Peek Under the Hood: Tallie’s comprehensive integration with Intacct

Featuring the first and only real-time, no click, bi-directional sync between an accounting system and expense management software.

In November, Tallie & Intacct announced their direct integration, offering early evaluation to select customers and accounting firms. Now that this evaluation period has passed and even more features have been released, we’d like to take you on a trip through the integration, highlighting key features and benefits that Tallie and Intacct users will love.

Real-Time, No Click, Bi-directional Sync

Yes, you read that correctly. When a change is made to your dimensional data in Intacct, it is immediately reflected in Tallie. When a change is made to your dimensional data in Tallie, it is immediately reflected in Intacct. No more clicking the sync button, no more scheduled nightly syncs. It’s just that simple!


Since its inception, Tallie has offered real-time bi-directional sync with all of our integrations, meaning that any change made in Tallie is immediately reflected in your other accounting and bill pay systems. We’re the only expense management system to offer this, and Intacct is our first integration partner to offer the same technology in the reverse. Intacct’s rules-based logic, called SmartEvents, enables Tallie-connected companies to trigger immediate updates from Intacct to Tallie. Best of all, installing support for Tallie SmartEvents in your Intacct account is as simple as uploading an .xml file (or what Intacct calls a Package.)

Full Dimension Support with Smart Setup

Intacct is often selected because it features multi-dimensional tracking of transactional line items. It puts significantly less pressure on a complex Chart of Accounts, and allows for much more robust financial reporting. Our integration supports all Intacct dimensions: GL accounts, items, Cash Management accounts, locations/entities, customers, vendors, projects, classes, and departments.

Even better, Tallie uses Intacct dimensional data to deliver a smart setup right out of the box. When Intacct is connected to your Tallie account, our software uses Employee and Project managers to immediately preconfigure your approval chains. Tallie will also scan your advanced Projects for Resources and user restrictions, matching your Project-tracking preferences. If a user is already listed as a Resource in Intacct, Tallie will automatically grant them permission to track expenses against the Project.

Furthermore, whenever a credit card is marked as Non-Reimbursable in Tallie, we will attempt to match that card to a Charge Card Account within Intacct’s Cash Management. Tallie will then dynamically assign the matching vendor and GL liability account based on the data present in Intacct. As you can see, Tallie’s automation allows your expense management software to remain in lock-step with your accounting system.

Direct Export to Accounts Payable Module

Tallie expense reports can be exported directly to the Intacct Accounts Payable module. Reimbursable expenses are gathered together in one bill per expense report, payable to the Employee’s mapped Vendor account. Non-reimbursable expenses are similarly gathered in a single bill due to the Credit Card Vendor. As always, mixing and matching of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses in the same expense report is encouraged! Tallie knows to divide the report on export, creating two unique bills based on reimbursable status.


When exporting, Tallie generates Accounts Payable bills with complete line item data, including all dimensional tagging for each expense. All source documents, including receipts and copies of your original Tallie expense reports, are sent to Intacct attached to the bill. This ensures that all information required for audit preparedness stays in the accounting system, for centralized access.

Multi-Method Support for Non-Reimbursable Charges

We know that, when it comes to corporate credit cards, Intacct users either love or hate the Cash Management module. That’s why Tallie supports non-reimbursables through both the Accounts Payable and Cash Management modules. For those who prefer the Cash Management module, Tallie provides a pre-configured export template that will generate a .CSV file compatible to the Cash Management import tool. If you want to skip the .CSV, Tallie now allows the export of non-reimbursable charges as bills payable to the credit card vendor, as outlined above.




We are proud to offer such a robust, comprehensive integration with Intacct. Our goal, as always, is to make expense management as powerful and simple as possible for all our customers, regardless of their accounting system. We look forward to further refining our features based on customer feedback, and encourage you to reach out to our Product Expert team with any comments or suggestions. They can be reached at, or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext. 2.

If you would like to see our Intacct integration in action, feel free to schedule a free 1-on-1 product demo with a member of our team.


What You Should Know About the New QuickBooks Online Accountant

Those of you fortunate enough to be attending QuickBooks Connect 2014 (or feverishly monitoring it via social media!) have already learned the great news. Intuit has unleashed their brand new QuickBooks Online Accountant service, and boy does it have accountants talking. This incredibly robust program promises to save accountants time and effort with enhancements like easy access to all your books from anywhere, at any time, as well as allowing better collaboration and transparency. So what do YOU need to know about the new QuickBooks Online Accountant? Read on to discover more about just a handful of the fantastic new features that are coming your way!

Talle Blog - QuickBooks Online Accountant

Never Miss a Beat with a New Customizable Dashboard

Not everybody knows this, but accountants make great jugglers. No, really! No matter how many clients they have, an accountant must always keep both eyes out for every little detail, hiccup, and red flag that comes their way. Fortunately, the QuickBooks Online Accountant dashboard will make sure accountants have constant visual access and control over alerts, to-dos, and recent activities for each and every one of their clients–all in one place! Need to take a closer look at the books? Easy: the dashboard also provides one-click access to each client’s books and payroll.

Easy and Enhanced Tax-Mapping

Good news, tax specialists! QuickBooks Online accounts will soon be easily mappable to your tax accounts. After making tax-only adjustments within QuickBooks Online, accountants can push those changes directly into Intuit Tax Online without unnecessarily impacting the books. So look forward to seamless, impeccable record keeping and tax return generation!

Firm, But Flexible, Access Control

Want to limit which members of your firm can view or change which parts of your clients’ books? The new employee access controls available through QuickBooks Online Accountant will allow you to set roles and permissions for individual employees at multiple levels. You’ll be able to choose between Full, Restricted, or even customizing your own permission settings.

FREE QuickBooks Online Plus, Wholesale Pricing, Easy ProAdvisor Account Access, and More

The truth is, there are a whole host of new features and bonuses set to be released with QuickBooks Online Accountant. These include, but are not limited to, a FREE subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus, which will be offered complete with Intuit Payroll. This means that all of your business’s paychecks and guaranteed-accurate payroll tax calculations can be seamlessly integrated into your accounting software at no additional charge. Otherwise, accountants can save 50% for the life of their client’s QuickBooks Online subscription through Intuit’s wholesale pricing. And for you ProAdvisors out there, all of the product training, certifications, and benefits you know and love through your existing ProAdvisor program will now be accessible directly in QuickBooks Online Accountant. No new tabs or apps or anything! Just simple, direct access to all your necessary resources, right there within your accounting system.

Stay tuned for more coverage of exciting announcements from Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect 2014! Come on down to booth #310 to say hi to your friends at Tallie. We’d be happy to discuss our award-winning expense report automation software’s unmatched integrations with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online!

QuickBooks Online & Beyond: What It Means to Have True Bi-Directional Integration for Expense Management

After 5 years in the industry, I’m always happy to talk shop with anyone ranging from prospective clients to personal friends. Once we start talking about back office processes, I can generally make some suggestions – including recommending Tallie for expense management. It’s easy to set up, backed by a knowledgeable Product Expert Team, and built by people who know what accountants need. Add on top of this seamless, bi-directional integration to your accounting system, and the solution becomes powerfully clear. Here’s why:

Integrate with Tallie and Customize Your Setup

With your Tallie account synchronized with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, Tallie lets you reimburse your employees and vendors as you need to. Want to bring over checks to reimburse your employees? Done. Need employees mapped to vendors to bring over bills instead of checks? Done and Done.

Are your expenses generally billable? Great! Tallie can map expense categories to service items instead of directly to expense accounts. Now, they’ll look better on invoices and you’ll be able to better track the revenue. Here’s how!

Tallie can also limit class and project selection per person and make these selections optional or mandatory.

Additionally, Tallie enables you to manage your corporate credit card workflow and export these charges as either Credit Card charges in QuickBooks Desktop or Expenses paid by the Credit Card in QuickBooks Online.

Trusted, True Bi-Directional Integration

Not all integration is truly ‘bi-directional.’ Tallie keeps all your information in constant communication with each other. Need to add a class quickly? Add it in Tallie and within seconds it’ll appear in your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. Inactivating or adding projects in QuickBooks? That’s not a problem, Tallie will follow suit.

The idea behind true Bi-Directional Integration is this: When you add, remove or make a change in one system, it’s reflected in both Tallie and your accounting system.

Tallie-expense- management-Quickbooks-online-Integration.jpg

Approval Flows and Policy Control

Tallie handles complex approval routing. Both sequential routing and monetary approval routing are covered and can be set up dozens of different ways to accommodate your company’s complex needs. Or not so complex – if you only need one or two approvers, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to set this up.

Policies can be utilized to limit expense categories per user or user’s group, require receipts per expense category or amount and ensure that the individuals your user dined with are listed as attendees on the expense itself.

I always invite anyone interested in Tallie to sign up for a personal product demo with one of our trained experts. If you’d prefer to see Tallie in action for yourself, you can always try Tallie free for 14 days. If you have any questions about Tallie, our integrations, features, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-592-5144.

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Thursday April 10th at 11 am PST

In this 60 minute webinar, our partners will give a tour of their popular App Center and highlight how to use 4 of their key partners. Today’s Webinar Agenda will include:

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Team Tallie

Tallie Expense Software Integration Chosen as Model for Developer Program recently made the strategic decision to adopt an open architecture approach, opening its code to third parties through a new Developer Program. This is a significant move because it further establishes as the de facto standard, and positions the financial apps industry towards a model of system-to-system interoperability. Tallie was the first partner chosen to explore the full potential of integration with the platform. Our selection was motivated by the ability of our engineering team to build a revolutionary bidirectional data integration, coupled with our willingness to work hand-in-hand with’s development team. Find out more about their Develop Program on’s website.

Tallie’s expense software is featured prominently on’s Developer Program page.

Since our integration launch last October, Tallie’s expense software has received high praise from leading accounting advisor practices including BMRG, The Sleeter Group, and Rootworks. founder and CEO René Lacerte affirmed, “The future of business software the right combination of highly specialized, best-in-class SaaS solutions working together in a simple, completely integrated way. We have built the App Center around this vision, and have chosen Tallie as a marquee solution because it is very simple for employees to use, yet also offers a rich set of features for accountants and financial professionals. The combination of and Tallie is the expense report ‘killer app’ that finance professionals have long searched for.”

When we announced our unprecedented bi-directional integration with back in September, support from BMRG and Rootworks quickly followed. It was this same integration that earned Tallie’s expense software the Sleeter Group’s 2013 Awesome App Award. This recognition from industry luminaries combined with’s new open architecture Developer Program confirms that the movement towards the integration of SaaS financial apps, such as the partnership, will emerge as the leading model of success.