How did Match Charter School automate their expense reporting with Tallie integrations?

Match Charter Public School is a Boston-based public school with a mission to “prepare students for success in college and beyond, particularly those who would be the first in their families to earn a college degree.” 

Expense reporting challenges

Before choosing Tallie, Match Charter School had used spreadsheets and manual processes to manage expenses. As a result, Match Charter School faced a challenging experience with the following elements of expense reporting:

  • Reconciling credit cards
  • Reimbursing employees faster
  • Implementing an approval process
  • Transcribing receipts
  • Ensuring data accuracy

Results after switching to Tallie

Ultimately, Match Charter School chose Tallie to solve these problems over expense solutions like Expensify and Concur. 

“Love the product and will recommend it to anyone who will listen.” – Anne Healy, CFO, Match Charter School

Since starting to use Tallie, Match Charter School has saved 6+ hours per month and started seeing a return on their investment in under one month. They’ve also reported being “extremely satisfied” with their experience interacting with Tallie’s support team. 

The Match Charter School team saw significant improvement in reimbursing employees, managing and reconciling credit card transactions, and integrating with their accounting and ERP system. 

“Tallie is user friendly with great documentation and syncs with QuickBooks or It works great for both employee reimbursements and for corporate AMEX card documentation.” – Anne Healy, CFO, Match Charter School


Match Charter School chose Tallie over Expensify and Concur because of Tallie’s ease of use, automation, and “extremely easy” integrations with and QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise. 

Ease of Use

Match Charter School now enjoys an expense reporting process that’s easier for both employees and Tallie admins. With Tallie, employees can submit expenses by simply snapping receipt images with their phone and letting the system populate their expense reports for them. Admins can enjoy streamlined approval workflows, real-time integrations with accounting and bill pay systems, and credit card reconciliation — all of which helps them more easily reimburse employees on time. 


After switching to Tallie, Match Charter School was able to automate expense workflows — saving time and improving productivity as a result. Tallie automations include: 

  • Expenses automatically added to reports with their data populated
  • Categorization of expenses based on general ledger
  • Expense reimbursements and credit card statement remittance through
  • Rule enforcement to stay compliant with expense policies
  • Credit card expenses with receipts
  • Detection of expense duplicates

Bill Pay and Accounting System Integrations

Match Charter School cited the “extremely easy” integrations with and QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise as a reason for their satisfaction with Tallie.

The integration supports the bill pay workflow in full, from corporate expense management to bill pay. With the QuickBooks integrations, Tallie expense reports are transformed at the click of a button into QuickBooks bills, checks, or credit card transactions. Tallie’s activity-based syncs mean Match Charter School can trust that their accounting data is always updated between systems, in real time. 

Additionally, Tallie offers integrations with Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Xero. Learn more about Tallie’s award-winning integrations

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