Control your team’s spending

Tell me if this story sounds familiar to you.

The end of the month is fast approaching. You hear a ding from your phone and see a new email notification. It’s your boss, a time-strapped business owner with the best intentions. As usual, they’re reminding everyone to submit their expenses and any accompanying receipts.

Some employees used personal cards to pay for one-off purchases last month. Others chose to use a shared company card to pay for their entire team’s association dues. And it’s been three weeks since anyone even thought about their last transaction. Let alone what category to code, whether it adheres to policy, or which client to bill. Everyone begins scrambling to find their receipts and other documentation before the deadline.

To make a cumbersome process more taxing, departments shared corporate cards like Twitter shares the same meme repeatedly. Not the safest choice, but a cost-effective and simplistic one. Their team is now playing dominoes trying to match up receipts and transactions while their other work piles up around them.

Every employee knows if they wait too long to submit expenses, their reimbursement will only take longer. Yet month after month, the same ritual takes place across the organization. As an admin, the last thing you want to deal with is tracking down receipts. Or worse, playing “policy police” and having to inform an employee that their expenses were out of policy.

The entire process ends up costing the organization by hampering visibility and decimating productivity—and employee satisfaction.

Rewrite the story with Emburse Cards

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Not for finance, and not for the rest of your organization.

With Emburse Cards and Tallie, your finance team could quickly issue physical or virtual cards that can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted. Each card is customized to each employee and pre-loaded with expense policy rules, category limits, and a budget.

As an employee swipes the card, the transaction automatically captures all provided vendor information at the point of sale. This saves time on the backend as they don’t have to enter the expenses into a clunky spreadsheet, and controls the expense at the point of sale avoiding out-of-policy purchases.

Any attempt to go over the limit triggers a text alert for the user and their manager. Who, if justified, can then increase the threshold on a case-by-case basis, or increase it indefinitely for that specific user and vendor. Best of all, they can deactivate the card instantly, or set it to self-expire on a particular date. This gives finance total control, and much less fraud risk.

Better yet, your approved users don’t have to think about whether an expense is in-policy or not. A purchase simply cannot happen with the built-in controls. The card and system guide the user and their spending while protecting the organization’s wallet. Finance benefits from accurate and timely submission, without the hassle of tracking people down or playing policy police.

Additionally, you gain access to a new source of revenue. Each purchase made with your Emburse Card gives 1% cash back to the business. Which might not sound like much at first glance, but the benefit compounds quickly. Besides the control and ease of use, your team can utilize Emburse Cards for free as a Tallie customer.

With Emburse Cards, everyone gets exactly what they need. Finance receives accurate data and total control over spending. And employees no longer incur expenses for the business, or deal with clunky, soul-crushing expense systems.

If you want to see how Emburse Cards and Tallie makes everyone’s life better, sign up for a personalized demo  today.