expense tracking features that you may utilize in Tallie.
  2. Review customization and options of your account’s configuration.
  3. Show how Tallie streamlines your accounting workflow with 1-click multi-point export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
  4. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday August 3rd 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Thursday August 31st 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

If you have any questions about Tallie’s expense management software between now and your chosen training webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team directly at or 888-874-1118 Ext 2. We hope to see you there!

We love our admins! Tallie Expense Report Software 10.10.2 Mini Release Notes

You know that moment when you’ve built something and you can’t wait to show it off? We know the feeling. Sometimes we just can’t wait for a release to deliver you some great new features. Announcing Tallie’s mini-release 10.10.2 featuring admin expense management goodness!

Quick Code Search

Tallie Expense Report Software Search by Code

When coding expenses to list data in Tallie, you can now search by code as well as name.

Was this expense for the Lead Generation sub-department of Marketing or was it for the Direct sub-department of Marketing? In many accounting systems, these departments are represented using codes as well as names, like 410 and 412, for instance. To some of you expense coding goes super quick if you can just type in code 410 and rest assured that the expense is getting coded to Marketing:Lead Generation. Well, now you can! Tallie supports this feature for all lists that feature accounting codes: customers, projects, departments, classes and locations.

Quick Masquerade Access & Switch

Tallie Expense Report Software Masquerade from Menu

Admins can quickly enter masquerade mode by selecting “Begin Masquerade” from their user menu.

Tallie’s masquerade mode is a feature that saves admins a ton of time, by enabling them to act as the user in their account and move expenses through the system. We’ve updated this feature in the mini release to save even more time. Now, you can access masquerade mode from any screen and easily switch between users just by selecting a new person from the header.

Tallie Expense Report Software Enter Masquerade

Once in masquerade mode, an admin may select a user to perform actions on that user’s behalf.

Finally, entering and exiting the mode is as simple as making a selection from the user menu in the upper right of your screen.

Tallie Expense Report Software Switch User

While masquerading as a user, you may switch users or exit masquerade mode.

Do these updates help your workflow? Send us your thoughts on the latest version of Tallie expense report software – we love your feedback. Reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

More Options & Better Performance: Tallie Expense Report Software 10.10 Release Notes

Fresh on the heels of our updated expense report app for iOS and Android, we’re happy to announce the release of Tallie expense report software v10.10. We focused on giving our account administrators a greater range of options for managing Tallie accounts and spent quite a bit of time improving overall Tallie performance. Additionally, we’ve released a brand new status page at, which you can use to track Tallie uptime. If you’d like to be the first to know about our scheduled maintenance or performance issues, subscribe to updates on that page. Here are some more details on the release:

Drop-Down Menu Performance

When it’s time to code your expenses to classes, projects and other accounting list data, you want the process to be quick and painless. We’ve introduced a few solutions to help you along.

Tallie Expense Report Software Improved Drop Down Menu Performance

Visual Display of Relationships
Let’s say you have multiple layers of projects, departments or locations. We now help you sort through this data by displaying parent-child relationships with visual indentation in the lists.

Search by Parent Project
For our customers who use the Tallie projects list to manage multiple jobs for each of their clients, we’ve built the ability to search for sub-projects by the parent name.

Accounting Code Display
If your company uses codes to reference classes, locations, customers and any other list data, we’ll show those codes to you in the drop down menu as well.

Billable Feature Controller

We originally built Tallie with professional service providers in mind, giving them powerful tools to track expenses against customers and jobs, as well as the flexibility to bill expenses directly back to clients. As it turns out, many of our customers who love Tallie actually don’t have any need for these project billing features. With this release, we’re offering the ability to hide this functionality for all your users, right from the Features page in the Company Preferences area of Tallie Settings.

Tallie Expense Report Software Billable Feature Controller

Integrations Performance

Tallie’s best in class direct integrations with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online,, Intacct and Xero are constantly being tuned and improved. Plus, our recently released scheduled file data transfer integrations for other accounting and practice management systems are getting regular improvements as well. Here are a few of the enhancements we offer with this release:

Tallie Expense Report Software Syncs with and QuickBooks Online

Certified Support for’s Sync 2.0 for QuickBooks Online
Tallie is the only expense report software offering simultaneous integration with both and an accounting system. recently upgraded their support for QuickBooks Online, and this release guarantees simultaneous support for customers using the Sync 2.0 between and QuickBooks Online. Plus, we’re now ensuring that Tallie always syncs with both QuickBooks Online and, even if your Tallie environment is configured to export only to

Fewer Sync Errors
Tallie uses sync errors to communicate when issues need to be addressed in communicating with other systems, but sometimes the sync errors can be extra unnecessary information. We’ve suppressed some of these basic errors so you can enjoy Tallie without the extra chatter.

Improved Processing of Massive Files
We have a few customers who use our file data transfer integration to send tens of thousands of projects to Tallie from their practice management systems. We’ve updated how we work through those files to get better performance than before.

Feature Improvements

In addition, we made a couple of additional functional improvements to Tallie. They include:

  • More improvements were made to the duplicate detection algorithm to make it more accurate
  • We added two new currencies: Vietnamese Dong and Mozambican Meticals
  • We’ve begun a process to help resolve issues with duplicated transactions delivered to Tallie from credit card bank transaction feeds. This release should provide some improvement, with more to come.

Bug Fixes

There were also quite a few small issues resolved in this release. They include:

  • Custom payment memo is applied to item-mapped credit card transactions in Xero, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop
  • When exporting paid bills to, the invoice date now always matches the process date
  • Some customers reported issues in viewing HTML receipts after export to We’ve resolved that issue.
  • Our usage graph that we provide in the Billing area to track your usage to date showed a false spike half way through last month. We’ve resolved that issue as well.

We love to hear from you — even if it’s just to say hi. Let us know how these updates to our expense report software help your team. Reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Supercharged Duplicate Detection & Automated Data Transfer: Tallie Expense Report Software 10.9 Release Notes

It’s getting well into fall and we’re dreaming of changing leaves, hot chocolate by fireplaces and the upcoming holidays. In the spirit of sharing the warm fuzzies, we’ve just released some major new developments that will make accountants’ hearts sing. Take a look at some of the highlights from the newest version of Tallie’s expense report software and let us know what you think!

Expanded & Enhanced Duplicate Management Tools

After speaking with many of our clients, we discovered that there were a few key areas where we could provide meaningful enhancements to your experience with managing duplicate expenses.

Review All Duplicates at Once
Gone are the days where you must search the page for any orange Possible Duplicates flag. Clicking on one duplicate pair will bring up a lightbox that will allow you to review all duplicate pairs on the page sequentially, without having to leave that view.

Expense report software duplicate detection

Differentiate Between User-Rejected Pairs and User-Ignored Pairs
Approvers and finance teams have historically been notified of possible duplicate pairs, no matter whether the original submitter ignored the flag or dismissed the flag. In order to cut down on noise and provide an additional layer of meaningful visibility, approvers and admins will now see a gray “Not Duplicates” flag which indicates when the submitter rejected a possible duplicate pair. The traditional orange “Possible Duplicates” flag will remain in place whenever a submitter has chosen to ignore the flag and submit anyway.

Expense Report Software User Rejected Duplicates

Duplicate Resolution Rights Granted to Approvers and Administrators
In the past, approvers and finance teams could only review expenses flagged as duplicates, but could not resolve them. This created a process requiring an expense report rejection, a delay for the submitter to resolve the issue, then a restart of the approval process. In order to cut out unnecessary delays, approvers can now merge expenses they believe to be duplicates and administrators can merge or delete duplicates. Furthermore, if the duplicate flag was rejected by the original submitter (see section above), approvers and administrators can override that decision.

Expense Report Software Duplicate Decision Override

Now Offering Automated Data Transfer for ANY System

We’ve often gotten requests during implementation for custom integrations with on-premise solutions like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle or practice management systems. We’re thrilled to announce that this release includes the capability to establish an automated data transfer process between Tallie and any non-integrated system via sFTP scripted file transfer.

Expense Report Software File Upload Templates

On the Tallie side, the setup couldn’t be easier. Any account can be configured to receive data via sFTP simply by flipping a switch. Once sFTP is activated, Tallie provides you with standardized data template files as well as a custom username/password combination for Tallie’s sFTP server. You can then implement a scripting process in your system to pull data out in a format compatible with the template files and deliver updates to Tallie on a regular basis.

If you are interested in configuring your system to for automated data transfer with Tallie, please reach out to our Product Experts at who can guide you through the process or connect you with a VAR who is experienced with scripting data retrieval from your system.

Learn more about how Tallie develops expense report software integrations.

Additional Product Updates

Streamlined Expense Report Header
Many of you take advantage of our corporate credit card auto-bundling feature, which offers automated expense report creation per credit card per statement. We’ve updated the naming convention for those reports so they’re easier to organize and compare. Plus, we’ve added a “sticky” header for all expense reports, so the title and control functions are visible as you scroll.

Expense Report Software Credit Card Statement

Brand New TallieConnect for QuickBooks for Windows Customers
TallieConnect is our proprietary syncing engine that allows for instant data transfer between Tallie and QuickBooks for Windows. The newest version brings a lot of great features including: Hosted Environment mode, instant activity-based sync back to Tallie when a change is made in QuickBooks (provided TallieConnect is running), ability to auto-upgrade TallieConnect versions in the future, and much more. Please download and install the most recent version from your Settings home page as soon as possible.

Expense Report Software Updated QuickBooks Sync Engine

Custom Memo Support for Items
Typically, payment memos on bills, checks and credit card charges are populated with Item Description, a field that is synced between Tallie and your accounting or bill pay system. However, we’ve received many requests to be able to customize the memo based on the specific transaction. We now offer customization on both the individual Item and the Export Settings pages. This feature is compatible with every Tallie integration, which includes QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Intacct.

Expense Report Software Custom Memo for Items

We want your feedback! Let us know how these updates to our expense report software experience help your team and its workflow. Reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Weekly Roundup – Future of Accounting, Tech, and New Partnerships

Welcome back to Tallie’s weekly roundup! In this week’s edition we dive into the benefits and adoption rate of automated accounting technology, new tech partnerships, our favorite app of the week, and the latest in the Tallie world. It’s a great week for tech and accounting!

Accounting and Tech News

  1. Innovation is the name of the modern game.

Accounting Today Editor-in-Chief Dan Hood and CEO Erik Asgeirsson discuss the role of cloud technology in business in addition to the current adoption rate of new accounting technology. The early adopters and early majority have already integrated cloud accounting into their practice, now we’re starting to see shift to the late majority. Dan Hood also argues that new opportunities for success will open up to your business if you decide to adopt cloud technology.

  1. Can automation work for you?

Kris Merritt outlines the benefits of cloud-based automated accounting software – such as time saving, cost management, compliance control, and painless expense reporting. With the right automated accounting and expense management tools, your business can really thrive from saving time and money and by having the freedom to focus more on other tasks.

  1. I’ll take an extra shot of Spotify, please!

Tech’s most freshly brewed partnership is Starbucks and Spotify. If you are a customer (or an employee) of Starbucks and you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, soon you can literally pick the playlist for your coffee purchasing and drinking experience. This partnership is the latest of many strategic relationships with Spotify and other major organizations, including Vice and Comedy Central.

Tallie’s Favorite App of the Week

  1. Tallie’s favorite app of the week is Xero!

Xero is an extremely sleek, efficient, and powerful cloud-based accounting solution designed for small businesses. On top of it all, it’s easy to use and you can access your data on multiple devices. Want to integrate it with a third party software? Xero has a marketplace for integrated softwares like Tallie right on their website. Cloud accounting just got easier.

Tallie News

  1. McGladrey LLP Selects Tallie

This week we announced our new partnership with Top Global Accounting Firm McGladrey LLP. We are beyond excited to provide clients of their Finance and Accounting Outsourcing and Technology and Management Consulting practices with our award-winning automated expense management solution.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!

Weekly Roundup – Accounting, Tech, and New Partnerships

Welcome to Tallie’s Weekly Roundup! In this space, we’ll keep you up to date with news and events from the accounting and tech industries and beyond. Topics featured this week include new software partnerships, the future of accounting, Disrupt NY, our favorite apps, and news about Tallie.

1. The Dynamic Duo of Integrated Software
They were once competitors, but now they’re partners.  Earlier this week, Microsoft and NetSuite announced a cloud alliance, which means you can now use NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Office in the same interface.

2. Evolve with the cloud or step aside
Dan Burrus, the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA), and the Business Learning Institute (BLI) are releasing a tool called  “The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition” that intends to instill a proactive anticipatory mindset in CPAs. They must identify new industry trends adapt to new accounting technologies or they will not stay competitive.

3. Clean water newcomer wins Disrupt NY!
The winner of this year’s Disrupt NY Battlefield is Liquidity, a startup company based out of Alameda, CA that specializes in making nanofiber based water filters that are adaptable to multiple kinds of filtration systems. Their filters can even go on top of a water bottle, so you have access to clean drinking water wherever you go. This is huge for consumers everywhere who do not have access to potable water and are in danger of contracting common diseases like E. coli and Salmonella.

Tallie’s App of the Week

4. Our favorite app of the week comes from one of our pals, Quickbooks Online.
Quickbooks Online is awesome because it’s flexible for your small to medium sized business, stores your data in the cloud, and you can access it from your PC, smartphone, and tablet. Also, if you integrate it with a software like Tallie, all of your employee and client data will effortlessly transfer over.  No problem.

5. Moss Adams, LLP is now using Tallie for their expense reporting needs. 

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with Moss Adams, LLP, the 15th largest accounting firm in the nation. “Tallie is part of the ecosystem of tools that are shaping the future of the industry,” said Larry Kammerer, Partner at Moss Adams. “Our outsourced accounting team chose Tallie because they have the expense solution that saves time and money. Tallie is an excellent business partner that helps us grow our practice and add new markets.”

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!

While You Waited for the WWDC Bathroom: Closing the Technology Gender Gap

Imagine a world where women can easily find an empty stall in the public restroom, but men must wait in a very, very long line. Sounds pretty unlikely, right? Sadly, at popular Silicon Valley tech conferences, it’s the norm. Women are vastly underrepresented. So, while Apple held its WorldWide Developers Conference last week, and yet another image of the mens’ bathroom line was tweeted out into the universe,  I traveled down to Santa Clara to attend the 25th Women in Technology International Conference alongside our Director of Marketing Communications, Sylvia Esmundo.


The Challenge of Bias in Technology Today

There are three common themes that generally develop across start-ups. When multiplied together, organizations can develop with a distinct bias in favor of white men.

1) It’s all about building a viable product.

Startups are, by their very nature, product-led businesses with a direct focus on growth & adoption. This lean business model requires minimal overhead, making talent the most critical component to growth.


2) Fast growth means little time for recruiting.

A technology company must prove its growth capability early and often. Every employee is responsible for producing – whether it’s code, content, sales or otherwise – from C-level to individual contributor. Hiring becomes a passive process, reviewing resumes that come in from one or two job postings.

3) Fast growth means little time for management.

With each employee focusing on producing, a sink-or-swim approach to career development emerges. In order to guarantee that the new hire will succeed at your startup, most founders initiate a “culture-fit” interview process, assessing the individual for personality traits that will mesh well with the existing team. This is where a more subjective bias can come into play.

What We, As Women, Can Do About It

When the Women in Technology International (WITI) Conference first convened 25 years ago, technology in business was focused on IT. This served a critical, yet auxiliary, role in corporate structure. While the unique challenges of today’s startup culture outlined above did not apply, women were struggling for recognition and promotion in these technical fields. What remained consistent, however, is that women continue to be underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math fields, both then and now, making bias-reduction quite a challenge.


While “curing” our industry of its gender biases will require a cultural paradigm shift larger than any person or event, we’d like to share with our readers some wonderful nuggets of advice we gathered from this year’s conference that aim to help individual women in the tech field today. Here are my favorites:

1) Convene your personal board of directors

While this was mentioned by quite a few panelists and speakers, Marie Gutgesell (Global Watch CIO at Nielsen Research) explained it the best. Corporate decision-making is made under the guidance of a board of directors who can objectively coach the executive through challenging problems and decisions, providing insight based on knowledge and experience. Each woman in technology should seek out mentors and sponsors who can challenge and encourage her throughout her career.


2) Take risks

A recent article entitled “The Confidence Gap” in The Atlantic reveals a startling trend: men are more likely to apply for promotions despite having a skill deficit, while women will wait until they believe they have achieved all the skills necessary for the promoted position. Two panelists, Sheleen Quish (recently CIO of Ameristar Casinos) and Theresa Wilson (EVP & CIO of Consumer Lending Technology at Wells Fargo) spoke of career opportunities offered to them despite their own uncertainty relating to their qualifications. Both accepted the risk and flourished in their role, leading them to greater growth. Sheleen encouraged others to take on that kind of risk earlier in our careers.

3) Recognize that a winding career path is a strength

Puja Jaspal(VP of HR at Visa) regaled the audience with stories of her career journey, which began in mechanical engineering, transitioned through management consulting, and finally specialized in human resources. Not only did she credit her current position to this varied background, but she noted that the constant introspection required of making leaps and redirects on one’s career is a major asset.

Are you interested in encouraging the development of women in technology? Learn more about Women in Technology International here. Men and women are welcome to join!

For more thoughts on women in tech, follow Claire and Sylvia on Twitter.


Tallie Team Celebrates Winning CPA Practice Advisor Innovation Award

Our team is excited to announce that Tallie has been awarded the Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award by CPA Practice Advisor. This award is a tremendous honor and one that we are proud to accept. With over 150% growth in customer base over the past 6 months alone, Tallie’s mobile expense app and cloud-based management solution continues to deliver the quickest path from receipt to balance sheet for small to midsize businesses nationwide.


When asked what this award means to Tallie, Chris Farrell, CEO, affirmed, “Just as we have built Tallie to deliver accounting-savvy automation and back-end synchronization, we are committed to steadily raising the bar for cloud accounting solutions. Tallie looks forward to deepening our partnership with the CPA community as we advance and optimize the accounting workflow together.”

CPA Practice Advisor commended Tallie for being a mobile-enabled solution that simplifies and accelerates the painfully manual expense report process by automatically capturing, categorizing and processing expense transactions, and integrating seamlessly with leading accounting systems. Our native integrations with QuickBooks,, and SmartVault were honored for meeting the growing need by companies, accounting firms, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for a system-wide cloud-based ecosystem.

We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a premier product that is powerful, purposeful, and easy to use. It’s a tremendous honor to receive the Technology Innovation Award from CPA Practice Advisor, but we’re not stopping here. Tallie’s VP of Product Strategy, Demid Potemkin, looks forward to the future of Tallie, including new features, integrations, and partnerships with key industry partners. “We continuously collaborate with our partners to provide the best expense management product available today. I am thrilled and humbled to see the industry agrees with our product vision. Working closely with all of Tallie’s partners enables us to be successful, and we are excited to continue working with them to create award winning software that truly saves time for both end users and finance departments.”

The Tallie team is thrilled and honored to receive the Technology Innovation Award from CPA Practice Advisor, the definitive resource for information to tax and accounting professionals in public practice. If you’d like to see how our award-winning cloud-based expense management solution can work for your business, schedule a personal Product Demo by clicking here or giving our Sales Team a call at 800-592-5144.

Read the full article on CPA Practice Advisor’s website by clicking here. 

If you’re ready to begin Tallie for free, create a free 14 Day Free Trial by clicking here.