The Dream Team: 5 Reasons Tallie + + QuickBooks Online is the Cloud Accounting Solution and Expense Management for You

Cloud, cloud, cloud. We’ve all heard the long list of high level benefits, we know it’s happening, and we know it’s the future. But in the world of finance and accounting, the finer points mean the most.

With Tallie’s recent integration with the new QuickBooks Online and launch on Intuit’s Partner Platform,, we’d like to share the 5 most valuable points of Tallie,, and QuickBooks Online’s cloud accounting ecosystem.

5. Mobile — With Tallie’s mobile app, create expense reports at the point of purchase. Snap a photo of the business lunch bill, select the project/class/billable status, and submit the report approval — all from the phone. Report approvals can also be completed with one-click via email from your phone. Manage billpay and accounting needs in the moment through and QuickBooks Online’s mobile apps.

If you’re not always on-the-go, create expense items in seconds with Tallie’s easy drag-and-drop feature or by sending emailed receipts from your inbox to

4. Duplicate Detection — Tallie’s ability to automatically flag potential duplicate expense entries is the first of it’s kind in the expense management world. Learn about Tallie’s complete Automated Error Prevention features here.

3. Custom Policy and Approval ControlsSet the policy rules and approval process that fits the needs of your company’s projects and businesses. Tallie’s policy flags will trigger to users, admins, and approvers throughout the process to prevent human error and heighten fraud awareness.

2. Complete Data Transfers — Tallie,, and Quickbooks Online have built one of the tightest, bi-directional integrations available. As a result, Tallie is the only expense management option that transfers complete data — including receipt documentation — to and QuickBooks Online. Any updates made once the export is made is instantly captured and updated through real-time sync.

1. Multi-point Integration — In addition to building a seamless integration with and QuickBooks, Tallie’s integrations are also the first to provide multi-point data export. Tallie admins can simultaneously export reimbursables to for repayment and export non reimbursable corporate credit card data to QuickBooks Online that will feed directly into the general ledger.

For QuickBooks Desktop users that are ready to move to QuickBooks Online, Tallie offers a complete, easy migration path.

Boomer Consulting’s CIO, Jim Boomer, said it best,

“I believe an open architecture is critical to the success of providers in the rapidly evolving cloud world. Those cloud providers that accept they can’t be all things to all people will adopt an open, collaborative approach and will win.”

Tallie,, and QuickBooks Online’s ecosystem aims to provide just that — the complete, always improving, cloud accounting solution for the accounting community.

Are you ready to experience the Tallie,, QuickBooks Online Solution? Use Tallie’s award-winning expense management software FREE for 14 days – no credit card or commitment required. Or, schedule your free Tallie product demo now.