A Different Kind of Expense Report App

Here at SpringAhead, we’re passionate about our users, meaning everyone who touches our tools. The design of our new native Tallie iPhone and iPad expense report app reflects that commitment.

The new Tallie app isn’t just a beautiful, quick and easy-to-use app – it “mobilizes” many of our best expert control features. Now our best data verification and error prevention tools are featured on the mobile device. It’s an app for the mobile workforce and the finance team.

Data Verification

Snap a photo of a receipt in the iOS app and Tallie will automatically scan that receipt to pull merchant, date and amount data at no extra charge.


Tallie makes a best-guess match of the expense to company expense categories, based on the company’s previous activity.

Duplicate Identification

Tallie identifies expenses that appear similar to another, based on merchant, date, amount and image similarity, and will alert the employee within the Tallie app immediately.

Policy Alerts & Education

If an expense is out of company policy, the Tallie app will alert the employee immediately and provide helpful information for resolving the issue.

The new Tallie mobile expense report app is a different kind of app. It beautifully extends our clients’ streamlined expense report workflow into the field in a simply powerful way. Find the Tallie App in the Apple App Store.