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Tallie is an industry-trusted business expense report automation software solution that streamlines the entire expense management process—from point of purchase to accounting and reimbursement. Tallie automates the management and tracking of expenses through a suite of enterprise-grade policy compliance, internal control, and analytics tools.

In close collaboration with users, CPA practitioners, and industry-leading accounting, technology, and financial partners, Tallie has developed mobile-enabled solutions for comprehensive data capture, intelligent transaction categorization, robust approval controls and seamless accounting integration.
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How Has Tallie’s Expense Report Software Brought More Success to PubNub?

“It’s the difference between postponing my expense report – sometimes indefinitely – and getting it all done in a few minutes.”

We love hearing back from our customers after our expense report software is fully implemented. They often tell stories how of how they are thriving from the time, paper, and stress saving benefits of Tallie. We want to highlight a story in particular with you from our friends at PubNub. Below we have a chat with Assaf, Kristen, and Joe about PubNub and their experiences with using Tallie to process their expense reports.

IMG_1510 (1)

Left to Right: Assaf, Joe, Kristen

What does PubNub do?

Joe: PubNub is a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) and easy to use API that enables our customers to build, scale, and manage real-time functionality for their applications and IoT devices. With over 60 SDKs for every platform, guaranteed 250ms worldwide data transfer times, and scalability for hundreds of millions of devices, PubNub’s unique infrastructure gives you the ability to easily build and operate world-class real-time applications and IoT devices. PubNub is headquartered in San Francisco.

For more about realtime and PubNub explained in the simplest way, check out the PubNub blog.

What makes PubNub different?

Joe: We’re the only global data stream network, meaning we have 14 data centers across the globe, and data is replicated across all 14 points of presence. We also have 70+ SDKs, meaning PubNub works across web, mobile, and IoT applications.

When was PubNub founded?

Joe: 2009

How many expense reports does a user at PubNub process with Tallie?

Kristen: Users at PubNub process anywhere from one to ten expense reports with Tallie per month.

How long have you been using Tallie?

Kristen: We’ve been using Tallie here at PubNub for about a year and a half now, if I recall correctly.

What do you love most about Tallie? What makes Tallie the best expense management solution for you?

Kristen: I love that Tallie completely eliminated paper in our expense reporting process. I also love how easy it is to upload a receipt using the Tallie app.

Joe: To put it plain and simple, it’s the ease of use. No hoops to jump through, no lost reports, and getting reimbursed on time. It’s a truly wonderful experience for our team.

Assaf: It’s proactive because it reminds ME to submit an expense report. It connects to the credit card information I use for work related expenses. It’s a web tool, so there’s nothing to install, nothing to print, and it’s easy to track where it is in the approval stages. Plus, I enjoy their sense of humor: “Ready to get reimbursed?”

How much time have you saved with Tallie?

Assaf: More than time! It’s the difference between postponing my expense report – sometimes indefinitely – and getting it all done in few minutes. It also saves multiple trips to the copy machine and printer.

Kristen: More so than time – Tallie has saved me from many headaches.  Before Tallie, I had employees randomly throwing printed-out Excel spreadsheets and piles of receipts on my desk.  The entire expense process was completely unorganized and was creating a ton of extra work for me.

How much paper do your users save with Tallie?

Assaf: Depends on how good you are at building an efficient collage of receipts on a piece of letter size paper. I suck at this so… a lot!

What other tools do you use or recommend for use with Tallie?

Kristen: We like how Tallie syncs with  This allows us to immediately export employee expense reports from Tallie directly into our billing system.

Do you require your users to use Tallie for expense reports?

Kristen: Yes. If they want to be reimbursed, this is their only option.

How do you encourage users to use Tallie for expense reports?

Kristen: As mentioned above, this is the only way we process expenses so it’s not hard to encourage people use it when they want their money.

Joe: The platform really wasn’t hard to sell. As soon as our company saw how easy it was to use Tallie, there was no encouraging required. People wanted ease of use and time reimbursement, and that’s what Tallie provides us.

Thanks for reading! Come see how Tallie’s expense report software brought more success to PubNub – schedule a free and personal product demonstration with a member of our team today!


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Tallie Expense Report Software 10.8 Release Notes

With September just around the corner, kids are heading back to school and accounting busy season is upon us. While you were (hopefully) enjoying the summer sunshine, our team worked diligently to deliver Tallie’s latest and greatest in our 10.8 release. This release includes tremendous new user interface improvements such as viewing all expenses in a new Table View, Select All/Deselect All, maximized expense controls, and more. With this update, we are proud to share with you the newest version of Tallie’s expense report software. Take a look:

Toggle between signature Tile View and new Table View

Our much-anticipated “table view” of expenses is live on the Purchases page! Users can now switch between tile view and table view using the toggles in the upper-right corner of the Purchases page. Compared to our signature tile view, the new table view is designed to offer enhanced visibility by displaying all expense details in a spreadsheet-like table. Users may click on the column headers to sort expenses based on the specific item.

Tallie’s new Table View


Tallie’s signature Tile View


Ability to select all/deselect all items on the Purchases page

We replaced “# selected items” with a clickable selection indicator that can be used to select all or deselect all items on the Purchases page.

Drag & drop area is now full page

To make receipts drag and drop easier, we removed the placeholder tile and expanded the drag & drop area to the whole Purchases page. This applies both when the Purchases page is empty and when expenses are present.

All expense controls are now available on each expense report

Previously, to create a mileage expense or import credit card transactions and add to an expense report, users must do so on the Purchases page first. In this release, we made all expense controls available on each expense report, including importing credit card transactions, manual entry, and merge. The controls, joined by those that were already available on the Expense Reports page, such as attach receipts, mass edit and delete expense(s), allow users to more efficiently edit and submit their expenses without the need to navigate between different pages.

How do I do this?
To add a new expense or credit card transaction(s) to a report, simply click on an expense control button in the report header to get started. When more than one expense is highlighted, the Add buttons are replaced by the Mass Edit and Delete buttons. Selecting two mergeable expenses will trigger the Merge button to show. To submit the report, deselect all expense items and the report header will revert back to normal.

Select all/deselect all expenses in an expense report using the Selection Indicator

Similar to what we did on the Purchases page, we replaced the “# Expenses Selected” that used to appear in the report header with a green selection indicator that can be used to select all or deselect all expenses in the expense report.

Receipt drag and drop area enlarged to the entire report

The receipt drag and drop area is now the whole report instead of just the report header. Users may also drop receipts on the expense report list on the left-hand side. To attach receipt to a specific line item, click the “+” button to the right and the file browser will pop up.

Additional tabs for the People and Projects lists so all settings can be seen at a glance

In our previous release, we updated the Projects list to include more information, such as expense privileges and start/end dates for projects, as a step to enhance visibility of project settings overall. We’re taking this further by introducing additional tabs on the People and Project list pages, which are “Mappings” and “Permissions and Approvers” (People list only for now). An admin can click on any one of these preferences and be taken to the edit view for that preference directly. Furthermore, clicking on the column header will sort the list based on that specific preference.

Default items per page increased to 200

We increased the default items per page from 25 to 200 and admins have the options to show 25 or 100 per page if they prefer.

Sort lists based on ID by default

When managing their books, accounting professionals rely heavily on code numbers. All Manage Lists pages aside from Expense Categories are now sorted based on ID/codes/numbers by default. If no code is present, the list will be sorted based on names.

People & Project Overview tabs removed

With the implementation of a more data-rich list view, the Overview tab becomes redundant and serves no additional purpose, so we went ahead and removed them.

We look forward to hearing how these upgrades have made your expense report software experience even easier! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Tallie & PEX Card Webinar Recap (Video Inside)

Tallie and PEX Card hosted a webinar to share a simple solution for dramatically improving the expense management workflow. We affirmed that petty cash was dead, and that Tallie & PEX Card killed it. Our solution saves money, eliminates busy work, prevents fraud, and offers total control over your expenses. Best news of all? We’ve saved the recording for you.

Listen to our CEOs discuss:

• Gaining industry-leading controls without the cost.
• The right tools & best practices to prevent expense fraud at your business.
• Replacing annoying cash advances & risky corporate cards with the smart option.

To learn more about how Tallie & PEX Card can work for your business, sign up for a personal demo.

HIRING: Social Media Marketing Intern

About the Social Media Marketing Internship

There’s never been a more exciting time to join the Tallie Team! We’re looking for a Social Media Marketing Intern with a passion for learning and getting their hands dirty. Our intern will contribute to Tallie’s growth by helping to manage the company’s social media presence, facilitate conversations in web forums, and maximize effort for getting our name out there! This role offers a unique opportunity to jump into a fast-paced, energetic team and gain experience working with a variety of departments and collaborate on all types of projects.

Who We Are:

Our high-growth SaaS company is looking for a highly motivated Campaign Coordinator to join our team.

Tallie is cloud-based business expense report automation software that streamlines the entire expense management process.


  • Manage and grow Tallie’s social media accounts across the web
  • Maintain active social media presence on behalf of Tallie, including scheduling event reminders, sharing industry news, and engaging with our community
  • Ensure all Tallie content is SEO-optimized
  • Share content across a variety of web forums to maximize exposure and drive traffic to promote strong brand awareness

Desired Skills:

  • Positive, enthusiastic disposition
  • Interest and/or experience in finance/accounting a huge plus
  • Highly motivated self starter with an insatiable desire to learn new things
  • Consistent ability to deliver high quality work on time
  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented by nature

Think you’re the perfect fit? Email a copy of your resume and cover letter to, and a bit about why you want to join our team.

Position Title: Social Media Marketing Intern

Location:  San Francisco (SOMA)

Type: Unpaid Internship