Tallie + Bill.com + Intacct = Seamless Expense Management

Evaluating expense management software is a difficult process. Finance teams require that any solution works seamlessly with accounting systems in order to deliver real automation value to the company.

We consider ourselves to be leaders in financial application integration and data synchronization, but the only way to judge our expertise is by experiencing the results first-hand. This is the first video in a series of product demonstrations that reveal Tallie’s powerful expense management and integration capabilities. We’d like you to be the judge.

In this 8 minute video, we cover Tallie’s expense management process from initial receipt capture all the way through to reimbursement and accounting using our Tallie – Bill.com – Intacct accounting workflow, one of many accounting workflow options offered by Tallie.

From the very beginning, the receipt image travels with the expense and report through to the very end, empowering managers and finance teams to appropriately evaluate expense and prepare for audit. Upon completion, a paid bill is logged in Intacct with all expense line items mapped to the general ledger and accounting dimensions, with direct access to original documentation in Bill.com.

Learn more about Tallie’s approach to financial software integration here.

Expense Management Makes for a Great SuperChunk

Last month Tallie participated in a panel at the Sleeter Group’s Solutions13 conference. In the panel, Tallie and Bill.com were introduced to attendees as a SuperChunk, which is a collection of software solutions that seamlessly work together to mobilize and streamline the entire expense management and accounting workflow.

The word SuperChunk stems from the term “Chunkification”, which was coined by Doug Sleeter. Chunkification is the ideology that accountants of small and mid-sized companies are abandoning the “all-on-one” solutions in favor of chunks, which he defines as cloud-based applications designed for specific financial and accounting processes. While chunk businesses do provide more control for accountants, the challenge is getting each application to effectively communicate with each other to create a unified accounting system.


Tallie and Bill.com recognized as collection of software solutions that seamlessly work together to mobilize and streamline the expense management workflow.

 The common approach to software integration is to outsource the data transfer process to third party providers. The result is typically a manually triggered one-directional push of data into default fields. This approach completely misses the mark in building true automation. In order to effectively streamline the expense management process, Tallie engineers worked directly with Bill.com to provide bi-directional data synchronization. The result is a truly automated workflow from point of purchase all the way through reimbursement and why Tallie is the preferred and only expense management solution to connect with Bill.com.

Tallie’s deep integration with Bill.com is setting a higher standard and expectation for the future of accounting software integrations. Bi-directional synchronization will soon become the norm and software companies will be required to abandon the outdated third party method. This is a big win for the accounting community.

New in Tallie: Location-Based Expense Management

With the quality of our deep Bill.com and QuickBooks integrations, Tallie sets a new standard for financial software integration by delivering realtime synchronization of accounting list data and export of expense reports mapped directly to the general ledger. Now our team is focused on extending our high standard of synchronization across all major accounting platforms integrated with Bill.com, including Intacct, Xero and Netsuite.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed a major step in this process: inclusion of location-based expense management, a data field used by most major accounting systems, with the exception of QuickBooks.

Any distributed business with franchise locations or divisional offices has a need to account on the basis of Location, in addition to standard dimensions such as Department, Project, Vendor, Employee, etc. Typically, these Locations are assigned on the basis of Project or Person. Tallie’s new location-based expense management can pull the full list of Locations from a customer’s accounting system (via Bill.com) and allow administrators to assign these locations directly to People and/or Projects. When expenses are incurred by specific individuals or on specific projects, they will be accounted to one Location, which will be mapped appropriately to the accounting system in the bill that Tallie delivers to Bill.com.


Tallie expense management software now supports import of Location data and mapping of expenses to Locations across a variety of accounting systems, including Intacct, Xero and Netsuite.

This is just one step in our efforts to deliver a seamless & standardized expense management process, no matter which systems you choose for Tallie integration.

Learn more about Tallie business software integration here.

Tallie Expense Management Wins 2014 “Awesome Application”

This week we attended the Sleeter Group’s conference, Solutions13, in Las Vegas where Tallie’s cloud-based expense management software was selected as one of nine “Awesome Applications” of 2013. The honor highlights Tallie’s ability to enhance business productivity, both as a standalone product and in conjunction with leading financial platforms, which stands out from the thousands of software solutions designed for small businesses. The award also recognizes that the application meets the highest standards of design, ease-of-use, and conformance with accounting standards.

“Tallie was selected for the Awesome Application honor by public votes and accounting technology thought leaders because it helps solve a critical business process and also integrates seamlessly with other small business management platforms, particularly for those in the accounting industry,” – Doug Sleeter, the founder and president of The Sleeter Group.

We created Tallie to automate the entire expense management workflow by scanning, categorizing, and matching receipt and credit card data to create generated expense reports. This recognition from the Sleeter Group is validation that we have taken the right approach in fulfilling the needs of accountants when it comes to expense reports.

Tallie Awesome Application Award Press Release

Tallie Expense Management Software

Tallie’s expense report management software wins Sleeter Group’s 2014 Awesome App Award.

Employees Spend Significantly Less With Expense Software

The ongoing debate between expense software versus the manual paper receipt and spreadsheet process is growing increasingly lopsided as more and more evidence presents itself. The highlighting features of cloud-based expense reporting include money-saving benefits, like better accuracy, streamlined processing, faster turnaround and direct insight into spending habits of employees.

Now, a new survey by Runzheimer International®, found in its Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report, reveals that companies using expense software spend almost 41 percent less per traveler, per year, than companies using paper based reporting.

“The survey findings demonstrate the opportunity for companies that are not automating the travel expense process to reevaluate their expense reporting practices to ensure the right policies, processes, and investments maximize savings,” said President and CEO of Runzheimer International Greg Harper.

The discovery may come as surprise, but really it shouldn’t. Setting policies in place with employee expenses helps create structure, limits wasteful spending, and holds employees accountable when making business transactions. With Tallie, administrators can combat inflated spending with fully customizable company policy controls including spending allowances by user and department. Auto-generated expense reports, sent directly via email, also allow supervisors to review expenses item by item before submitting approval to accounting.

Even further, Tallie increases ROI with full automation of the expense report process. The ability to submit and approve expenses in the cloud improves accuracy and saves time, compared to manual data entry and approval process. Automated flagging of non-compliant expenses also provides improved submission velocity and data integrity.

But the question still looms, are companies using expense software tightening the spending allowance of their employees, or are employees just becoming more cognizant of their spending habits? Let us know your thoughts.

Read the full press release regarding the Total Employee Mobility Benchmarking Report.


New study reveals companies using expense software like Tallie spend less money than companies using paper based reporting

Preventative Medicine for Expense Reimbursement Fraud

Expense reimbursement fraud equals more than a whopping $100 billion annually (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). While technology can’t cure expense malfeasance, software automation can at least curtail intentional (and unintentional) bad expense behavior. Tallie’s intelligent automation attacks the problem on several fronts, by accelerating expense submission, eliminating duplicate reimbursement, and preempting policy violations.


To speed up the expense report workflow, Tallie starts the expense report process when the expense is incurred. From the moment a receipt image is captured on a smart phone, or a transaction is imported from a credit card, the merchant, the date and the amount data is pulled directly into Tallie’s expense processing engine

Expense Velocity

Simply put, the odds of approval for questionable or redundant expense items dramatically increase with delinquency. To nip the problem in the bud, Tallie starts the expense report process when the expense is incurred. From the moment a receipt image is captured on a smart phone, or a transaction is imported from a credit card, the merchant, the date and the amount data is pulled directly into Tallie’s expense processing engine. There’s no manual transcription, photocopying or collection of physical receipts (or scotch tape for that matter). The transaction detail is stored, categorized, and tracked automatically, and can be submitted from almost any device at any time.

Duplicate Elimination

Tallie’s duplicate reimbursement elimination features prevent the expense report double dip. Tallie automatically merges receipt images and credit card transactions imported for the same expense items. Tallie also prevents credit card transactions from being submitted more than once. Finally, proprietary algorithms allow the system to flag similar, but not identical, expenses as possible duplicates for expense submitters, approvers and accountants to review.

Policy Violation Preemption

Expense policies can’t prevent fraud, but Tallie turns company policing into prevention by automatically flagging potential infractions prior to expense submission. Tallie automatically detects company-defined violations, alerts the submitter, provides a clear definition of the rules broken, and provides the opportunity to fix or justify the infraction. The onus of policy compliance and the administrative burden is shifted from the approver to the employee. Policy ignorance is no longer a viable excuse.

As you might expect from an expense automation solution, Tallie eliminates the manual effort that slows the process, encourages delinquency, and accommodates fraudulent reporting. Yet, additionally, Tallie offers even more potent fraud prevention through intelligent automation, enhancing data integrity and administrative control by focusing on expense data from the source. Capturing expense data when expenses happen also conveniently aligns expense behaviors with an audit standard stated by IRS code, “You should record the elements of an expense or of a business use at or near the time of the expense or use and support it with sufficient documentary evidence.” (Publication 463, Cat. No. 11081L, Page 26).

Tallie + Bill.com: A New Standard for Expense Report Integration

Our deep, direct integration with Bill.com is live. Never before have a bill payment and expense report management system been so deeply integrated.

We’ve already heard rave reviews from accounting industry luminaries, like Doug Sleeter, CEO of The Sleeter Group who said: “When software companies work together, everybody wins! Bill.com and Tallie have done a superb job of working together to make a better customer experience.”

Take a look at the Tallie and Bill.com joint press release on Yahoo Finance. But there’s much more to this expense report integration than a press release.

It is the realization of a vision that I’ve long shared with René Lacerte, Bill.com’s CEO. The math is simple. We believe that SaaS leadership will come from superior customer value creation. This only happens with the right combination of highly specialized, best-of-breed applications, functioning in unison.


“Functioning in unison” is not the hand-off of data through an API handshake, or a third party integration specialist. It requires a symphony of data transfers, processing flows and code-level partner collaboration. It’s a level of synchronization we call deep integration. It’s the standard by which expense report integration will be measured.

Very few SaaS companies can pull it off. Most lack the commitment to this vision, the technical capability, or both.

So, there’s much more to the press release than an expense report integration.

If you’d like to learn more about expense report integration with Bill.com and Tallie, call us at +1.800.592.5144

SpringAhead named Inc. 500 Top 50 Software Company – again!

We’re thrilled that SpringAhead, Tallie’s parent company, is on Inc. 500’s Software Top 50 list again this year. The ranking is based upon actual company performance in the market place: revenue growth over the last three years (SpringAhead grew 796%!!).

Our success is related to a sales and marketing team committed to winning and maintaining loyalty with customers through a dedication to superior product expertise. It’s not possible without the breakthrough thinking and flawless execution of our engineers (we call them data scientists). It’s a trajectory that will only continue, as Tallie defines the expense report software market through simply powerful expense report automation!

For more information about the Inc. 500 and SpringAhead’s rankings, visit the SpringAhead Inc. 500 page.

A Different Kind of Expense Report App

Here at SpringAhead, we’re passionate about our users, meaning everyone who touches our tools. The design of our new native Tallie iPhone and iPad expense report app reflects that commitment.

The new Tallie app isn’t just a beautiful, quick and easy-to-use app – it “mobilizes” many of our best expert control features. Now our best data verification and error prevention tools are featured on the mobile device. It’s an app for the mobile workforce and the finance team.

Data Verification

Snap a photo of a receipt in the iOS app and Tallie will automatically scan that receipt to pull merchant, date and amount data at no extra charge.


Tallie makes a best-guess match of the expense to company expense categories, based on the company’s previous activity.

Duplicate Identification

Tallie identifies expenses that appear similar to another, based on merchant, date, amount and image similarity, and will alert the employee within the Tallie app immediately.

Policy Alerts & Education

If an expense is out of company policy, the Tallie app will alert the employee immediately and provide helpful information for resolving the issue.

The new Tallie mobile expense report app is a different kind of app. It beautifully extends our clients’ streamlined expense report workflow into the field in a simply powerful way. Find the Tallie App in the Apple App Store.

Expert Tip: Use QuickBooks Other Names* List

Many companies are in the habit of recording Corporate Credit Card merchants as Vendors in QuickBooks, however this can result in a bloated Vendor list, particularly when it comes time to issue a Bill.

Odds are you’ll never write a check to a Corporate Credit Card merchant, so those merchants don’t necessarily belong on your Vendor list. For example, when your team spends money at Burger King on a corporate card, you’re going to want to record the expense, but you’ll never pay Burger King directly. To reduce clutter and increase accounting clarity, we suggest exporting merchant names directly to QuickBooks‘ Other Names list instead. Should you ever need to pay a Corporate Credit Card merchant directly, QuickBooks will allow Other Names to be changed to Vendors by using the Change Type feature. Please note that a Vendor cannot be changed to an Other Name.


Use the QuickBooks Change Type feature to transfer a merchant from the Other Names list to the Vendor list.


If your company is using Tallie for expense report automation, Corporate Credit Card merchants can be exported directly to the QuickBooks Other Names list or Vendor list. Simply use Tallie’s Export Settings to indicate export of Corporate Credit Card merchant names to your preferred list. You may also elect to not export merchant names. No matter what you choose, your company can take advantage of Tallie’s award-winning QuickBooks expense report software integration.



Use the Export Settings to send Corporate Credit Card merchant names to QuickBooks Other Names list.

*This option applies only to desktop versions of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) does not have an Other Names list. To speak with a Tallie – QuickBooks expense report software integration expert, feel free to contact Tallie Support.
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