Expense Report Software: What Makes Tallie Different?

In the current travel and expense management industry, there are more than a few choices available for businesses. The IDC estimates that the market for TEM software will surpass $2.4 billion within the next three years, with growth focusing around cloud-based and mobile solutions.

Decision-makers may be tempted to use the first big-name expense reporting system they come across, but with so much riding on the utilization, accuracy, and support of the solution, it’s imperative that stakeholders choose one that will provide the most value for their traveling employees and accounting department. Most expense reporting software is pretty similar: Users create reports, categorize expenses, and input receipts by hand. This worked well for some time, but there is a more intuitive and intelligent process that can be used here.

When it comes to expense reporting solutions, Tallie is different. Here’s how.

Eliminating the Manual Steps: Automatic Categorization

As opposed to beginning the expense reporting process by creating an expense report, Tallie focuses on the receipt itself. Users need not worry about manual steps, and can simply snap a photo of their receipt from their mobile device, send it to Tallie via our intelligent mobile app, and then move on to other business priorities.

Tallie leverages specially designed algorithms to squeeze as much information out of each receipt as possible. Once Tallie servers receive a receipt image, we draw details from the document, and automatically import them into the report. These variables include the cost of the transaction, the name of the company or merchant, and the specific expense category. This method eliminates the need for much of the manual human interaction users are accustomed to with other expense reporting solutions.

Applying Custom Corporate Policies

Tallie also enables stakeholders to include their business’s unique travel and expense policies, enabling these rules to be applied to each transaction and associated receipt. We flag any action needed on the part of users according to their company’s policies after we create the report, and intelligently categorize the expenses.

For example, let’s say Jane goes out to lunch with a co-worker and business partner. After the meal, she snaps a photo of the receipt with the Tallie mobile app. Tallie creates the report and automatically categorizes it as a business meal. According to Jane’s corporate expense policies, she must specify the number of attendees at the meal, so Tallie notifies Jane, enabling her to go into the report and make sure her report aligns with the business’s expense rules.

This not only saves time and makes things easy for Jane, but also streamlines the report approval process. Because Tallie helps ensure accuracy and automatically flags any missing information or discrepancies, reports can be filed correctly the first time. Supervisors can review and approve reports much more quickly.

Laptop open to screen of Tallie expense reporting software.Tallie supports the key expense reporting features today’s businesses need in a streamlined, intelligent user interface.

User-Friendly Interface: Reducing the Learning Curve

The software’s intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface belie Tallie’s powerful capabilities. While some decision-makers jump at solutions that provide a lot of bells and whistles, this isn’t always the best choice — a system with features you don’t need can translate to long training time for users and report approvers, reducing the overall return on investment.

Tallie, by contrast, provides a simple user interface that doesn’t sacrifice overall use. This means end users and supervisors can begin using the solution right away. There’s no need for extended training. Tallie supports the key expense reporting features today’s businesses need in a streamlined, intelligent user interface.

Tallie: A Time-Saving, Intuitive Solution

Tallie’s focus has always been on the end user. With Tallie in place, your traveling employees with have a simple and mobile-accessible solution capable of generating reports and automatically categorizing expenses for them. And report approvers benefit from automatic emails sent right to their inbox — reports can be reviewed and approved right from that message, saving time, effort, and money.

Tallie’s user friendliness and intuitive nature sets us apart from other expense reporting systems. To see this difference for yourself, contact us for a demonstration or free trial of Tallie expense reporting software today.

Or, if you’re just starting out on your search for an expense reporting tool, download our guide. It walks you through the process, step by step.