Tallie’s 10.2 Release Notes: Improved Product UI, Custom Exports & Templates, and Expanded CSV Support

We’ve just launched the latest version of our expense report automation software! Tallie 10.2 brings new custom exports and templates, expanded CSV support, as well as improved, easier-to-use UI. These changes were designed to better serve our customers who want greater speed and customizability in their accounting workflow. In particular, our new templating tool offers you much more control over data exported from your accounting system. Want to take advantage of these upgrades right away? Read on to learn how:

I. New Custom Export and Templates

Tallie has created a better method of generating custom spreadsheets upon export – not only are we now be able to support a “third” export file, it’s a much cleaner and easier experience to create new templates. In practice, users can export their reimbursables to an accounting system, and their non-reimbursables to an accounting system or custom spreadsheet. Now, with this feature enabled, users can also export unlimited numbers of spreadsheets with either reimbursables or non-reimbursables – or both.


Go to “Settings”, then click “Features” and enable “Turn on .CSV Export Templates for custom exporting to third party systems.”

Go to “Integration & Sync” and click “.CSV Templates.”

You’ll see Bill.com and Practice Engine templates built in. If you turn either of them on, next time you export – regardless of what your export settings are currently – you’ll also get a .zip containing your CSV file for download in the specified format.


II. Improved Product UI

In this release, there a number of quick wins that improve the Tallie experience, including enhancing the functionality of the expense report area and showing greater details on expenses themselves.

Expense Report: Mass Edit and Delete

You can now edit and delete expenses directly from the report itself on the Expense Reports page without having to navigate back to the purchases page.

Deleting Expenses


Mass Editing Expenses


New “Possible Duplicate” Comparison View

Tallie has always offered auto-flagging of “Possible Dulicates.” Now, you can compare the line items on each expense against each other, rather than just the receipt images.

Click “Possible Duplicate” to bring up the lightbox.


Next, click on the “Expand Image” link.


Now you’ll see the entirety of the two expenses in question and you can compare each expense’s line items.


As always, if you have any questions about how these changes will improve your expense report process, feel free to reach out to our support team at 1-888-874-1118 or through support@usetallie.com.

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Tallie’s 10.0 & 10.1 Release Notes: Improved Receipt Processing, Importable Expense Categories, Manager Search, & More

Good news, everyone: Version 10.1 of Tallie’s expense report automation software is now live! Both 10.0 and 10.1 focused on improving user experiences in response to feedback from our support calls, webinars and conferences. Here are some of the changes you can look forward to in the latest version of Tallie:

Enhanced Receipt Recognition and Processing

We’ve improved our receipt processing technology in a few ways, making it even easier and faster for users to get their expenses imported quickly with the correct information populated.

First, Tallie is now able to detect if a receipt comes from a tippable merchant. That means if you’re taking colleagues or clients out for a company lunch, after you write in the total, we’ll look for the post tip written total, rather than the printed one.

We’ve also made some changes to the backend algorithms, so merchant names are recognized quicker and with more confidence. Uncommon date formats should now be better addressed. Similarly, we’ve added a second layer to our processing. Users may notice that some of the information appearing on a receipt is in a “processing” state. That simply means that, although Talie has immediately recognized some of the information, in order to ensure we capture everything, we’re running it through another process. This doesn’t mean that it takes longer–in fact, it’s a faster, cleaner and more communicative process that gets you submitting expense reports even faster.

Expense Categories Created via CSV file import

In the interest of saving our customers time when setting up their Tallie accounts, we have enabled a feature that allows Expense Categories to be imported directly from a CSV file.


First, go to “Settings,” “Manage Lists,” then click on “Expense Categories.” You’ll see a new button, “Upload Category List.”


If you click the “Upload Category List” button, you’ll be able to both download the template and upload it once completed.

Export and Submit Expense Report Pages

The warning box has been removed from the expense lines in a report. Now, when a user is submitting or exporting a report, the error messages will appear directly on each expense. This means Tallie users no longer need to hover their mouse over the warning box to see the message.

Previous Interface:


New With 10.1:


Submission and Export Dates Displayed

Expense reports will now display the submitted, approved and exported dates and times. This change will be immediately noticeable to all approvers and administrators, however, submitters can also see for themselves by visiting the “Expense Reports” page and clicking on the expense report status tabs in the upper right-hand corner.

Note that this change will only affect new reports, and reports submitted before this release will not display this information. Also, if the report has been submitted, approved and/or exported multiple times, only the most recent timestamps will be displayed.


Added Visability on Credit Card Page

If an administrator assigns credit card charges to individuals, they can now see the charges directly from the Credit Card page without needing to masquerade. There’s also a new add symbol which will display the charges – those in gray have been added to the Purchase page of the assignee.


Integrations & Sync now links to Export Page

Tallie users have always been able to jump from the Export page to the Integrations & Sync page. However, before 10.1, they were required to manually navigate back to the Export page after changing their settings. There is now a link to the Export page at the bottom of the Integrations & Sync page.


Team Search by Manager

When searching under “People,” Tallie users can look specifically for team members who are assigned managers, and/or assigned specific managers. Simply search “manager:Name,” where “Name” is the person whose manager you wish to find. By entering “manager:” without a name, you can see all of your company’s team members who are assigned managers.

For example, an employee Aaron Ramsey is managed by Anna Karenina. By typing “manager:anna,” I pulled up Aaron in the people list.


And here, in Aaron’s settings, you can see Anna is assigned as his manager.


Our team is dedicated to providing the very best expense report automation software for our customers. Primarily, this is through reducing the amount of time and effort our users spend on their expense reports. This means that, in order to ensure the quality and success of you experience, our software is always updating. If you have any questions about how these changes will improve your accounting workflow, feel free to reach out to our support team at 1-888-874-1118 or through support@usetallie.com.

If you’d like to see for yourself how Tallie can save your business time and money, you can start a 14-day free trial, or schedule a one-on-one product demo with one of our experts.

9.19 Release Notes: Improved Credit Card Flow, Custom Expense Export Options, & More

We’ve done it again. Talie’s 9.19 release notes introduce new features, enhances existing ones, and delivers new training resources available 24/7. We simplified the “Add a Credit Card” process, improved Custom Export options, added a new Auto-Split feature, amplified account security via a new password strength meter, and built a new training center called the Tallie Resource Room. Take a look:

I. Simplified Credit Card Page

Tallie’s Credit Card page is now better than ever before. You can now search credit cards by URL and bank name, and manual credit card profile setup is streamlined to one simple screen. Check out the screenshots below for step-by-step process:

Step 1: To add any card, click “Add a Credit Card.” Then you can find, search, and select your bank.


Step 2a: For manually added cards, everything is displayed on one easy setup screen. Click “Save Credit Card Profile” and you’re done!

tallie-expense-report-credit-card-2Step 2b: If you simply selected your bank from Tallie’s list, click the bank name and sign into your bank account.


Step 3: Review all imported credit cards before you finish.


II. Improved Custom Export Options

Tallie’s custom expense export file now includes a number of new fields and supports simultaneous export of two different files – one for reimbursable expenses and one for non-reimbursable expenses. Additionally, you can now concatenate different values into the same field.

For Intacct/Bill.com users, Credit Card charges can now be directly imported into Intacct via CSV upload, giving you greater control over your non-reimbursables.

III. New Feature: Auto-Split

Now, under very specific parameters, expenses can be evenly split amongst a select group of projects.

Process Overview

  1. Create a transaction
  2. Click Itemize
  3. Create an individual item for each project and enter $0 for the amount in each item
  4. Save
  5. Review the itemizations, and you should see them split up evenly (e.g. 3 itemizations = $25 each).

For more information on how this new feature works, read this Auto-Split Tips & Tricks article in the Tallie Support Center.

IV. Enhanced Bill.com Integration for Intacct & NetSuite Clients

We’ve expanded and enhanced our integration capabilities for clients using either Intacct or Netsuite along with Bill.com. In addition to Classes, Intacct and Netsuite clients can now sync Department and Location lists from Bill.com into Tallie. These lists are fully editable with the same bi-directional sync capabilities that we expect for Classes.

V. New Password Strength Requirements

In an effort to further advance the security of your critical data, we have introduced a password strength meter. This adds greater security for company data and prevents users from creating passwords that are easily hackable.

The new password strength meter applies only to new passwords. Passwords are ranked on a scale of poor, weak, fair, good and strong. For now, a password will be accepted with a weak status and above; passwords with a poor status are not accepted. If you would like your employees to be using more secure passwords, you must ask them to create new passwords independently.


Image from XKCD.com

TALLIE TIP: The Tallie password strength meter is based on the difficulty of a computer to create your password.The strongest passwords are easy for a human to remember and hard for a computer to guess. Try stringing together a few random words, rather than simply substituting numbers or symbols for letters.

VI. Tallie.com Resource Room

Looking to see Tallie’s features in action? Need additional training? Say hello to Tallie’s newest  learning hub: the Resource Room. On this page you will find videos, webinars, and downloadable content for learning, training, and helping you get the most out of your Tallie account. Visit the Resource Room now.

We hope you find these features to be highly valuable to your Tallie experience. For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team at 888-874-1118 ext 2 or email us directly at support@usetallie.com.

9.18 Release Notes: Enhanced Expense Report Policy Control, Custom QB Memo Fields & More

With our latest release, we’ve added a number of requested features, including additional administrative corporate card management, being able to add people en masse onto specific projects, QuickBooks’ memo field customization, enforcing policies and assigning default currencies per user! Enjoy the following updates included in the 9.18 release notes:

Assigning Corporate Credit Cards to Employees

As an administrator, you can now go to the “Credit Cards” area, connect your account and assign each of the accounts to the appropriate individuals in your organization!


Customizing the QuickBooks Memo Field

We’ve had a number of requests to be able to customize what Tallie populates in the memo field. Now, you can! Choose between fixed and dynamic text to customize the memo field as you need. For more information, you can contact our Product Expert Team at 800-592-5144.

Mass Updating People to Projects

Now you can easily manage the projects people submit their expenses towards. Simply go to the “Projects” area, select the desired projects and click the arrow on Mass Update. You’ll be able to add the people to the projects in a snap.


Enhanced  Policy Control

When you create expense report policies for your organization, you now ensure the requirements you’ve set (e.g. ‘All expenses over $25.00 need a receipt’, ‘All meals need to have attendees listed’) are met before the user can submit the expense.

Assigning Default Currencies per User

For your employees working out of the states, you can now set a default currency on their profile. In the “People” area, click on a user and select the “Mapping” tab. You’ll see Expense Defaults and be able to assign the user’s default currency for expenses

We hope you enjoy the updates included in Tallie’s 9.18 release. Check back next month for another round of updates!

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9.16 Release: NEW Affiliate Portal Features

Salutations! The Tallie Team is excited to make three major announcements in our 9.16 release. This release introduces support for PEX Prepaid Business Cards, unveils new expense management features for our Affiliates and Resellers, and marks the launch of Tallie’s integration with QuickBooks Online.

Affiliate Portal Features
Tallie Resellers and Affiliates now have an area in which they can create new accounts and monitor clients’ usage either per client or on aggregate, alongside billing details.

If you’re a Reseller or an Affiliate, simply go to “Settings”, “Billing” and click on “Reseller Management.”

To view client usage:



If you have any additional questions, please contact our Product Expert Team directly at 800-592-5144 or support@usetallie.com

Thank you!

Tallie Team

You Asked, We Answered: Tallie iOS Expense App v2.5 is Here!

When it comes to our smartphones, we get way too pumped when we see the little update alert for our favorite apps. So last week at Tallie HQ, all eyes and energy were aimed towards launching our latest Tallie iOS App (v2.5) – that has plenty of bright and shiny new updates – on the Apple App Store.

This iOS app update is a noteworthy one – we’ve listened to all of your valuable feedback and addressed many of those much needed requests. More importantly, our superhuman Dev team has been pushing hard to raise our Tallie iOS app stability and performance to the next level. Smoother, smarter and synchronized – we’re proud of our new Tallie iOS 2.5 App for these reasons and then some. Check it out!

Top 10 Biggest iOS Tallie App Improvements in v2.5:

1. Significant leap in speed and reduced memory usage

2. Real time synchronization for expense and report states – when reports are approved or rejected, the app will update the status automatically. If any of the expense items change, they will be automatically updated in the Tallie App as well. No more pull to refresh!!

3. Real time synchronization for expense tile receipt upload – automatically shows receipt on the tile when upload completes

Tallie iOS 2.5-2 Real time synchronization for expense tile receipt upload - automatically shows receipt on the tile when upload completes-expense

4. Option to save receipt photos taken from the Tallie App into the Photo Gallery 

Tallie iOS 2.5-1 Option to save receipt photos taken from the Tallie App into the Photo Gallery-expense

5. Option to select receipt images taken from the iPhone camera and housed in the Photo Gallery

Tallie iOS 2.5 Option to select receipt images taken from the iPhone camera and housed in the Photo Gallery-expense

6. Photo upload status enhancement that shows upload status and completed state – no more ‘disappearing’ receipts!

7. Receipt upload status enhancement that shows upload status and completed state

Tallie iOS 2.5 Receipt upload status enhancement that shows upload status and completed state-expense

8. Added status indicator for Projects and Department lists

Tallie iOS 2.5 Added status indicator for Projects and Department lists-expense

9. Alphabetical organization of expense categories

Tallie iOS 2.5 Alphabetical organization of expense categories-expense

10. A Tallie section under the iPhone settings area. In this section the customer may enable saving their photos to the library, as well as viewing Tallie’s version information for customer support purposes. 

Tallie iOS 2.5 A Tallie section under the iPhone settings area. In this section the customer may enable saving their photos to the library, as well as viewing Tallie’s version information for customer support purposes-expense

So check out the hype and download the latest Tallie iOS App (v2.5) today! We’d love to know your thoughts on the new Tallie App as you start to use it – it’s your user feedback that helps us make the Tallie experience better and brighter every time.

For our awesome Tallie Android app users – we’re working on the next best app for your smartphones as we speak. Stay tuned for more!

What are your favorite new features of the latest Tallie iOS App (v2.5)? Tell us in the comments below!