Tallie Android App 3.0 Release Notes: Mileage Tracking, Quick Add Functionality, and Error/Duplicate Flagging

We’re proud to reveal the latest version of the Tallie Android app! Version 3.0 makes it easier to capture your receipts and expenses on the go. Whether it’s grabbing a dozen receipts from your photo library at once, capturing your mileage, or manually entering expenses, this release has you covered. Once you’re inside the app, it’s just one tap to access the camera and two taps to create any other expense. Talk about a snap! Read on for more details about these and other new features available to Android users.

New “Quick Add” Features

Once you’ve logged into Tallie, you can tap the green “Add” icon to launch a number of intuitive features. Simply swipe left or right to view them all. Here are your new options:


After launching “Quick Add,” tap once to snap a picture of a receipt with your camera. This will import the image and run it through our receipt processing system. We’ll discern and enter the merchant name, date, amount and expense category.

Tallie Android App


Now it’s easy to record your mileage with your Android phone. Our app will place you near your starting position, and then track where you end up. Just tap “Stop,” once you’ve finished your trip to end the mileage tracking. Or, if you like, you can manually enter your starting point and destination in advance. Either way, once you’ve created a mileage expense, you can easily edit or delete it as needed.

Tallie Android App

After your trip has been saved, you can enter pertinent information just as you would with any other expense. Mileage tracking supports Category, Date, Reasons and Class, Billable states and Project or Department (if applicable).

Tallie Android App


Now it’s simple to create an expense even if you don’t have a receipt. Just swipe over to the “Create” screen, enter your expense details, and tap again to save.

Tallie Android App


Are you someone who likes to take shot after shot of your receipts? You now have the power to select 5, 10, or even 20 images at once from your photo library and import them directly into Tallie. Simply tap the pictures you want, hit “Import” and we’ll begin processing them for you.

Tallie Android App


Once you’ve imported your expenses, it’s easy to move to them onto new reports, existing reports, or check to see if you have any duplicates before submission. But don’t worry–even if you find an error after the fact, you can still “unsubmit” and edit the report before it’s been approved (or rejected!)

Creating or Adding Expenses to a Report

To add an expense to a new or existing report, simply tap the expenses themselves. Then hit the “Move” button (highlighted by the arrow below) to send them to the expense report of your choice.

Tallie Android App

Flagged Expenses: Possible Duplicates and Out of Policy

Tallie now displays warnings for expenses which may be duplicates or are out of policy. You can tap on any of the flagged expenses to either make the necessary edits or delete them outright. However, if you would like to merge a receipt with its duplicate, you’ll need to log in to Tallie on the web.

Below you’ll see an example of some expenses flagged as out of policy, as well as some possible duplicates.

Tallie Android App


After tapping on the “Out of Policy” expense, you’ll be presented with an option to view the policy. Doing so will show you the actual restrictions set by the administrator, as well as any required changes.

Tallie Android App

With these new features, version 3.0 makes it easier than ever before to capture your receipts and expenses on-the-go. From the moment you complete your transaction, to when it’s time to submit your report, Tallie’s Android app makes it easier than ever to automate your expenses from anywhere. Ready to see for yourself? Download the updated app today from Google Play!

Tallie Announces New Android App for Expense Report Management

The Tallie Team is proud to announce the launch of an updated Android app, delivering new features and an improved design. Android users can now snap pictures of receipts, create and edit expenses, and submit the expense report for approval with ease. Simple, intuitive, and everything you’ll need to submit expenses on-the-go. Check it out:

Tallie’s Android App Feature Overview

Create New Expenses – Simple and Easy Across the Board

At a business lunch? Simply pull out your phone and take a picture of your receipt – Tallie will capture the restaurant’s name, the date, the total amount and apply an expense category. From there, you can review all that information and make any changes you’d like. Want to track the meal to a particular client or fill in the lunch’s attendees? Well, you can do all of that and more on your phone.

You can either take a new picture of your receipt, upload it from your library, or create it yourself. And in this release, all of the fields to categorize the expense are editable.tallie-android-expense-report-app

Creating and Updating Expense Reports

Now that you have your expenses in Tallie, right from your app you’ll be able to select those expenses and move them into an existing Expense Report or create a new one. Remember that business lunch? If you need to create a separate expense report for that client, simply tap the expense report and select the Report icon in the upper right-hand corner. From there, create a new expense report for that client and your app will move the expense or expenses into that new report.

App to Screen – Complete Picture

You have your expenses and your reports organized in your Tallie app. What next?

First, you may want to dig into the expenses first. We’ll let you know if you’re out of any policies your organization has set up or if Tallie’s detected a possible duplicate.

Submit your Expenses!

After you’re all set, simply submit your expense reports for approval. However, if you need to pull them back to make last-minute correction, you can easily unsubmit the report if it hasn’t been approved yet.

Otherwise, send that report to its approver and you’re all set!

2014-09-05 21.19.13

This update to the Tallie Android app is another example of our commitment to delivering a premium expense report software product for our customers. The best news of all? Android users can download the updated app today on Google Play. Just download the app, snap a pic, and start expensing today!