Introducing Tallie Time — Tallie Expense Report Software 12.1 Release Notes

Since the launch of Tallie, we’ve been regularly adding new features and enhancements to the product, with the goal of bringing you the expense-tracking software that saves you the most time. Over the last year or so, we realized that our customers were looking for a comprehensive time and expense product all in a single application. Our focus in the last couple of months has been to build a new time-tracking product within Tallie, designed and developed to share the same experience of Tallie Expense. With this release, we’re excited to introduce Tallie Time as a beta product! This is a restricted beta, as the product is best suited for customers who track time for customer billing purposes. Read on for a detailed list of features, and please reach out to if you think your company would be a good fit for beta testing!

Enter time with just a few clicks or taps

Creating time entries in Tallie is just as simple as creating expenses. We’ve added a new “Track Time” permission to user profiles for customers who have Tallie Time beta enabled. For those users with the Track Time permission, a new Time entry page can be found in the top navigation bar of the web app and a Time entry mode can be accessed from within the Tallie mobile apps.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Entry Page

Enter time and keep track of the status of your submitted entries on the Time Entry page.

The latest mobile apps v4.1 are now available in the App Store and Google Play. This release features time-tracking functionality and various bug fixes. Users with the Track Time permission will be able to create time entries by tapping the plus button in the Android app, or toggling to Time at the top of the screen and tapping the plus button in the iOS app.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create time entry from the iOS app

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create time entry from the Android app

Creating time entries in Tallie mobile apps is as simple as a few taps.

When entering time, the mandatory fields are date, duration and time type. In addition, users can map the appropriate dimensional data, including project, customer, class, department, and location to a time entry, or flag a time entry as billable to a client. The availability of these fields are all controlled by the admin settings within Tallie, giving you more control over how your users track time. Additionally, users can choose to record time against a single day or multiple days from the same dialog screen.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Create Time Entry

Enter time for a single day or multiple days from the same screen.

Email notifications make time approval easier than ever

If you use Tallie to track expenses, you have experienced the convenience of email approval and rejection. Whenever someone submits time, the time approver will receive a notification within a few minutes to either approve or reject directly from the email. In order to prevent approvers from getting inundated by approval notifications, time entries submitted within a certain timeframe will be included on the same email.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Email

Approve or reject time from approval notifications — no separate login required.

In case of a rejection, the submitter will receive a rejection notification so they’ll know to edit and resubmit in a timely manner. Approval notifications go to the executive assistant(s) of the submitter and the approver as well, if such role has been configured in your account.

View time entries by user and pay period on the new Time Approval page

We’ve added a new Time Approval page under the Approval tab. If your enterprise has both Time and Expense enabled, you’ll be able to easily switch between the respective approval pages. Time entries are grouped by pay periods, and approvers can select one or a few pay periods and approve them from this page. Similar to the Expense Approval page, there’s a “View approved entries” in the upper-right corner which has an archive of all time entries previously-approved by the approver.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Page

Select one or a few pay periods to approve, or click on a pay period and approve by submitter.

Clicking on a pay period will take you to a page where you can browse all entries pending approval, grouped by submitters. There are three different ways to approve or reject. First, you can click Approve All/Reject All to mass approve/reject entries submitted by a user. Second, you can hover over the down arrow on the far right and click “Approve Time Entry” or “Reject Time Entry” in the action menu to approve or reject individual entries. Finally, you can select a few entries and hit “Approve Selected” or “Reject Selected.”

Tallie Expense Report Software - Approval Page User View

Approve or reject individual entries from the action menu.

Export time to QuickBooks Online and/or payroll

Any user with the Export permission can access the Time Export page and export from there. The primary view of Time Export page is made up of two sections: Pay Periods ready for export and batches of time entries in the process of export.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page

Time Export page is made up of pay cycles ready for export and batches. A batch is a group of time entries exported together.

The orange Export Alerts badge has information that would give you better visibility into the current submission status of the pay period:

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Alerts

Export Alerts dialog gives you a clear idea of the current status of a pay period.

Clicking on a batch or a pay period on the Time Export page will show you the content of the batch or the pay period, where time entries are grouped by submitters. From here, you can then drill down further to the user view.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page

Ready for export entries are grouped by submitters when viewing a specific pay period.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Time Export Page User View

User view of the Export page displays all time entry details and any export errors.

All Tallie integrations are supported for data sync, however, QuickBooks Online Plus is the only accounting software supported for direct time export during the beta period. For other accounting software users, we have updated our CSV export feature to incorporate the time-related additions. This will allow you to export time data from Tallie as CSV files and upload them to your payroll provider and/or ERP.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Export time to QuickBooks Online

Time exported to QuickBooks Online can be found in Weekly Timesheet.

New Affiliate client templates significantly reduce the workload when creating a new client

Many of our accounting partners (affiliates) have standardized on specific customer configurations, with certain features, expense categories, etc. made available to similar clients. The goal behind affiliate templates is to streamline the process for creating standardized resold client accounts by allowing affiliates to create templates based on existing clients’ settings and to select a specific template when creating a new resold account. If you don’t have a standardized process, just select the default expense template.

To create a template based on a client, click on the pencil icon on the right side of the client’s name in Reseller Management portal. At this time, only expense settings are included in affiliate templates.

Tallie Expense Report Software - Affiliate Template

Tallie Expense Report Software - Affiliate Templates

Create a template based on an existing client’s settings by clicking the pencil button.

Additional Enhancements

  • Intacct GL posting date on AP bills is populated with the prompted date now
  • Fixed the issue where some expense reports containing mileage expenses are $.01 short in Intacct

Looking for a product that supports billable time-tracking and has export capabilities to QBO and payroll software? We’re happy to show you how Tallie Time beta could save you time. Reach out to our Product Expert team at or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.