Corporate Credit Card Changes Coming Soon

With each Tallie release, we try to improve and enhance our customers’ experience, particularly in areas of critical importance. Soon, we will be releasing some changes to our corporate credit card transaction importing functionality, which may require some planning and adjustment for our customers. We know it’s important for our customers to plan ahead for change, which is why we’re sharing this information now. The end result will be a much improved experience, and our Product Experts will be available to help you if a change is required. Read on for our planned changes:

Introduction of New Bank-Direct Data Transfer Connections

Beginning in early December, we will begin offering a brand new service for corporate credit card management. Tallie will give you the tools to establish an agreement with the issuing bank for each of your credit cards which, once signed, will grant the authority to the bank to provide regular transfer of credit card transaction details for all cardholders directly to Tallie, without any intermediary.

Cards Supported
Upon release, we will be able to support standard data feed formats from American Express, Visa and MasterCard. If you hold a different brand of card, please reach out to our Product Experts to review the potential data formats available.

Early Action Steps
Tallie will not be offering beta access, however you may work with the Product Expert team to get the agreement in place with your bank and begin the data transfer process early. This will allow the Product Expert team to confirm data is being received properly and ensure that you will be able to take advantage of the feature when it is released.

Guaranteed Multi-Card Support
As long as the bank provides identifying details in the transfer file to distinguish between cards, such as last four digits or cardholder name, Tallie will automatically recognize each card’s transactions and route those to the appropriate card.

Planned Sunset of Third Party Aggregation Feeds for Card Accounts with Multiple Cardholders

At the end of the year, we will terminate support for our multi-cardholder credit card feeds from third party card aggregators in favor of our new bank-direct feature. Single card feeds will not be affected by this change.

Troubleshooting Tips
If a multi-cardholder feed experiences an issue between now and our termination date, our Product Experts will offer you one of four interim solutions:

  1. If the card is issued by Chase, American Express, Citi or Silicon Valley Bank, a Product Expert can work with you to establish a “direct connect” OFX connection between Tallie and the bank
  2. You may request individual login credentials from the bank for each card, then connect directly to each of these cards via an aggregated feed
  3. You can create a profile for statement upload for each card, then perform a statement upload procedure on each profile
  4. Begin the process to establish a bank-direct data transfer connection early by reaching out to your Account Manager

For complete documentation, please visit our How to Transition off of Multiple Card Accounts help document.

Connection Transfer for Some Single-Card Accounts

In early November we will be shifting providers for some of our single-cardholder credit card feeds. If your credit card is affected, a Product Expert will be reaching out directly to the administrator of your account to reconnect via a new provider.

Feel free to contact support for any questions related to these alternative card connection options. We can be reached by email at, over the phone at +1-888-874-1118 x2 or via live chat in product. Please excuse any prolonged wait times for responses as we are assisting each respective client and thoroughly addressing all concerns.

Tallie’s 10.0 & 10.1 Release Notes: Improved Receipt Processing, Importable Expense Categories, Manager Search, & More

Good news, everyone: Version 10.1 of Tallie’s expense report automation software is now live! Both 10.0 and 10.1 focused on improving user experiences in response to feedback from our support calls, webinars and conferences. Here are some of the changes you can look forward to in the latest version of Tallie:

Enhanced Receipt Recognition and Processing

We’ve improved our receipt processing technology in a few ways, making it even easier and faster for users to get their expenses imported quickly with the correct information populated.

First, Tallie is now able to detect if a receipt comes from a tippable merchant. That means if you’re taking colleagues or clients out for a company lunch, after you write in the total, we’ll look for the post tip written total, rather than the printed one.

We’ve also made some changes to the backend algorithms, so merchant names are recognized quicker and with more confidence. Uncommon date formats should now be better addressed. Similarly, we’ve added a second layer to our processing. Users may notice that some of the information appearing on a receipt is in a “processing” state. That simply means that, although Talie has immediately recognized some of the information, in order to ensure we capture everything, we’re running it through another process. This doesn’t mean that it takes longer–in fact, it’s a faster, cleaner and more communicative process that gets you submitting expense reports even faster.

Expense Categories Created via CSV file import

In the interest of saving our customers time when setting up their Tallie accounts, we have enabled a feature that allows Expense Categories to be imported directly from a CSV file.


First, go to “Settings,” “Manage Lists,” then click on “Expense Categories.” You’ll see a new button, “Upload Category List.”


If you click the “Upload Category List” button, you’ll be able to both download the template and upload it once completed.

Export and Submit Expense Report Pages

The warning box has been removed from the expense lines in a report. Now, when a user is submitting or exporting a report, the error messages will appear directly on each expense. This means Tallie users no longer need to hover their mouse over the warning box to see the message.

Previous Interface:


New With 10.1:


Submission and Export Dates Displayed

Expense reports will now display the submitted, approved and exported dates and times. This change will be immediately noticeable to all approvers and administrators, however, submitters can also see for themselves by visiting the “Expense Reports” page and clicking on the expense report status tabs in the upper right-hand corner.

Note that this change will only affect new reports, and reports submitted before this release will not display this information. Also, if the report has been submitted, approved and/or exported multiple times, only the most recent timestamps will be displayed.


Added Visability on Credit Card Page

If an administrator assigns credit card charges to individuals, they can now see the charges directly from the Credit Card page without needing to masquerade. There’s also a new add symbol which will display the charges – those in gray have been added to the Purchase page of the assignee.


Integrations & Sync now links to Export Page

Tallie users have always been able to jump from the Export page to the Integrations & Sync page. However, before 10.1, they were required to manually navigate back to the Export page after changing their settings. There is now a link to the Export page at the bottom of the Integrations & Sync page.


Team Search by Manager

When searching under “People,” Tallie users can look specifically for team members who are assigned managers, and/or assigned specific managers. Simply search “manager:Name,” where “Name” is the person whose manager you wish to find. By entering “manager:” without a name, you can see all of your company’s team members who are assigned managers.

For example, an employee Aaron Ramsey is managed by Anna Karenina. By typing “manager:anna,” I pulled up Aaron in the people list.


And here, in Aaron’s settings, you can see Anna is assigned as his manager.


Our team is dedicated to providing the very best expense report automation software for our customers. Primarily, this is through reducing the amount of time and effort our users spend on their expense reports. This means that, in order to ensure the quality and success of you experience, our software is always updating. If you have any questions about how these changes will improve your accounting workflow, feel free to reach out to our support team at 1-888-874-1118 or through

If you’d like to see for yourself how Tallie can save your business time and money, you can start a 14-day free trial, or schedule a one-on-one product demo with one of our experts.

Tallie Wins Stevie Award for Support Team of the Year 2014 Category

Tallie, makers of award-winning expense report software, proudly announces that we won the bronze Stevie Award for Support Team of the Year! Competing against some of the best software companies in the country, Tallie is honored to have placed in this category. We sent two members of our team to the Chicago awards ceremony to accept the award, and both returned with incredible stories to share.

Lucy Lei, Tallie’s Product Expert Manager, reflects on their trip. “It was an honor to have been nominated for a Stevie award, and to win one feels amazing. Being in the same room as a large and incredible group of people who are working towards the same ideals, you get an overwhelming sense of pride both in your work and in your team. It’s too bad that the entire Product Expert team couldn’t fly out there to bask in the spotlight of recognition, but I know we are two cogs in the well-oiled machine that is our team and we accept the award of all their behalves. We’re proud of what we do and excited to add this award to our ever-growing trophy case.” Transforming our support team into a product expert team has made a crucial difference in the advancement of our company and we are ecstatic that Stevie has acknowledged that growth.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 13.25.14

Sitting next to our friends at, this event was a great chance for Tallie to deepen our connections with like-minded companies in the accounting industry. With this recognition from the Stevie Awards, Tallie is now better able to reach out to the community and spread our mission to others.

Learn about how we reinvented our SaaS customer service through product expertise.


We’re Hiring! Product Expert – Level 1

This will not be your average job posting because this is not your average job.

The Product Expert team’s DNA is in creating and delivering a phenomenal customer experience. We have developed a rock solid foundation by immersing ourselves in our products and attaining unrivaled domain expertise. We are taking that infrastructure to drive the team to the next level and are looking for highly motivated individuals to contribute to our evolution.

The job starts with a strong focus on understanding every aspect of our products and is reinforced by directly helping new and existing customers get the most from our product. SpringAhead is a software company that helps thousands of companies run more efficiently. We have two product lines: an expense tracking solution,, and a time and billing solution, We provide guidance to our customers via email, chat and phone.

Over time, the job will add the following elements:
Providing technical assistance to our Sales team during key sales meetings
Assisting development in testing new product releases
Bringing new tools and processes to life that make our customer more successful
Assisting Product Marketing in understanding client issues and prioritizing them

Key job requirements:
Superior comfort with software systems
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Enthusiasm for continuous learning
Strong desire to work with multiple teams in the company
Basic understanding of either programming or accounting
Past experience in customer success/customer satisfaction

The SpringAhead team is a diverse group. Among us is a professional guitarist, a few avid surfers, a CPA, a competitive swimmer, a Series 7 Certified Stockbroker, a design consultant, a graphic designer, an extreme skier, a professional photographer, an elementary school teacher, etc. — all of whom have a proven passion in business and in life. These apparent differences are brought together through a shared desire to apply their entrepreneurial spirits in an environment where they can quickly see tangible results. This drive and creative thinking fuel SpringAhead’s daily growth.

Are you ready for an opportunity of a lifetime? If so, shoot over your resume in PDF format to Include with it a brief description of what drives you, what you would bring to our transformation and why you want to be a part of our team.