Free Webinar: Helping Clients Benefit From True Automated Expense Management Cloud Technology

Join Tallie CEO Chris Farrell alongside Boomer Consulting CIO & Shareholder Jim Boomer for a free special presentation!

Learn how the future of the accounting industry, the right tools, and best practices will allow you to thrive and eliminate your competition.

Turnkey client toolkits that effectively transition clients to cloud-based accounting services.

Tallie is an industry-trusted business expense report automation software solution that streamlines the entire expense management process—from point of purchase to accounting and reimbursement. Tallie automates the management and tracking of expenses through a suite of enterprise-grade policy compliance, internal control, and analytics tools.

In close collaboration with users, CPA practitioners, and industry-leading accounting, technology, and financial partners, Tallie has developed mobile-enabled solutions for comprehensive data capture, intelligent transaction categorization, robust approval controls and seamless accounting integration.
Who Should Attend?
The accounting industry. Firm employees, Partners, Consultants, CPA practitioners, financial partners.

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Wednesday, Nov. 4th
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