Tallie Expense Report App: iOS v3.0 is Here!

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest Tallie iOS App (v3) on the Apple App Store. This update is packed full of new and exciting updates to boost your mobile experience.

This iOS app update is a big one – we heard your valuable feedback and addressed many of your top requests. This new Tallie iOS app is fully synchronized with the desktop Tallie experience. We are now smoother than ever and much faster to boot. We’re really proud of our new Tallie iOS 3.0 App for many reasons. Check out some of the highlights:

Add expenses quicker than ever before in Tallie.

  1. Create or Edit Mileage Expenses

Create mileage expenses by entering your beginning and ending destination. Tallie will calculate the mileage reimbursement rate for you!

  1. Add New Expenses In Seconds

Tap once to take a receipt photo. It’s as simple as that. Open the app, tap to take a photo, and submit your expenses. tallie-expense-report-mobile-ios-app-v3

  1.  Add & Edit Expense Details in App

The Tallie iOS app now offers an improved design for adding and editing expenses. Cleaner, smoother, and less clicks involved to ensure all expense details are submitted correctly.

  1. Upload Multiple Receipts At Once

Let’s say you are out on a business trip and don’t have time to immediately create your expense report. Simply snap a photo of each receipt throughout the day (even when offline) and upload them together later that night.

Tallie’s Improved iOS App Functionality

The ability to add expenses to a new or existing expense report is now easier than ever. What’s even better? We’ve improved the design of Tallie’s duplicate detection and ‘Out of Policy’ flagging features in the iOS mobile experience.

tallie-expense-report-app-mobile-4     https://blog.usetallie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/tallie-expense-reports-app-5.png

Lastly, for Tallie customers this mobile iOS update also includes support for custom dimension names and new dimensions (ie customers, locations).

We know you’ll love these updates as much as we do. Download the latest Tallie iOS App (v3.0) today! As always, the updates don’t stop here. We are 100% committed to delivering the best expense report software solution on the market, and that’s only possible from valuable user feedback.

Wait no further – Download the latest version of Tallie iOS v3.0 now!

For our awesome Tallie Android app users – don’t worry – many of these features were launched for your back in December. However, new features are on the way!

What are your favorite new features of the latest Tallie iOS App (v3.0)? Tell us in the comments below!