Tallie Expense Report Software – 10.7 Release Notes

Our focus at Tallie during the summer of 2015 is enhancing our customer’s’ experience. We’re expanding export options, offering enhanced support for credit card account management, and presenting a newly revised duplicate-detection algorithm! Let’s get into the details:

New export option for Intacct – Expense Reports in Time & Expense module

Users whose Intacct subscription includes the Time & Expense Module can now choose to export reimbursables as Expense Reports to Intacct! To configure this, go to Tallie’s Settings area, click on Integration & Sync > Export Settings > Payment export type is: Expense Reports. An additional drop-down will appear for the admin to select a numbering method for expense reports in Intacct. If Intacct already has auto-numbering setup for the enterprise, it will be inherited here. Otherwise, this will default to Tallie numbering.tallie-expense-report-software-release-1

Similar to other export types, Tallie will also export attachments to Intacct Expense Reports, which can be viewed by clicking the paperclip icon highlighted with an orange box in the screenshot below.



Now syncing Expense Categories with Intacct Expense Types

Expense Categories list is the newest dimension that can be synced with Intacct. Most Intacct organizations that have the Time & Expense module enabled also have Expense Types enabled in their accounts. Intacct Time & Expense uses Expense Types just as Tallie uses Expense Categories – as a way to provide users with a user-friendly manner of mapping expenses to General Ledger Accounts and Items – though some Intacct organizations choose not to use Expense Types. By syncing Tallie Expense Categories to Intacct Expense Types, we ensure seamless transition of expense report data using the same dimensions in Tallie as you use in Intacct. With our activity-based sync, any new Expense Type created here will be synced to Tallie with its expense account readily-mapped. Likewise, an Expense Category created in Tallie will also be reflected as a new Expense Type in Intacct.

Not only does Tallie sync Expense Categories with Expense Types, but Tallie now also supports specification of offset accounts on a per-category basis. With all other integrations, Tallie exports bills, credit card transactions and/or checks to accounting using one standard liability account per export type. However, individual expense types in Intacct can be assigned unique offset accounts that will override that default setting when expense reports are created in Intacct. To honor this setting, Tallie now has the flexibility of assigning custom offset account as well. This setting can be found in the Expense Category edit area. Please note that this is an Intacct Time & Expense-exclusive setting and all expenses exported to Accounts Payable and Cash Management will continue to be offset by your default payable account(s) as configured in Intacct.


Billable expenses can now be exported to Intacct

If you are billing your customers for time & materials, you will want to be marking expenses in Tallie as billable. As with our other integrations, Tallie is now configured for tracking of billable expenses when integrated with Intacct, and is configured to verify that you have met all the requirements for Intacct billable expenses prior to exporting. Intacct’s requirements are as follows:

  • The Expense Category chosen must be mapped to an Item that is of “Non-Inventory” type. Items of Non-Inventory (Sales Only) or Non-Inventory (Purchases Only) types are not valid for billable expenses.
  • The Item used for the Expense Category must be mapped to an Expense Account in Tallie
  • The expense must be mapped to a Customer, either on the expense item itself or by mapping the expense to a Project that is mapped to a Customer in the Project Details tab.

Please note that, due to limitations on the Intacct side, Tallie cannot indicate billable status on transactions exported to the Cash Management module.


Credit card subaccount addition/subtraction functionality

As before, once a credit card connection has been made to a bank, the user will be presented with a list of cards accessible by the account. Now, the user can select which of these cards they would like to bring into Tallie. After the initial connection, the user can click the “Add more cards from this account” icon in the credit card profile to connect more cards from the account. Any individual card can be removed from Tallie by clicking the new trash can icon on that card’s line.



Let the Add Card flow run in the background

While in the process of connecting to their bank, users now have the ability to close out the lightbox and return to the Add a Credit Card flow at a later time without losing their spot. Simply click the X in the upper-right corner of the lightbox and the flow will be continue in the background, allowing you to use other features in Tallie while you’re waiting. When you are ready to select the cards to bring into Tallie, click “Finish Setup” to pick up where you left off.


Users can specify Statement Start Date for manually created credit card profiles

With this feature, Tallie can auto-bundle expense reports for manually uploaded transactions based on the statement start date on the card profile. Note that this behaves the same as direct-feed banks – auto-bundling is for non-reimbursable transactions and does not apply retroactively to existing reports.

Tallie will import credits & refunds by default, but omit payments from auto-import

Previously, Tallie excluded all negative transactions from auto-import and users chose to manually import the ones they need. In this release, our auto-import feature is enhanced with the ability to differentiate between vendor credits/refunds and credit card payments/interests, allowing the latter transactions to be accurately identified and omitted from auto-import.

Users can map any manually created expense or receipt photo expense to a corporate credit card, for later credit card transaction reconciliation

In this release, we implemented the ability to associate an expense with a corporate credit card without the expense being sourced from a direct credit card feed or manual upload. Not only will this feature help improve auto-matching between receipts/manual expenses with credit card transactions, but it will allow users to track and submit non-reimbursable expense items even if they are having problems with the bank feed.

To manually map an expense to a corporate credit card, simply select a the card in the expense create/edit lightbox. This feature is also available through Mass Edit, when you select more than one expense and use the pencil icon to edit more than one expense at a time.


Any transactions that are manually mapped to a corporate card will show an orange credit card icon, which is clickable and will display a message to inform the user that this is a mapped expense that can be merged with a true credit card transaction from either direct feed or manual upload. If the admin prefers, he/she may export mapped NR transactions to accounting without reconciliation.


Show original transaction description in manual import and expense edit lightboxes

Occasionally, our credit card data feed cleanup oversimplifies the merchant for a credit card line item. Prior to this release, the full merchant record was only available after importing a transaction. Now, this functionality has been made available to each row of the CC import lightbox, which shows the merchant line data on hover over the credit card icon, and the expense edit window, which displays the full original transaction description on hover over the snippet.




Duplicate Detection now learns exclusions from exported data

In addition to identifying expenses as potential duplicates based on their merchants, dates, and amounts, our duplicate detection algorithm is now enhanced with the ability to learn from exported data. This should reduce the rate of false positives and continue to enhance the accuracy of the duplicate detection algorithm.

Ability to hide top-level projects from users

Some accounting systems, like QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, use one list for Customers and the Jobs associated with those customers which we support in our Projects list, while other accounting systems, like Intacct, use separate lists which we support with our Customers and Projects lists. With our last major release, we allowed the configuration of expense items on a list basis, enabling admins to turn on expense tracking by projects, customers and other lists. In order to better support QuickBooks and other accounting systems, we now offer a configuration for the Projects list which will disable the top-level of projects on a projects lists, effectively turning off Customers tracking.

When Project tracking is enabled in Company Preferences > Features area, admins can choose to hide all parent-level projects for users. This will override Project People settings, meaning, with this box checked, users won’t be able to select the top-level project they’re assigned to.



Ability to export to “Other Asset” accounts in QuickBooks

For each accounting system, certain restrictions are in place for export on the basis of the GL account associated with the expense category. For QuickBooks Desktop, the QuickBooks product does not allow customer/job or billable mapping on expenses mapped to GL accounts of “Other Asset” type. Because of this limitation, Tallie previously prevented mapping & export to “Other Asset” types.

We now support exporting checks, bills, and corporate card charges to type “Other Asset” accounts in QuickBooks Desktop. We have also introduced validation on export to ensure conformity with QuickBooks Desktop limitations and, if a project is mapped to a line item or the line item is flagged as billable, and appropriate error will be displayed to the user.


Export high quality receipt images to Bill.com

In this release, we upgraded the receipt image quality in the PDF reports attached to Bill.com exports from viewable quality to high quality. In extreme cases where there are hundreds of receipts in one report, the image quality will switch to viewable to comply with Bill.com’s file size limitation.


More data-rich Projects list view offers shortcuts to editing a Project

The Projects list view now contains Project number, expense privileges and start/stop dates for projects, enhancing visibility of project settings overall. Additionally, an admin may click on any one of these preferences and be taken to the edit view for that preference directly.


More visibility for accounting codes across Tallie

When “Display System Code” from the connected accounting system is configured on Settings Home page, the system codes for Vendors, Class, Departments, and Locations, etc. will also appear in mapping drop-downs in the Settings area. This will help admins make selections by typing in just a code number in order to select an option from a full list.


We look forward to hearing how these upgrades have made your expense report software experience even easier! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our Product Expert team at support@usetallie.com or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Weekly Roundup – Tallie News and Beyond

Welcome to Tallie’s weekly roundup! This has been a huge week for Tallie and our partners. Below we cover the CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Innovation Awards, the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference, how accounting technology can help accountants overcome obstacles, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference 2015, and our favorite app of the week.

Tallie News

Tallie wins the CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Tax and Accounting Innovation Award!

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have won the CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation award for the second year in a row. This year our full bi-directional expense management integration with Intacct was recognized with the award, which allows you to access your Intacct clients and multi-entity data through a single set of credentials.

Accounting News

AICPA Conferences Galore!

The American Institute of CPAs Practitioners Symposium and Tech+ Conference 2015 took place this week at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. One of the many highlights of the conference included a joint presentation by AICPA CEO Barry Melancon and chair Tommye Barie speaking to changes in technology, the future of peer review, and the need for analytics in accounting.

Unstoppable Momentum

Theresa Mackintosh of Wolters Kluwer and Dan Hood of Accounting today discussed how adopting automated technology can help accountants overcome obstacles they face. Theresa pointed out the benefits of automated software, which includes a significant increase in workflow efficiency, the availability of vital information, and the ability to integrate with other software. She also argued that accountants need a high level of integration in accounting software so that they can better serve their clients’ needs.

Tech News

WWDC 2015 in a Nutshell

This week, Apple announced a ton of new updates and releases at World Wide Developer’s Conference 2015 in San Francisco, CA.  Highlights included OSX El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2, the ability for developers to make CarPlay apps, and Apple Music. Lots of exciting changes coming soon!

App of the Week

Tallie’s favorite app of the week is Intacct

Intacct is an award-winning cloud accounting software that is perfect for the needs of large enterprises. With Intacct, you can streamline financial reporting and analysis, gain real time access to your data across multiple devices, and you can integrate with third party software like Tallie to optimize tasks like expense report processing.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!


Are You Prepared for the Future of Accounting?

https://tallie.com/tallie-glossary#accountingIt’s no secret that industries worldwide are undergoing an automation revolution. Accounting schools like those at Brigham Young University and University of Denver now provide training on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Systems in addition to traditional bookkeeping. Diverse professional industries are adopting best-of-breed software solutions like Bill.com for cloud-based bill payment, VISA PEX Cards for per diem expenses, and Tallie for expense reports to drastically reduce wasted time and costs for their businesses.

The Wall Street Journal reported that mobile giant Verizon cites automation as a major contributor to cutting costs, resulting in a 21% reduction over the past three years.

“Verizon, which had $127.1 billion in 2014 revenue, cut the manual entries its workers punch into Excel spreadsheets annually by a quarter—to 10,500 from 14,000. It aims to cut another 1,400 manual entries by the end of this year for an overall reduction of 35%.”

It’s not just Verizon. The same article also lists a case study on Wolters Kluwer, a global information services company. The Netherlands-based company, founded in 1836, has evolved their practice over the years and is now ranked as a “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” by Corporate Knights magazine.

“Wolters Kluwer uses Oracle’s Hyperion software to help close its books at the end of each quarter. The task, which used to take almost 10 days, now takes half the time,” affirmed Kevin Entricken, Wolters Kluwer CFO. “The Netherlands­ based company is paying a higher average salary for each person in the finance department, even though headcount has remained relatively stable.”

As more and more companies write their own history akin to Verizon and Wolters Kluwer, the reality of the future of accounting becomes increasingly clear: modern business is rooted in reliable software and full service automation. This is where Tallie comes in.

Essentially, Tallie is expense report software that automates more of the manual work associated with expense reimbursement than any other expense report tool available. In close collaboration with CPA practitioners, and industry-leading accounting, technology, and financial partners, Tallie developed expense report solutions for comprehensive data capture, intelligent transaction categorization, robust approval controls and seamless software integration. The technology was recently honored with CPA Practice Advisor’s Tax & Accounting Innovation Awards two years in a row for both the solution as a whole (2014) and for Tallie’s bi-directional integration with Intacct accounting software (2015).

On top of delivering top notch technology to the finance & accounting industry, Tallie has a proven commitment to enabling our customers to succeed. Tallie offers a customer experience that is founded in expert accounting knowledge, personalized attention, and a simply enjoyable product experience. It’s no wonder that Tallie was awarded a Stevie Award for Support Team of the Year 2014.

Staying relevant is imperative to the success of a modern business. Is your business positioned for success considering the future of accounting? Explore the benefits of automation for your business with these resources:

Want to learn more about Tallie? Try our award-winning expense management software FREE for 14 days – no credit card or commitment required. Or, schedule your free Tallie product demo now.

Tallie Wins 2015 CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Award

Tallie honored for “Tallie Expense Management Intacct Integration” at 2015 California Accounting and Business Show and Conference

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 2, 2015 – For the second year in a row, Tallie, the leading SaaS expense reports innovator, was named a distinguished winner of the 2015 CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards at the 2015 California Accounting and Business Show and Conference in Los Angeles, CA. This year, Tallie received honors for their “Tallie Expense Management Intacct Integration” – a first-of-its kind bi-directional integration that allows customers to access their Intacct entities and clients through a single set of credentials.

Now in its 12th year, the CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards honor new or recently enhanced technologies that help accounting professionals and their clients be more productive and profitable. Tallie’s Expense Management Intacct Integration supplies the first complete, shared multi-entity environment for Intacct users, and allows users of Intacct Accounting Partner or Management Consoles to access all their client accounts from a single set of credentials. This seamless integration with Intacct ultimately helps accountants streamline their workflow to minimize efforts, costs and time spent on expense management.

“We couldn’t be more honored to win this award two years running,” said Chris Farrell, co-founder and CEO of Tallie. “At Tallie, we are consistently striving to be the leading force in the accounting technology space. Winning this award not only demonstrates the quality of our work though the power of our integrations, but it also helps reaffirm our position as an industry technology leader.”

Award recipients for the CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards are selected by CPA Practice Advisor’s editorial board and awards committee, which include thought leaders and professionals from across the country, including the publication’s Editorial Advisory Board. Board members consist of accounting and tax professionals from various sized firms across the country who are engaged in a variety of practice areas.

“In the ever-evolving world of cloud ERP software, having a financial system that seamlessly integrates with their other business applications is important to our clients,” said Scott Lumish, VP of Business Development for Intacct. “Tallie being honored with this innovation award is further proof of their focus on delivering an outstanding client experience from their mobile app all the way to our accounting system.”

As mentioned, the awards were presented on Monday evening, June 1st at the 2015 California Accounting and Business Show and Conference. The event is the largest meeting of CPAs and accounting and business executives in California in 2015, assemble over 1,700 CPAs and accounting and business executives from all over the State.

For more information on the awards, please visit: www.cpapracticeadvisor.com

About Tallie

Tallie is the leading SaaS expense management innovator and enabler of the complete cloud-based accounting ecosystem.  In close collaboration with users, CPA practitioners, and industry-leading accounting, technology, and financial partners, it has developed mobile expense report solutions for comprehensive data capture, intelligent transaction categorization, robust approval controls and seamless software integration. Tallie was recognized for technology leadership by: CPA Practice Advisor, Inc. Magazine and The Sleeter Group. www.tallie.com
About Intacct

Intacct is a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software. Bringing cloud computing to finance and accounting, Intacct’s award-winning applications are the preferred financial applications for AICPA business solutions. In use by more than 8,500 organizations from startups to public companies, Intacct is designed to improve company performance and make finance more productive. Hundreds of leading CPA firms and Value Added Resellers also offer Intacct to their clients. The Intacct system includes accounting, cash management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting applications, all delivered over the Internet via cloud computing. Intacct is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit www.intacct.com or call 877-437-7765.


Tallie Expense Reports – 10.6.9 Release Notes

We’re quickly approaching the second half of 2015, but the Tallie Team hasn’t slowed down one bit. We’re excited to announce some exciting product updates for our customers including enhanced Groups features, updated concatenation functionality for custom CSV exports, and improved “Print to PDF” functionality. Take a peek:

Using Groups to Control Extensive List Data

In addition to expense categories, Tallie administrators can now use Groups to limit which employees can select which Customers, Projects, Classes, Departments and Locations. This update provides further control with ease for our clients with more extensive and complex back-end setups.

How It Works: To add a Project, Class, Location, etc. to a Group, tracking for that list item must first be enabled in Tallie’s Features tab.

If a user is in more than one Group, the access restrictions are accumulative.

Example: If Group A is restricted to Class 1 & Class 2 and Group B is restricted to Class 1 & Class 3, then a person who is in Groups A & B will have access to Classes 1-3.

If a Group does not include the selection of any option for a given list item, then this is considered a non-restriction.

Example: If Group C has no listed classes, then a person who is in Group C will have access to all classes. This non-restriction does not override any restrictions in place for the other groups, so a person who is in Groups A, B & C will still only have access to Classes 1-3.

Projects Resources and Groups for Projects behave together in a subtractive way.

Example: If you’re listed in the Project People tab for Project A and B, and your group grants you access to Project B & C, you effectively only have access to Project B.


Groups: Active List Data & Restrictions Viewing Options

From the list view, Tallie administrators can now choose to activate or deactivate the Groups they’ve created (see image). Additionally, the list view now displays all active list data restrictions (i.e. Projects, Departments, Classes, Customers, and Locations).

NOTE: If restriction for a list item is not turned on, the item label will be hidden.


Concatenation for Custom CSV Export

We’ve expanded Tallie’s existing concatenation functionality to now work for both Custom Export and CSV templates.

How it Works: To concatenate values into a single row, simply assign the same column header to more than one row. If you need spaces between the values, insert a row with -None- for the Tallie field and a space as the fixed value, or you may also use symbols as needed.

Example: In the image below, we’re exporting a concatenated field for “Project | Class.” We can do this by applying the same column header to a row for Project Name, a row with “ | “ for the fixed value, and a row for Class. The concatenated field will populate in the first column that uses the column header.


Print to PDF Improvements

Signature Lines are back! Based on customer feedback, we’ve brought back Signature Lines to “Print to PDF” expense reports. This feature is helpful for Tallie clients who prefer to provide their customers with signed expense reports for invoicing purposes. Signature Lines are now available for both “Print” and “Print to PDF” options.

We look forward to hearing how these upgrades have made managing your expense reports even easier! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to our Product Expert team at support@usetallie.com or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext 2.

Weekly Roundup – Tech and Accounting

Welcome back to Tallie’s weekly roundup! This week we take a look into how you can prepare for automation, the FIFA corruption case, Google Photos, the possibility of Snapchat going public, and our favorite app of the week. It’s another great week for tech and accounting!

Accounting News

1. Don’t hesitate to automate! Here’s how you can prepare:

Jim Boomer, CIO of Boomer Consulting gives some advice to any company or accounting practice looking to automate their accounting services. Organizations have to start identifying and offering services that move them up the value chain with their ever modernizing clients. Moreover, employees must utilize their expertise and decision making skills to stay competitive in the future job market.

2. FIFA gets ‘red carded’ by the IRS:

The big news in the accounting this week involves the international soccer giant FIFA. The IRS, FBI, and numerous international agencies have officially charged 14 high ranking officials in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) with counts of racketeering, bribery, wire fraud, and money laundering conspiracies. These are all in relation to a long-standing conspiracy to corrupt international soccer. We love soccer at Tallie but we don’t love fraud anywhere, including in your expense report process.

Tech News

3. Snapchat might go public soon:

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel reveals his plan for an initial public offering. The company has around 200 million active user and is currently worth $10 Billion. Additionally, Spiegel gives his views on the future of the tech industry.

4. The latest from I/O – Google Photos is here!

At Google I/O on Thursday, Google announced their release of Google Photos – a way to store and manage photos without needing to to use Google+. You can also tag photos and make .gifs! The service is free and offers an ‘unlimited’ amount of storage. Also announced at Google I/O are numerous updates to Android OS, Chrome, and much more.

Tallie’s Favorite App of the Week

5. Tallie’s app of the week comes from our pals SmartVault:

Think of SmartVault as a sort of receipt shoebox optimized for the cloud. It stores documents and images of many different file types that are accessible from any device. Need to whip up an expense report quickly? No problem. Drag and drop your receipt images from SmartVault straight into Tallie and we’ll automate most of your data entry from there. It’s that easy.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!

Tallie’s June Training Webinar Schedule

Throughout the month of June, we’re offering free weekly webinars to ensure you get the most out of our expense report software.

These webinars provide free training for users, administrators, and approvers alike. Lasting only 30 minutes, each training session is packed with information ranging from product guidance to live Q&A with Tallie Experts.

Register for a free June webinar below!



1. Walk through the creation of a Tallie expense report.
2. Share the tips and tricks to create your expense report in a few minutes.
3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.

Tuesday 6/2 8:30 – 9:00 am PST
Tuesday 6/9 8:30 – 9:00 am PST
Tuesday 6/16 8:30 – 9:00 am PST
Tuesday 6/23 8:30 – 9:00 am PST
Tuesday 6/30 8:30 – 9:00 am PST


1. Walk through the expense report approval process within Tallie.
2. Show the expense report edit feature for specified approvers.
3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.

Thursday 6/18 8:30 – 9:00 am PST


1. Provide a tour of the Tallie Accountant Portal.
2. Walk through the client account management process within the Accountant Portal.
3. Show how Tallie streamlines your accounting workflow with 1-click multi-point export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
4. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.

Thursday 6/11 8:30 – 9:00 am PST

Thursday 6/25 8:30 – 9:00 am PST


1. Walk through how to set custom policies and approval levels within Tallie.
2. Show how Tallie streamlines your expense workflow with multi-point data export and bi-directional accounting system integration.
3. Answer any and every Tallie question you have.

Thursday 6/4 8:30 – 9:00 am PST

If you have any questions between now and your chosen training webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team directly at support@usetallie.com or 888-874-1118 Ext 2. We hope to see you there!

Weekly Roundup – Future of Accounting, Tech, and New Partnerships

Welcome back to Tallie’s weekly roundup! In this week’s edition we dive into the benefits and adoption rate of automated accounting technology, new tech partnerships, our favorite app of the week, and the latest in the Tallie world. It’s a great week for tech and accounting!

Accounting and Tech News

  1. Innovation is the name of the modern game.

Accounting Today Editor-in-Chief Dan Hood and CPA.com CEO Erik Asgeirsson discuss the role of cloud technology in business in addition to the current adoption rate of new accounting technology. The early adopters and early majority have already integrated cloud accounting into their practice, now we’re starting to see shift to the late majority. Dan Hood also argues that new opportunities for success will open up to your business if you decide to adopt cloud technology.

  1. Can automation work for you?

Kris Merritt outlines the benefits of cloud-based automated accounting software – such as time saving, cost management, compliance control, and painless expense reporting. With the right automated accounting and expense management tools, your business can really thrive from saving time and money and by having the freedom to focus more on other tasks.

  1. I’ll take an extra shot of Spotify, please!

Tech’s most freshly brewed partnership is Starbucks and Spotify. If you are a customer (or an employee) of Starbucks and you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, soon you can literally pick the playlist for your coffee purchasing and drinking experience. This partnership is the latest of many strategic relationships with Spotify and other major organizations, including Vice and Comedy Central.

Tallie’s Favorite App of the Week

  1. Tallie’s favorite app of the week is Xero!

Xero is an extremely sleek, efficient, and powerful cloud-based accounting solution designed for small businesses. On top of it all, it’s easy to use and you can access your data on multiple devices. Want to integrate it with a third party software? Xero has a marketplace for integrated softwares like Tallie right on their website. Cloud accounting just got easier.

Tallie News

  1. McGladrey LLP Selects Tallie

This week we announced our new partnership with Top Global Accounting Firm McGladrey LLP. We are beyond excited to provide clients of their Finance and Accounting Outsourcing and Technology and Management Consulting practices with our award-winning automated expense management solution.

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!

Tallie Expense Report App: iOS v3.0 is Here!

Our team is thrilled to announce the launch of the latest Tallie iOS App (v3) on the Apple App Store. This update is packed full of new and exciting updates to boost your mobile experience.

This iOS app update is a big one – we heard your valuable feedback and addressed many of your top requests. This new Tallie iOS app is fully synchronized with the desktop Tallie experience. We are now smoother than ever and much faster to boot. We’re really proud of our new Tallie iOS 3.0 App for many reasons. Check out some of the highlights:

Add expenses quicker than ever before in Tallie.

  1. Create or Edit Mileage Expenses

Create mileage expenses by entering your beginning and ending destination. Tallie will calculate the mileage reimbursement rate for you!

  1. Add New Expenses In Seconds

Tap once to take a receipt photo. It’s as simple as that. Open the app, tap to take a photo, and submit your expenses. tallie-expense-report-mobile-ios-app-v3

  1.  Add & Edit Expense Details in App

The Tallie iOS app now offers an improved design for adding and editing expenses. Cleaner, smoother, and less clicks involved to ensure all expense details are submitted correctly.

  1. Upload Multiple Receipts At Once

Let’s say you are out on a business trip and don’t have time to immediately create your expense report. Simply snap a photo of each receipt throughout the day (even when offline) and upload them together later that night.

Tallie’s Improved iOS App Functionality

The ability to add expenses to a new or existing expense report is now easier than ever. What’s even better? We’ve improved the design of Tallie’s duplicate detection and ‘Out of Policy’ flagging features in the iOS mobile experience.

tallie-expense-report-app-mobile-4     https://blog.usetallie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/tallie-expense-reports-app-5.png

Lastly, for Tallie customers this mobile iOS update also includes support for custom dimension names and new dimensions (ie customers, locations).

We know you’ll love these updates as much as we do. Download the latest Tallie iOS App (v3.0) today! As always, the updates don’t stop here. We are 100% committed to delivering the best expense report software solution on the market, and that’s only possible from valuable user feedback.

Wait no further – Download the latest version of Tallie iOS v3.0 now!

For our awesome Tallie Android app users – don’t worry – many of these features were launched for your back in December. However, new features are on the way!

What are your favorite new features of the latest Tallie iOS App (v3.0)? Tell us in the comments below!

McGladrey Selects Tallie as an Expense Management Solution

SAN FRANCISCO– May 18, 2015 – Tallie, the leading SaaS expense reports innovator, announced today that they have signed an agreement with McGladrey LLP, the nation’s leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market. Through this partnership, McGladrey will provide its clients with a robust and cost-effective expense management solution.

“With the innovation occurring in technology and mobility today, businesses face an entirely unique set of financial and accounting challenges,” said James Cashin, partner at McGladrey. “We selected Tallie as a strategic expense management partner because of their extensive integrations, flexibility and ease of use.”

“McGladrey understands that modern businesses need to be nimble, efficient and automated, where appropriate, to be competitive,” said Chris Farrell, CEO of Tallie. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with them in offering Tallie as part of their IT solutions stack. We built Tallie to do most of the work for the employee, the accountant and IT, so they can focus on the business at hand. We’re looking forward to bringing this to McGladrey clients to enhance the already robust services that McGladrey provides.”

For more information about the services McGladrey provides, visit www.mcgladrey.com.

About Tallie

Tallie is the leading SaaS expense management innovator and enabler of the complete cloud-based accounting ecosystem.  In close collaboration with users, CPA practitioners, and industry-leading accounting, technology, and financial partners, it has developed mobile expense report solutions for comprehensive data capture, intelligent transaction categorization, robust approval controls and seamless software integration. Tallie was recognized for technology leadership by: CPA Practice Advisor, Inc. Magazine and The Sleeter Group. www.tallie.com

About McGladrey

McGladrey LLP is the leading U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market, with 8,000 professionals and associates in 80 cities nationwide. McGladrey is a licensed CPA firm, and serves clients around the world through RSM International, a global network of independent accounting, tax and consulting firms. For more information join our Facebook fan page at McGladrey News, follow us on Twitter @McGladrey, and connect with us on LinkedIn, and/or on YouTube.

McGladrey Contact:

Katie O’Brien, Senior Marketing Associate

McGladrey LLP



Tallie Investor Contact:

Nick Kormeluk, Chief Operating Officer



Tallie Press Contact:

Marisa Hagerman, Waggener Edstrom Communications