How integrations save you time on expense management

One of the most time-consuming aspects of managing expenses can be syncing your data with your accounting and bill pay systems. Double checking expense data, uploading files, syncing data daily — all those manual tasks add up. 

Good news: You can automate your accounting workflows from end to end with integrations. Some expense management tools, like Tallie, can integrate with your accounting and bill pay systems. You’ll save time, but you’ll also improve data accuracy and expense policy compliance. 

Here’s how integrations can save you time on your expense management. 

100% synced data

Look for integrations that nix the need for manual syncs on your end. Rather, your integrations between expense management, accounting, and bill pay systems should all work in tandem. Here’s how:

Activity-based syncs

An integration with activity-based syncs records and syncs data each time a change happens to list data in your accounting or bill pay system. That means your accounting data will always be up-to-date in all systems.

General ledger mapping

With GL mapping, captured expenses are automatically mapped with your General Ledger accounts. 

Data delivery

Look for expense data delivery that’s comprehensive. Expense data should be delivered via bills, checks, credit card transactions, or expense reports. 

Tallie’s expense management system proves each of these features, saving you time and automating data syncs between systems. 

Seamless access across your teams

Expense reimbursement impacts everyone at your business, from the employees getting reimbursed to the finance and accounting functions overseeing the process and the small business leader looking to streamline processes. 

Here’s how integrations can benefit your entire team: 

Small business leaders can more easily onboard new team members. In your accounting system, create the record for your new employee and/or vendor. When you head to Tallie, the information will be in there. Grant the employee an invite and you’re good to go. 

Employees can track client expenses as soon as your project starts. In your accounting system, input a new client project. It will immediately become available in Tallie, so that employees can track client expenses in Tallie from the get-go. When a project is completed, it will immediately be no longer available in Tallie for expense tracking. 

Your finance and accounting teams can more easily clean up your general ledger to stay policy compliant. Your integrated systems shouldn’t attempt to use deactivated or erased accounts; Tallie detects those changes and prompts you to correct issues prior to export.

Fast integration set up

Setting up your integrations should be easy and fast. Look for a streamlined set up experience, myriad resources and guides, and easy access to a support team if you have questions. 

With Tallie, high percentages of administrators find Tallie integrations easy to manage. In fact, nearly 100% of Tallie customers said; QuickBooks Online, Desktop, or Enterprise; and Sage Intacct were easy to integrate. 

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