Job Descriptions – Just What the Doctor Ordered

A number of medical practices use Tallie to automate their expense reports. Since January is a top hiring month within the medical industry, our friends at JuvodHR have offered to share tips on how to hire the right people to grow your business. Like Tallie, JuvodHR is an Intuit partner dedicated to improving the workplace through automation. Their software aligns your employees’ performance with your QuickBooks accounting system. Here is their advice for optimizing job descriptions to attract the employees you want:

Running a medical practice isn’t easy. Like any small business owner, you need to know about a lot of different things including managing your cash, inventory and staff – while also practicing medicine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Most medical clinics pay little, if any, attention to job descriptions. There may not seem to be much point in writing down what people already know they need to be doing except that job descriptions are more important than they appear. Job descriptions have been proven to increase revenue when used as the basis for communicating on a regular basis with employees.

A well written job description improves your ability to make good hiring decisions while at the same time provides the employee clear instructions of your expectations. Job descriptions are essential in determining compensation levels, outlining training needs, conducting performance reviews and issuing corrective action when necessary.

Job descriptions touch every aspect of the employee experience, outlining the road map to success. They:

  1. Communicate what employees are expected to do by delineating tasks.
  2. Describe how employees should behave by outlining characteristics required for success.
  3. Facilitate structured communications.
  4. Provide the basis for managing employees and conducting performance reviews.

To ensure top performance from employees it’s necessary to clearly communicate their job responsibilities and your expectations surrounding their performance. This is best accomplished using a job description.

In spite of the benefits job descriptions offer, many medical practices don’t have them. The reason? They don’t know how to write them.

Dr. Glen Beede, Ft. Worth, Texas, stated his perspective clearly: “Human Resources has been a pain in my craw for most of my career. They didn’t teach us this stuff in med school.” “JuvodHR has simplified the process and made it objective and useful.”

Fortunately, thanks to JuvodHR, writing job descriptions is no longer the “pain in the craw” that it used to be. Using Juvod’s automated job description creator, which contains more than 14,000 searchable job descriptions, you can develop and edit valid job descriptions in a matter of minutes. Performance reviews and corrective action notices are then automatically generated based on the job description.

Providing employees with valid job descriptions will help a practice thrive. You’ll gain an edge over competition because your employees will be more connected. Patients will also benefit by dealing with employees who are engaged and interested in their wellbeing. And happy patients are always more willing to refer new patients.

– Pam Waits, Ph.D.