Introducing: Tallie Travel Powered by AmTrav

Travel is a costly endeavor for any organization. For smaller companies, maximizing the value of every business trip isn’t just crucial. It’s required. Your challenge comes from controlling spend while giving employees a friendly way to book and manage their travel. After all, you don’t want them wasting valuable time shopping for the best deal. Larger organizations, conversely, benefit from dedicated travel managers who handles booking, itinerary changes, even supporting duty of care. 

A highly specialized role like that isn’t likely a line item on your budget. So how can you give employees an easy travel and expense process while keeping costs in check? 

Here are three key benefits Tallie Travel powered by AmTrav brings:

1. Effortlessly control spending 

Having a user-friendly travel program is excellent. But that doesn’t mean you want everyone spending company money without oversight or control. You need a solution that mimics their experience shopping online, with a level of protection that keeps costs in check.

Your employees won’t have to worry about adhering to company policy since enforcement is baked in. Instead, they only have to choose whether they’d rather fly or drive. Or if they’d prefer a window seat on a cross-country flight.

Additionally, post-trip surveys help calculate the productivity of business travel. An online dashboard gives managers and finance a pulse on which trips helped grow the company. And which trips didn’t bear fruit.

2. Let employees focus on what matters

Employees shouldn’t be wasting time checking policy and shopping for the best deal. You also don’t want to add a new layer of work to finance or admins by asking them to manage travel. They have much more valuable areas to focus like keeping clients happy and their books in check.

With Tallie Travel, all business trips and associated costs sync within the system. Employees quickly reconcile transactions and code them on the fly, or when they have some downtime. This helps to keep expense submissions timely and accurate, two things anyone can appreciate. 

The integration also saves finance from entering data twice as the traveler has already captured all the pertinent documentation and coded expenses correctly. 

Give finance visibility into spend

By centralizing all travel booking, business owners and finance leads see every dollar spent. They don’t have to wait until the end of the month to see a hefty travel bill hit their desk. Instead, they see Alex in finance booked a pre-approved trip, and every expense was within budget.

You can also capture immediate savings by tracking and applying unused tickets, an option not typically found while self-booking through an online travel agent (OTA). As users shop for their trips, Tallie Travel nudges them to use available credits. The savings can be nearly instant—and massive.

Business owners get an interactive dashboard to maintain their duty of care. This is a crucial component of compliance, and helps travelers know their employer is looking out for them. In a world with so much chaos, having a simple way to ensure traveler safety should be the bare minimum. 

Learn more about how Tallie Travel can help you control costs while freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks.