Closing the Audit Loop: Expense Report Integration

Quality integration is an essential ingredient to SaaS.  The proliferation of SaaS solutions is hard to keep up with, the specialization of SaaS solutions, impossible to ignore.  Our solution as a SaaS company is to go deep, not broad, and find companies that share that philosophy in essential and complementary competencies.  And integrate as deeply as possible with them.  Together creating a seamless product experience that eliminates data entry, sign in and synchronization redundancies.

The first example combines expense report automation with cloud-based data storage. We’ve teamed with SmartVault to put expense report documentation directly into QuickBooks.  The workflow starts with Tallie’s receipt gathering, data entry and accounting review process. As transactions are exported to QuickBooks, Tallie concurrently pushes the expense report receipts to SmartVault. The receipts are accessible directly from the SmartVault toolbar in QuickBooks. This not only eases the document retrieval burden but also eliminates the need for accounting to scan, upload, or file documents.

The end-to-end document workflow supports IRS Publication 463 recordkeeping requirements. Each document is collected by the employee at the point of purchase, captured by Tallie and approved within the company’s expense report approval structure. The documents are then stored in electronic format within the accounting system, ensuring their ability to be retrieved on demand. For U.S. companies, the Internal Revenue Code stipulates 3 years from the date of filing. Certain exceptions apply as noted in Publication 583.

You can view the SmartVault integration video here.

Welcome to Tallie: Leaders in the Expense Report Industry

Welcome to our blog. We are a team of problem solvers who love solving puzzles — for years, expense report automation has been our puzzle.

We built Tallie to change your expectations about expense reports. It is not an incremental evolution from spreadsheets. It does not turn to the status quo for inspiration. Tallie’s story begins with a diverse team of experts and a clean sheet of paper. Our mission was to create a software solution that advanced productivity beyond the obvious. The result is a product that breaks boundaries.

Throughout Tallie, you’ll note expert accounting controls woven into a fabric of automation. This combination was made possible by bringing together CFO’s with product designers and developers. The result is true value creation through more control, with less work for the teams in the field.

The goal of this blog is to advance productivity conversations beyond the obvious. We hope that you’ll join us.


Chris Farrell