How Corporate Consolidation Could Affect Business Travel

Over the past 10 years, the U.S. has witnessed a colossal consolidation of American airline companies. Nine major U.S. airlines have consolidated to a mere four. American, Delta, Southwest and United remain as the heavy hitters, controlling 80 percent of the U.S. market. The remainder of the market is made up of smaller carriers, each representing their specific niche and embracing unique strategies to target their customers. 

As airlines go through mergers, acquisitions and swallow each other up whole, consumers are often left wondering how these changes will affect their future travel plans. Unfortunately, with fewer competitors to price match, the remaining airline companies have the power to increase fares and drop unprofitable routes. For employers and business travelers, corporate consolidation could have a silver lining.

By absorbing smaller airline companies that previously dominated regional airports, the big four can add new non-stop routes to their lineup. This allows airlines to open up new destinations, reduce connecting flights and eliminate ever-dreaded layovers. Both United and American Airlines opened up ten new domestic non-stop flight routes just this year. While Southwest plans to add five additional non-stop routes to service the Midwest beginning in October of 2018. Additional non-stop flight availability saves time and produces happy road warriors. Employees report a more positive experience when they’re able to travel to their destination in one leg. Sending in happy employees can raise productivity levels and lead to a more successful business trip altogether.

Non-stop flights are also better for the environment. Takeoff and landing contributes to fifty percent of carbon emissions emitted during flight travel. Taking a non-stop route instead of a connecting flight can cut a traveler’s carbon flight-footprint in half. While employers may fear an increasing spike in price fares from airlines, the overall market price alteration is closer to 1 percent.

Marginal price changes and additional non-stop routes make it easy for employers to see the bright side of business travel.


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Essential Expense Features for Nonprofit Organizations

In the nonprofit world, every dollar counts. Many local and global nonprofit groups struggle to organize expenses. Expense report software can serve as a vital tool to save nonprofit organizations valuable time and money while providing full clarity of their operational spending. We’ve rounded up six essential features that provide nonprofit groups with the necessary elements to optimize their outreach. 


Expense report software equipped with mobile capabilities, such as a smartphone app, gives organization employees and volunteers the flexibility to submit expenses in the field and on the go, anywhere in the world. This accessibility increases user compliance and helps organizations reduce operating costs.


Currency conversion is as a crucial tool for global nonprofit groups. Programs that encompass a spectrum of global currencies take the burden of currency conversion off of the user. This allows volunteers to quickly capture accurate expenses, no matter where they are in the world.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking allows volunteers to track their movement at the touch of a button. Standard IRS reimbursement rates can be applied to record an accurate reimbursement amount in half the time. 

Seamless Integration

Volunteers often pay out of pocket for the bulk of their expenses. As a result, the reimbursement process is vital to the longevity of an operation. Direct accounting software integration allows administrators to approve and export data instantaneously, ensuring nothing slows down your team. 

Accessible Analytics

Nonprofits are annually rated on how they spend their funding. Organizational expenses are broken into three categories:

  • Program Expenses: Expenses that are necessary to complete a nonprofit’s task at hand (for example, pencils and papers needed for a classroom).
  • Administrative Expenses: Expenses related to managing the nonprofit (for example, accounting and legal fees).
  • Fundraising Expenses: Any expenses that contribute to fundraising.

Nonprofit groups receive a higher rating if they put more of their budget towards Program Expenses. Expense report software with built-in reporting facilitates a simple way for organizations to audit their spending behavior in each category.

Activity-Based Pricing

Every dollar of funding counts. Software with activity-based pricing allows nonprofit groups with seasonal volunteers to save immense time and money. With activity-based pricing, organizations are only charged for users who submit expenses on a monthly basis. This relieves organizations from having to regulate active and dormant volunteers.

To see how an advanced expense reporting solution could benefit your organization, request a demo of Tallie.

Tallie Employee Spotlight: Vita, Implementations Manager

When Vita Guido walked through the Tallie doors in September of 2014, the team knew they had struck gold. Over the past three years Vita has served as an invaluable asset to the organization, bringing immense product knowledge, contagious positivity, and an uncanny sense of humor to the office every day. We sat down with Vita to learn more about our favorite implementations team manager.

What do you do here at Tallie?

I manage a team of three fabulous implementation specialists. We on-board new Tallie and SpringAhead clients. I oversee the process and make sure we get our clients excited, prepared, and ramped up!

Who is Gizmo?

He’s the Tallie MVP, unofficial mascot, and employee of the year. He’s also my cat.

What is your favorite part of working for Tallie?

The people! I really enjoy working with our Tallie peeps. We are hardworking but have plenty of fun in the office. I also like the flexibility of working with other teams; you’re never tied to your own department. If you’re interested in dev work, for example, you can participate cross-functionally with the engineering team. Now that we’re a family of brands, we can also branch out to our sibling softwares, Certify and Nexonia!

What makes Tallie different from other companies?

I really enjoy that every day is different. There is always something new to learn. We are exposed to so many softwares that we become masters of not just our own product but all of our partner integrations too. Giving us expertise and insight into all of these products allows us to help our clients above and beyond.

First screen name?

VitaBee4ever and it still is.

How many countries have you been to?

Nine and counting! Mexico, Cuba, Iceland, Canada, Japan, and Italy to name a few.

Which one was your favorite?

Japan. It was so different from anywhere I’ve ever been. I also loved France for how romantic it was. The southern coast of France is so beautiful.

We heard you did quite a bit of karaoke in Japan. Do you have a favorite song?

Life on Mars by David Bowie. Because if you’re not a very good singer you still sound like a pro. Least favorite: Pork and Beans by Weezer (don’t ask).

Where do you want to travel next?

Back to Mexico! My family is from there, and I want to experience it as an adult. A pilgrimage to the motherland, if you will. Chile and Argentina are also on my list.

Favorite Bay Area restaurant?

A16 in Rockridge and The Hideout in Lafayette.

What is an Instagram account people should be following?

Poorly drawn lines and Ketnipz.

What is your advice for women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

Go for it. I believe women should absolutely pursue careers in tech. There is a stigma that tech has a bro culture, but I wholeheartedly believe there’s an equal space for women. Women should shouldn’t be afraid to dive into more technical roles and fundamentals like SQL. I think Tallie has done a great job of giving those opportunities to women. A lot of our employees started in support and have been able to move into more technical roles.

What is one question you wish you were asked in an interview?

How would you explain email to your grandma?




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Tallie 12.6 Expense Tracking Software Release Notes

For our first release of 2018, the Tallie team is excited to introduce a variety of features that will kickstart your year of expense reporting. We analyzed the frequently requested improvements to our software and delivered the ones that will benefit the most of you. Take a look — we hope you enjoy!

New Receipt Controls: Ability to Zoom in and Download Original Files

In our most recent mobile app release, we introduced the ability to zoom in on receipts so you can review them in closer detail. This functionality is now supported in Tallie web as well. Simply hover over a receipt and click anywhere to activate the zoom feature. The “Original” link in the upper-right corner of the receipt window will allow you to download the file in its original size. These new functions are available for receipts in all stages of Tallie.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Receipt Zoom

New receipt controls available: Zoom function and download original file 


Statement Upload Now Supports Credit Card Subaccounts

We understand that credit card transaction management is mission-critical for your expense report software. We’ve further improved our statement upload feature to add subaccounts support. Rather than requesting the bank to provide you with individual files for each subaccount, you can now upload a single file that contains several subaccounts to Tallie. Our transaction file processor will detect the total number of subaccounts in the file, feed transactions to existing subaccounts and create new accounts for unrecognized card numbers. With this feature and our very own credit card integration, Bank Data Delivery, we will be able to provide unparalleled credit card transaction management for an even larger portfolio of financial institutions across different sizes.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Subaccount Transaction Upload

Tallie detects new subaccounts in transaction files and automatically creates them, with transactions properly attributed to their corresponding accounts.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Subaccount Profiles

All of the credit card controls, including auto-import and subaccount deletion, are available for each subaccount created by statement upload.

Product Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved Intacct SmartEvents processing speed
  • Added the ability to export expense reports to Intacct using the user default currency
  • Added a setting that will lock down corporate card transaction dates. Contact Tallie Product Experts to enable this
  • Added a new field in CSV export template: Employee Vendor code
  • Fixed the issue where deleted expenses reports remained in mobile apps
  • Fixed the usage details table in Billing
  • Fixed the issue where expense totals did not reflect the correct reimbursement limit in the Spreadsheet view

We look forward to hearing how these upgrades have made managing your expense reports even easier. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Expense Solution Software – November Webinar Schedule

Throughout the month of November, we will be conducting free weekly webinars on several subjects to make sure you get the most out of our expense solution software.

These webinars provide free training for employees, managers, and accountants alike. Lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, each webinar is filled with information ranging from product guidance to live Q&A with Tallie Product Experts.

Register for a free November webinar below!


  1. Run through the creation of a Tallie expense reports.
  2. Share the tips and tricks to create your expense report in a few minutes.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you might possibly have.


Tuesday, November 7th, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Tuesday, November 14th, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST **SPECIAL: How To Use Tallie Android & iOS Apps**

Tuesday, November 21st, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST

Tuesday, November 28th, 8:30 -9:00 AM PST


  1. Walk through how to create custom policies and approval levels within Tallie.
  2. Show how Tallie streamlines your expense reporting workflow with multi-point data export and real time integration.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday, November 2nd, 8:30 -9:00 AM PST

Thursday, November 30th, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST


  1. Walk through the corporate credit transaction management within Tallie.
  2. Show the three types of credit card connections in Tallie.
  3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday, November 9th, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST


  1. Run through a variety of expense tracking features that you may utilize in Tallie.
  2. Review customization and options of your account’s configuration.
  3. Show how Tallie streamlines your accounting workflow with 1-click multi-point export and real time integration.
  4. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.


Thursday, November 23rd, 8:30 – 9:00 AM PST – Cancelled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday

If you have any questions about Tallie’s expense solution software between now and your chosen training webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team directly at or 888-874-1118 Ext 2. We hope to see you there!

3 Surprising Ways Nonprofits Can Reduce Their Environmental Footprint

Going green has been a top priority in the corporate and nonprofit communities for years now, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Efforts to reduce an organization’s environmental footprint aren’t just beneficial for the planet — they reduce operating costs, boost the group’s mission-driven integrity, and attract and retain top-notch employees and volunteers, according to NeighborWorks America.

These initiatives are especially pressing for nonprofits. Every resource must be tracked and accounted for, and ensuring nothing goes to waste is incredibly important.
Chances are good that your nonprofit may already have a few projects in place to support its green efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the more surprising ways your organization can reduce its environmental impact:

1) Motivate Employees to Participate

Nowadays, it simply isn’t enough to put a recycling bin in the corner and hope for the best. Nonprofits must make additional efforts to ensure that the green initiatives they’ve put in place are being adopted by workers and that these changes will be baked into the organizational culture.

One way to shift practices to greener pastures is by motivating employees with friendly competition, rewards, or recognition. Departments can compete to see who recycles the most materials each week or who saves the most energy overall. This type of event will put sustainability efforts front and center within your organization and ensure that these plans receive the attention they deserve. What’s more, a contest is something simple to put together that can go a long way toward underscoring green initiatives while shifting organizational culture in the right direction.

Employee participation is important in the nonprofit field.Employee participation is important in the nonprofit field.

2) Ensure Building Sustainability

When considering use of resources, it’s important to factor in the organization’s use of space. According to New York’s Concordia College, a recent study found that nonprofit groups are leaders when it comes to use of environmentally friendly buildings. This includes designing and constructing structures with lower-than-usual environmental impact, or retrofitting older spaces to make them more efficient.

This being said, there is still work to be done in this realm. If your organization is located within an older building, it might be time to examine the structure’s inner systems to ensure that things like heating, cooling, electricity, and other utilities use takes place in the most efficient way. Retrofitting or replacing systems may be necessary, and while this does require an up-front investment, the payoffs in terms of efficiency and environmental impact are more than worth it.

It’s also worth it to consider how space and resources are shared. Concordia College noted that it’s now more common for nonprofit employees to share office space and other resources like IT assets to enhance collaboration and reduce environmental impact.

3) Improve the Efficiency of Travel

Travel is often overlooked during sustainability efforts, but it’s an area that is typically ripe for improvement. Because even local travel can consume considerable resources, it’s critical to consider things like commuting as well as the efficiency enhancements that can be made with longer trips.

Establishing a company carpool reduces emissions and creates stronger bonds between co-workers. In addition, encouraging employees to use mass transit through pre-tax benefit programs saves money and reduces environmental impact.

Reducing paper use is something your organization may already be doing, but chances are good that these efforts may not extend to travel. Using a mobile-friendly, paperless expense reporting solution cuts down considerably on the paper collateral needed for expense reporting. With such technology on the side of your nonprofit, employees can easily submit expenses without needing to hang on to paper receipts. Best of all, managers can review and approve reports through the software’s streamlined interface, without having to wade through physical paper reports.

The Paperless Project found that the average office worker uses an average of 10,000 sheets of paper each year, and as much as 45 percent of these printed sheets end up in the trash. Eliminating needless paper is a critical part of improving sustainability, and can significantly enhance efficiency and working processes for employees.

Tallie 12.2 Expense Report Software Release Notes

In the last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on improving the performance of our brand new time product as well as addressing high priority issues. In addition, we’re officially releasing one of our most popular beta features, Executive Assistant. Read on for more details!

Executive Assistant is now out of Beta

If there is an administrative assistant at your company who manages expense entry, coding, matching and/or submission, this feature is for you!

You can now enable the Executive Assistant functionality from the Features page in Tallie settings. Once Executive Assistant is enabled, an individual user can be given the “Access/Manage Other Accounts” permission. From there, you may assign the user a specific subset of permissions for management of others’ accounts.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants are able to manage specific tasks without receiving full access to the admin account.

Executive assistants are able to switch between profiles easily without needing to sign out of their personal Tallie account.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants can switch profiles easily in the user settings menu.

We’ve collected valuable feedback in the beta phase and fine tuned the feature in order to prepare it for wide release. Thank you to all who participated in the beta program!

Sort and Filter in Tallie Time

The sort and filter for the time product shares the same basic idea as that for expenses, with the addition of dimensions. Depending on your accounting system and company settings, the availability of certain dimensions in the sort and filter menu may vary.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Sort and Filter

To activate sort and filter, simply click Sort Time Entries By and select an option to narrow your list of time entries. Depending on your selection, you can filter the results even further, such as switching between ascending and descending order or choosing to view all time entries submitted within a specific date range.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Sort by submitted date

In addition to the Time Entry page, the sort and filter feature is also available on Approval and Export pages, giving approvers and exporters more control over how the time entries are presented to them.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval page sort and filter

The sort and filter functionality is available on Time Entry, Approval and Export pages.

Product Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Time rejection email now includes rejection reason
  • Fixed Time Entry page not loading in Safari: For optimized results in Tallie Time, please continue using Chrome during the beta phase.
  • Fixed the issue where Executive Assistant’s active dates are not honored
  • Fixed the issue where Executive Assistant settings show “Track Time” in expense-only enterprises
  • Made sure we handle processing of non-standard PDF files more gracefully so they don’t slow down general receipt processing speeds
  • Made sure we only validate for projects and classes when exporting to QuickBooks
  • Made sure auto-import for credit card statement upload skips payments
  • Fixed the issue where Approver tab is missing in newly-created resold accounts

We look forward to hearing how these upgrades have made managing your time and expenses even easier. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Understanding and Streamlining the Transition to Outsourced Accounting

Businesses have recently discovered an array of advantages when they outsource critical accounting functions to an external team. This change makes perfect sense, especially when one considers the advanced software and technological assets that make it possible.

However, the transition hasn’t been easy for everyone. In fact, several complications can come up, particularly for the accounting firms providing these outsourced functions. Thankfully, the release of a new feature is helping to streamline this process, making the shift to outsourced accounting more efficient and successful.

Growing Demands for Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced accounting is no longer a trend. It’s a fact on the ground. For years, the enterprise community has demanded that external experts take on bookkeeping responsibilities.

Currently, the global bookkeeping market generates $74 billion in annual revenues, and is experiencing more than 5 percent annual growth. As more businesses continue to outsource their accounting needs, this market will only continue to expand.

What’s Driving This Transition?

It isn’t difficult to understand the advantages of outsourced accounting. When companies shift this responsibility to a team of external experts, staff members have more time to focus on other mission-critical tasks. But time saving isn’t the only motivation for businesses to outsource accounting services:

– Capital Savings: This type of service can bring a pay-as-you-go nature to a company’s accounting needs, enabling an organization to lean on the knowledge of outsourced accountants when they need it most. This helps reduce overall accounting costs, saving considerable financial capital.

Even organizations with full-time outsourced accountant partnerships save significantly. More often than not, the price of outsourced services is notably less than what it would cost to recruit and hire an internal accounting team.

– Impartial, Expert Advice: An outsourced team can also provide unbiased guidance to business leaders when they need it most. This type of advice can prove particularly valuable as a company expands.

“Experienced accountants have seen many businesses grow and scale,” inDinero contributor Jonathan Grabis wrote. “This means they can provide comparative and critical analysis and are familiar with what you should prepare for, how to make smarter spending choices, and which financial solutions will be the best fit for your business model.”

– Access to Advanced Technology: Leveraging the services of an outsourced accounting firm also means companies have access to the latest financial tech without having to invest in purchasing these systems themselves.

Streamlining the Onboarding Process

Technology represents a cornerstone of today’s accounting industry, but these systems can also create sticking points that complicate a company’s transition to outsourced accounting.

This is especially true during the onboarding process. In the past, accounting firms have had to manually tailor their software solutions to align capabilities with each client’s specific needs. This was a complex activity that required an experienced hand, and also increased the time it took to onboard clients and begin accounting work.

Thankfully, this critical pain point is now being addressed. Tallie’s newest release includes a feature that streamlines the software customization process, enabling accounting firms to more quickly onboard new clients transitioning from older systems to firm-managed, standardized platforms.

Tallie’s Affiliate Templates allow accounting firms to create special standardized versions for client processes and workflows. In this way, client needs can be organized into specific tiers, and when a new client comes on board, the firm is able to auto-provision an account that aligns with a selected template. This makes the onboarding process much more efficient, and significantly reduces the time it takes to set up a new client. Thanks to Affiliate Templates, it now takes only minutes to transition new clients to the accounting firms’ standardized system.

To find out more about this feature and how it can streamline the transition to outsourced accounting for your clients, contact us today.

Introducing Tallie Time — Tallie Expense Report Software 12.1 Release Notes

Since the launch of Tallie, we’ve been regularly adding new features and enhancements to the product, with the goal of bringing you the expense-tracking software that saves you the most time. Over the last year or so, we realized that our customers were looking for a comprehensive time and expense product all in a single application. Our focus in the last couple of months has been to build a new time-tracking product within Tallie, designed and developed to share the same experience of Tallie Expense. With this release, we’re excited to introduce Tallie Time as a beta product! This is a restricted beta, as the product is best suited for customers who track time for customer billing purposes. Read on for a detailed list of features, and please reach out to if you think your company would be a good fit for beta testing!

Enter time with just a few clicks or taps

Creating time entries in Tallie is just as simple as creating expenses. We’ve added a new “Track Time” permission to user profiles for customers who have Tallie Time beta enabled. For those users with the Track Time permission, a new Time entry page can be found in the top navigation bar of the web app and a Time entry mode can be accessed from within the Tallie mobile apps.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Entry Page

Enter time and keep track of the status of your submitted entries on the Time Entry page.

The latest mobile apps v4.1 are now available in the App Store and Google Play. This release features time-tracking functionality and various bug fixes. Users with the Track Time permission will be able to create time entries by tapping the plus button in the Android app, or toggling to Time at the top of the screen and tapping the plus button in the iOS app.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create time entry from the iOS app

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create time entry from the Android app

Creating time entries in Tallie mobile apps is as simple as a few taps.

When entering time, the mandatory fields are date, duration and time type. In addition, users can map the appropriate dimensional data, including project, customer, class, department, and location to a time entry, or flag a time entry as billable to a client. The availability of these fields are all controlled by the admin settings within Tallie, giving you more control over how your users track time. Additionally, users can choose to record time against a single day or multiple days from the same dialog screen.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create Time Entry

Enter time for a single day or multiple days from the same screen.

Email notifications make time approval easier than ever

If you use Tallie to track expenses, you have experienced the convenience of email approval and rejection. Whenever someone submits time, the time approver will receive a notification within a few minutes to either approve or reject directly from the email. In order to prevent approvers from getting inundated by approval notifications, time entries submitted within a certain timeframe will be included on the same email.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Email

Approve or reject time from approval notifications — no separate login required.

In case of a rejection, the submitter will receive a rejection notification so they’ll know to edit and resubmit in a timely manner. Approval notifications go to the executive assistant(s) of the submitter and the approver as well, if such role has been configured in your account.

View time entries by user and pay period on the new Time Approval page

We’ve added a new Time Approval page under the Approval tab. If your enterprise has both Time and Expense enabled, you’ll be able to easily switch between the respective approval pages. Time entries are grouped by pay periods, and approvers can select one or a few pay periods and approve them from this page. Similar to the Expense Approval page, there’s a “View approved entries” in the upper-right corner which has an archive of all time entries previously-approved by the approver.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Page

Select one or a few pay periods to approve, or click on a pay period and approve by submitter.

Clicking on a pay period will take you to a page where you can browse all entries pending approval, grouped by submitters. There are three different ways to approve or reject. First, you can click Approve All/Reject All to mass approve/reject entries submitted by a user. Second, you can hover over the down arrow on the far right and click “Approve Time Entry” or “Reject Time Entry” in the action menu to approve or reject individual entries. Finally, you can select a few entries and hit “Approve Selected” or “Reject Selected.”

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Page User View

Approve or reject individual entries from the action menu.

Export time to QuickBooks Online and/or payroll

Any user with the Export permission can access the Time Export page and export from there. The primary view of Time Export page is made up of two sections: Pay Periods ready for export and batches of time entries in the process of export.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page

Time Export page is made up of pay cycles ready for export and batches. A batch is a group of time entries exported together.

The orange Export Alerts badge has information that would give you better visibility into the current submission status of the pay period:

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Alerts

Export Alerts dialog gives you a clear idea of the current status of a pay period.

Clicking on a batch or a pay period on the Time Export page will show you the content of the batch or the pay period, where time entries are grouped by submitters. From here, you can then drill down further to the user view.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page

Ready for export entries are grouped by submitters when viewing a specific pay period.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page User View

User view of the Export page displays all time entry details and any export errors.

All Tallie integrations are supported for data sync, however, QuickBooks Online Plus is the only accounting software supported for direct time export during the beta period. For other accounting software users, we have updated our CSV export feature to incorporate the time-related additions. This will allow you to export time data from Tallie as CSV files and upload them to your payroll provider and/or ERP.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Export time to QuickBooks Online

Time exported to QuickBooks Online can be found in Weekly Timesheet.

New Affiliate client templates significantly reduce the workload when creating a new client

Many of our accounting partners (affiliates) have standardized on specific customer configurations, with certain features, expense categories, etc. made available to similar clients. The goal behind affiliate templates is to streamline the process for creating standardized resold client accounts by allowing affiliates to create templates based on existing clients’ settings and to select a specific template when creating a new resold account. If you don’t have a standardized process, just select the default expense template.

To create a template based on a client, click on the pencil icon on the right side of the client’s name in Reseller Management portal. At this time, only expense settings are included in affiliate templates.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Affiliate Template

Tallie Expense Report Software - Affiliate Templates

Create a template based on an existing client’s settings by clicking the pencil button.

Additional Enhancements

  • Intacct GL posting date on AP bills is populated with the prompted date now
  • Fixed the issue where some expense reports containing mileage expenses are $.01 short in Intacct

Looking for a product that supports billable time-tracking and has export capabilities to QBO and payroll software? We’re happy to show you how Tallie Time beta could save you time. Reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Tallie Expense Management – June Webinar Schedule

During the month of June, we will be hosting free webinars on a variety of subjects to help you get the most out of Tallie for your Expense Management needs.

These webinars provide completely free training for employees, managers, and accountants alike. Each webinar lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and is packed with information ranging from product guidance to live Q&A with Tallie Product Experts.

Register for a free June webinar below!


  1. Run through the creation of Tallie expense reports.
  2. Share the tips and tricks for Expense Management.
  3. Live Q & A session for any questions you may have.


Tuesday June 6th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT

Tuesday June 13th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT 

Tuesday June 20th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT **SPECIAL: How To Use Tallie Android & iOS Apps**

Tuesday June 27th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT


  1. Walk through how to create custom policies and approval levels within Tallie.
  2. Show how Tallie streamlines your expense reporting workflow with multi-point data export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
  3. Live Q & A session for any questions you may have.


Thursday June 8th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT

Thursday June 22nd 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT


  1. Walk through the expense reports approval process within Tallie.
  2. Show the expense report edit feature for specified approvers.
  3. Live Q & A session for any questions you may have.


Thursday June 15th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT


  1. Run through a variety of expense reporting features that you may utilize in Tallie.
  2. Review customization and options of your account’s configuration.
  3. Show how Tallie streamlines your accounting workflow with 1-click multi-point export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
  4. Live Q & A session for any questions you may have.


Thursday June 1st 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT

Thursday June 29th 8:30 – 9:00 AM PDT

If you have any questions about Tallie’s expense reporting software between now and your chosen training webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team directly at or 888-874-1118 Ext 2. We hope to see you there!