Tallie Talk: Jordan Estreito, Product Marketing Manager

Depending on who you ask, Jordan Estreito was either the seventh or the eighth employee to join our company. (He maintains he was the seventh.) What’s for certain is that Bear, as we call him, has been invaluable to our team since the moment he arrived. As skilled in marketing as he is with support, Jordan’s enormous talent, passion, and sense of humor have helped shape Tallie’s award-winning expense report software into the product it is today. You may also recognize him from our weekly webinars! Now he’s here to share his story.

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What do you do here at Tallie?

I am the utility man! I help out in a lot of different areas, whether it’s marketing, sales, support, product or training. I’ve had a couple different roles in the organization over the years. I started by managing the product expert team, then I moved over to roadmapping the product, and now I’m more of a teacher and trainer. We’re continuing our education and training for clients who really get the most out of Tallie’s integrations, to make their expense report workflow easier and more efficient.

How did you first start marketing Tallie’s expense report software? You used to want to be a teacher, right?

Yeah, I got a degree in Literature and started substitute teaching right off the bat. Unfortunately, this was in the middle of California’s teaching crisis, and all the teachers I subbed for said, “Don’t become a teacher right now!” So, I started looking for a more stable career, and took a job as a junior content writer. Then I applied to Virtual Software (which later became SpringAhead) in a support role. I had previously been an Operations Senior at Best Buy, which basically meant that if someone had a problem and asked to see the manager, they’d see me. I did hiring and interviews as well, but I mainly did customer service. So I applied for a position at Virtual Software and I was able to write guides, provide support and eventually told Chris Farrell, our CEO at Tallie, that I wanted to build a support team. Now I’ve moved on to more product and training related areas.

What does a typical workday involve for you?

Well, it always starts the same: I come in and make sure there aren’t any fires! As long as there’s no fire in the morning, I’m good. My role used to be more reactionary when I was working support. I was there to help people be successful and I would go to a lot of scheduled meetings. But my role is more project based now. I still have to be available to help people out if they need it, of course, but overall, my day-to-day changes based on whatever project I’m currently working on.

What makes Tallie different from other companies? Why do you work here instead of somewhere else?

Tallie has always been unique in the sense that we empower people to think of ways to improve not only their own jobs or their personal careers, but the product. We want everyone to bring great ideas to the table, regardless of their position. Every voice is heard, there are no walls, no cubicles, and everyone collaborates with each other. If someone has a really good idea they can work with anyone else to flesh it out and make it a reality. We’ve also always had a very casual attitude in terms of dress code. Our CEO once said if you wore a tie into the office he’d cut it off. [Laughs] The dress code has relaxed a bit now–you can wear a tie if you want to. You can work from home, too, if it means you’ll be more productive. The main thing behind every aspect of our company culture is, “Are you getting done what you need to get done? Are you getting your projects finished? Are you ensuring that our clients are happy?” Titles are immaterial to that, people know what they’re responsible for, and they get it done.

I really respect that we started out as a small, hard-working group of individuals and that we’ve managed to maintain those same values even as we’ve grown. We kept our culture of driving new ideas, working hard because we believe in what we’re doing, and hiring people who are incredibly passionate about the same things we’re passionate about. We all work collaboratively, like a family, even though we’re not as small as we once were.

We hear you’re pretty good at karaoke. Do you have a favorite song?

It goes in phases. Right now my specialty is Friends in Low Places, even though I’m not even that big of a country fan.

Do you have a motto?

As Nell says, “Tay in da wind.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Back when I did support at SpringAhead, our team first achieved a 99.5% positive Smiley rating. Smilies are a tool we worked together as a team to create. The idea is that we’ll send out emails to customers asking how our support session went, and they can give us a positive rating, a neutral rating, or a bad rating. Eventually, we reached a point in our service where we received 99.5% positive ratings – meaning we helped a 100 people in a row and received nearly a perfect rating from each client. Providing quality support is so vital for customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us here. So I’m very proud of that!

Guilty pleasure?

None, I’m not embarrassed by anything.

What about a favorite food?


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Tallie Talk: Milan Korsos, UI Ninja

Every Team Tallie member is awesome in their own way. When it comes to our resident UI Ninja, Milan Korsos, we can’t get enough of his refreshing product perspective, inspirational discoveries, crazy collaboration skills, and  unwavering commitment to the Tallie vision. He’s our thrill-seeking, bright-eyed builder and he’s here today to share his Tallie story with us.


A Tallie UI Ninja’s Mission:

To build the next generation of business products that are beautiful, easy-to-use, and provide breakthrough value.

BUD-BRC-SFO (My Tallie Journey):

After too many years working on consumer facing products in T-Mobile Hungary’s innovation lab, I was craving a change of pace. So I bought a ticket to California.

I kicked off this west coast adventure with my first trip to Burning Man. After that crazy week, I landed in San Francisco and began a wild ride. I made new friends, worked for a startup, couch surfed, survived on Burger King when said startup shut down, stayed with a fun group of stand-up comedians, and spent a lot of time interviewing with tech start ups looking for the next cool gig.

Just before my return flight to Budapest, I met Chris Farrell – our Tallie CEO – who sold me on an ambitious plan to build an automated expense management software from the ground up. The night before my return flight, I had to make a decision – do I head back to Hungary and resume my familiar and comfortable life? Or do I listen to instinct and embark on a new adventure with Tallie?

I cancelled my flight. The following week, the life of the Tallie UI Ninja began, and I haven’t looked back since.

Tallie Talk Milan Korsos TedxYouth

My TedxYouth Experience:

In 2010, I received an invitation to speak at TedxYouth in Budapest. Yeah, that TED. In front of a packed theater of curious eyes, I shared my passion for “building” and discussed the limitless opportunities on the internet for us creative, forward thinking “builders”. Even today, I firmly believe talented and determined dreamers can launch a successful web product no matter what corner of the world they live in.

My Definition of Awesome UI:

Square, Uber and Airbnb. Not only do they have beautiful products but every aspect of their user experience is outstanding. They’re also doing an amazing job of redefining legacy workflows in their respective industries, which is our primary mission here at Tallie, too.

Tallie’s Freshest Product Features:

We’re always improving Tallie by adding new features and fine-tuning the existing aspects of our product. We just released a new version of our Tallie iOS App that’s smoother, sturdier and easier. We’re also working hard on a long list of really exciting stuff on our whiteboards, all leading to an even more streamlined and swift product. From improvements to our auto-calculated mileage feature, to a simpler Expense Report page, to new impressive software integrations –  please stay tuned!

A Peek Into My iTunes Playlist:

My playlist contains many different personalities – from Thievery Corporation, MSTRKRFT and Beastie Boys to Grimes and Pretty Lights. Growing up in Europe, I listened to Pete Tong’s famous weekly BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and was influenced by this late 90s UK electronic music scene – mainly trip hop, drum&bass and house.

For writing code, electronic music is still my go-to, but I’m more on the happy and sunny side of house music these days. My Soundcloud list has sets from Wolf+Lamb, RobotHeart and Distrikt crews as well as the new shining Hamburg based Diynamic label.

The Go-To Surf Spots:

I have a love-hate relationship with Ocean Beach. There are days when I have epic moments out there, but when the waves get mean, I stay away and opt for the Pacifica waves instead.

The Board:

My recent favorites include my 6.6″ thruster and 6.4″ fish. You need to paddle hard with these guys but once you gain some speed they’re super fun.

The Traveling Man:

Having the luxury of living in two different countries has shown traveling as a remarkable way to discover more about myself and the world around me. And it’s super fun! Whether it’s a quick weekend in the Sierras or a month in an exotic location – if given the chance, I always hit the road. As for my next adventure, I will get the Indonesian stamp in my passport – I’ve heard too many incredible stories about their endless perfect waves, exquisite islands and heavenly food. I can’t wait to see, surf, and explore it for myself.

3 Reasons I Love Working on Team Tallie:

Of course, our product. Additionally, we have a passionate team that believes Tallie is changing the way companies work by reducing back-office time so they can focus on what’s most important: the front office, strategic part of their business. Last but not least, we have a keg at the office. What more could you ask for?

Over the last two years we’ve worked hard to build the Tallie product and establish a growing, loyal user community, but I feel like the real journey is just about to start.  It’s an exciting time for us.

The UI Ninja Mantra:

“Keep it simple, make it fast!”

If you share Milan’s love for building, have cool ideas to share or are Tallie fans with stories to tell, Milan would love to hear from you. Email your thoughts to info@usetallie.com!

Tallie Talk: Demid Potemkin, VP Product Strategy

Demid Tallie Talk Product Strategy

Today we sat down with Tallie team member Demid Potemkin and asked him to share a little bit of his Tallie story with us. In our office, Demid is known for lots of things – VP of Product Strategy, coffee aficionado, blue sky thinker, renaissance man, deep talker (usually over a delicious cup of Sightglass Coffee), the spark. We are big Demid fans and are proud to introduce him to you today.

A Day in the Life of Tallie’s Product Guru:

My role is to guarantee Tallie is the finest answer to our industry’s expense management problems. The world of Product Strategy touches many aspects of the product, from data research all the way down to evaluation and design.

To accurately define the problem and determine the ultimate solution, I’m immersed in the market every day. I strive to understand what the users are looking for, including people creating expense reports, approving expense reports, and processing expense reports. I listen to business owners and accountants and learn about their expense management practices and identify the most time-consuming tasks. I harvest feedback from accountants and accounting departments and grasp the role of an accounting software within the accounting process.

Connecting, listening and learning are the necessary steps to our ultimate goal – to automate the most time-consuming components of the expense management process and provide our customers more time to focus on their customers.

My Favorite Parts of the Tallie Product Design:

The workflow. One of the biggest complaints we receive from accountants is that people never submit expense reports on time and they have to chase people to do so. The old model prevented people from capturing their expenses easily and accurately in real time, requiring significant time for manual entry on the back end.

So we pushed a brand new workflow of expense management where expenses come first, and reports come after. Because you gather expenses as you go along, we switched the workflow around to allow you to capture receipts first, and then creating reports becomes like a “packing” exercise.

Another one would be the tile page (Purchases). The graphical tile view is easy to read – it allows users to quickly glance through a transaction and see what information is missing.

My Proud Tallie Moment:

The name Tallie was my baby. The initial idea was SpringAhead Go, however it was easily mixed up with the original SpringAhead. So I sought out a name that felt friendly and approachable. But for the details of how this name came to be, that’s  a story for another day.

My Pre-Tallie Life:

I’ve had my fair share of career adventures with lots of twists and turns.

I went to school for electrical engineering which established my strong math and science background. After graduation, I dove head first implementing large mainframes and computer solutions in Europe for Fortune 500 companies like HSBC and Barclays, allowing me to get a firm grasp of the financial industry.

My second career was in design, which I fell into by chance when an advertising agency hired me to set up a network between multiple office locations. Thanks to the Internet boom and my tech-savvy reputation in the company, my job evolved into the Director of Interactive. I worked as the liaison between the designers and the engineers on website projects. A few years later, I decided to start my own design company focused on startups and their website design.

SpringAhead, Tallie‘s parent company, was initially a client of mine. As I collaborated with CEO Chris Farrell, we quickly realized that we had very similar passions and he invited me to join the company. I joined, grew the team, evolved my role into product design…and here I am today.

How to Gain Trust in the Industry:

Listen. Really listen. I’ve spent a lot of time with accountants. And I’ve come to realize that the industry has been around for a long time but hasn’t gravitated to one solution because no one has ever asked the accountants what they truly need. Engaging with our channels, including Chris’ network, accountants, and the Product Expert Team, who interact with the customers on a daily basis, allows us to determine the key components of an expense management product.

I’ve learned that these people just want to be heard and that’s indeed a wonderful thing about this industry, otherwise we’d be making decisions in the dark.

Why I Love Working on Team Tallie.

I learn from every member of our team. Because we’re a very small and close knit group, we collaborate cross functionally, freely share our opinions and participate in the decision-making process for every big and small project in our brand. Until Tallie, I never had this type of team dynamic and it’s what I look forward to every day.

If I Had to Eat One Cuisine For the Rest of My Life:

Mediterranean cuisine for the traditional category and California cuisine as the modern spin-off. I know, that was two!

My All Time Favorite Food:

Avocados. I grew up in New Zealand where avocados are everywhere!

Words To Work By:

The philosophy of Tallie focuses on building an engaging team, encourages openly sharing ideas and continuous learning from each other. That’s really why I came onboard to help the team.

I think as we evolve in our careers, we must keep in mind that everything we do is temporary, and we should enjoy and embrace everything we do at any point of time and learn from it.

“Embrace what you have, because you’ll never have it again.”


Demid would love to hear from anyone who has great ideas to share. To get in touch with Demid, send an email to info@springahead.com