9.18 Release Notes: Enhanced Expense Report Policy Control, Custom QB Memo Fields & More

With our latest release, we’ve added a number of requested features, including additional administrative corporate card management, being able to add people en masse onto specific projects, QuickBooks’ memo field customization, enforcing policies and assigning default currencies per user! Enjoy the following updates included in the 9.18 release notes:

Assigning Corporate Credit Cards to Employees

As an administrator, you can now go to the “Credit Cards” area, connect your account and assign each of the accounts to the appropriate individuals in your organization!


Customizing the QuickBooks Memo Field

We’ve had a number of requests to be able to customize what Tallie populates in the memo field. Now, you can! Choose between fixed and dynamic text to customize the memo field as you need. For more information, you can contact our Product Expert Team at 800-592-5144.

Mass Updating People to Projects

Now you can easily manage the projects people submit their expenses towards. Simply go to the “Projects” area, select the desired projects and click the arrow on Mass Update. You’ll be able to add the people to the projects in a snap.


Enhanced  Policy Control

When you create expense report policies for your organization, you now ensure the requirements you’ve set (e.g. ‘All expenses over $25.00 need a receipt’, ‘All meals need to have attendees listed’) are met before the user can submit the expense.

Assigning Default Currencies per User

For your employees working out of the states, you can now set a default currency on their profile. In the “People” area, click on a user and select the “Mapping” tab. You’ll see Expense Defaults and be able to assign the user’s default currency for expenses

We hope you enjoy the updates included in Tallie’s 9.18 release. Check back next month for another round of updates!

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