Tallie Talk: Jordan Estreito, Product Marketing Manager

Depending on who you ask, Jordan Estreito was either the seventh or the eighth employee to join our company. (He maintains he was the seventh.) What’s for certain is that Bear, as we call him, has been invaluable to our team since the moment he arrived. As skilled in marketing as he is with support, Jordan’s enormous talent, passion, and sense of humor have helped shape Tallie’s award-winning expense report software into the product it is today. You may also recognize him from our weekly webinars! Now he’s here to share his story.

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What do you do here at Tallie?

I am the utility man! I help out in a lot of different areas, whether it’s marketing, sales, support, product or training. I’ve had a couple different roles in the organization over the years. I started by managing the product expert team, then I moved over to roadmapping the product, and now I’m more of a teacher and trainer. We’re continuing our education and training for clients who really get the most out of Tallie’s integrations, to make their expense report workflow easier and more efficient.

How did you first start marketing Tallie’s expense report software? You used to want to be a teacher, right?

Yeah, I got a degree in Literature and started substitute teaching right off the bat. Unfortunately, this was in the middle of California’s teaching crisis, and all the teachers I subbed for said, “Don’t become a teacher right now!” So, I started looking for a more stable career, and took a job as a junior content writer. Then I applied to Virtual Software (which later became SpringAhead) in a support role. I had previously been an Operations Senior at Best Buy, which basically meant that if someone had a problem and asked to see the manager, they’d see me. I did hiring and interviews as well, but I mainly did customer service. So I applied for a position at Virtual Software and I was able to write guides, provide support and eventually told Chris Farrell, our CEO at Tallie, that I wanted to build a support team. Now I’ve moved on to more product and training related areas.

What does a typical workday involve for you?

Well, it always starts the same: I come in and make sure there aren’t any fires! As long as there’s no fire in the morning, I’m good. My role used to be more reactionary when I was working support. I was there to help people be successful and I would go to a lot of scheduled meetings. But my role is more project based now. I still have to be available to help people out if they need it, of course, but overall, my day-to-day changes based on whatever project I’m currently working on.

What makes Tallie different from other companies? Why do you work here instead of somewhere else?

Tallie has always been unique in the sense that we empower people to think of ways to improve not only their own jobs or their personal careers, but the product. We want everyone to bring great ideas to the table, regardless of their position. Every voice is heard, there are no walls, no cubicles, and everyone collaborates with each other. If someone has a really good idea they can work with anyone else to flesh it out and make it a reality. We’ve also always had a very casual attitude in terms of dress code. Our CEO once said if you wore a tie into the office he’d cut it off. [Laughs] The dress code has relaxed a bit now–you can wear a tie if you want to. You can work from home, too, if it means you’ll be more productive. The main thing behind every aspect of our company culture is, “Are you getting done what you need to get done? Are you getting your projects finished? Are you ensuring that our clients are happy?” Titles are immaterial to that, people know what they’re responsible for, and they get it done.

I really respect that we started out as a small, hard-working group of individuals and that we’ve managed to maintain those same values even as we’ve grown. We kept our culture of driving new ideas, working hard because we believe in what we’re doing, and hiring people who are incredibly passionate about the same things we’re passionate about. We all work collaboratively, like a family, even though we’re not as small as we once were.

We hear you’re pretty good at karaoke. Do you have a favorite song?

It goes in phases. Right now my specialty is Friends in Low Places, even though I’m not even that big of a country fan.

Do you have a motto?

As Nell says, “Tay in da wind.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Back when I did support at SpringAhead, our team first achieved a 99.5% positive Smiley rating. Smilies are a tool we worked together as a team to create. The idea is that we’ll send out emails to customers asking how our support session went, and they can give us a positive rating, a neutral rating, or a bad rating. Eventually, we reached a point in our service where we received 99.5% positive ratings – meaning we helped a 100 people in a row and received nearly a perfect rating from each client. Providing quality support is so vital for customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us here. So I’m very proud of that!

Guilty pleasure?

None, I’m not embarrassed by anything.

What about a favorite food?


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