Tallie’s Tax Day Expense Management Resolutions 2014

Gone are the days of 80+ hour weeks, piles of paperwork, and burdensome stress levels. Tax season 2014 is over (at least until August), and accountants everywhere are celebrating in a myriad of ways. Some choose to relax with family over Easter Weekend while others opt for a hot date with Netflix and pizza delivery. However you choose to celebrate, Team Tallie encourages you to take a moment to evaluate how to best improve next year’s Busy Season workflow with some Tax Day Resolutions.


Optimize Busy Season with Automation

The benefits of automating a business’s expense workflow are profound. And to be frank, any software company can create a product that automates your expense workflow. The beauty of Tallie lies just beyond this basic process.

Our engineers, led by our team of experienced accountants, built a product that streamlines expenses, deeply integrates with accounting systems, and most importantly, mimics details of a traditional accounting experience. Managers and end-users alike enjoy an intuitive user experience that reflects the tangible and familiar process of traditional accounting. This is a key differentiator between Tallie and other expense software products— a product built in-house by experienced software engineers, designers, and accounting professionals to ensure our clients navigate the expense process quickly, easily, and most importantly, logically. Imagine your next Busy Season powered by one-step data import, automatic receipt matching, and smart categorization of business expenses.

This results in increased time returned to accountants to focus on more valuable tasks and projects, and thus the company is saved both time and costs associated with less efficient personnel.

Break Up With Manual Data Entry. Take Back Your Time.

Accountants sometimes hold off on adopting financial software because they assume it will be cumbersome to file taxes and manage company expenses; in reality it’s quite the opposite. This assumption is detrimental to their own success and perception as leaders on the forefront of powerful accounting technology. Coupled with the right partner systems, businesses have the opportunity to completely revolutionize their accounting workflow with minimal effort. By making this pivotal step forward, businesses will save significant amounts of time for many Busy Seasons to come.

So which expense software product is best for your business? We conducted a comparative analysis and found that Tallie clients experience 67% time savings (32 minutes) compared with another expense software product (50 minutes) and a manual Excel-based process (91 minutes). Of those surveyed, we found that an average of 40% of transactional accounting time is spent on Accounts Payable and almost 50% is spent processing expenses. This translates into a 10% time benefit savings by choosing Tallie as your expense management software product.

In addition to time saved, let Tallie keep your books clean and error-free with our automated error prevention tools: auto-merge matching expenses, duplicate detection of Merchant, Date, and Total expense data, and policy check to flag expenses that fall outside of customized company policies.

We hope these Tax Day resolutions inspire businesses to consider adopting an expense management product such as Tallie. What Tax Day resolutions do you have planned to improve next year’s Busy Season workflow? Tell us in the comments below!