Automate Expense Workflows: Integrate Your SMB’s Accounting Systems With Your Expense Reporting Software

How many systems does your small business rely on to run its financial operation smoothly? Expense reporting software, accounting systems, and bill pay systems might be a few. 

Keeping those systems in sync shouldn’t require manual work. But the file uploads and nightly syncs can feel all too familiar, since many accounting systems and expense reporting tools are built to work in a silo. But automated options exist.

Enter: activity-based syncs. Integrations that rely on activity-based syncs will immediately pick up on changes made to list data in your accounting or bill pay system.  

Integrations in Tallie’s expense report software offer the quickest path from receipt to balance sheet. Tallie is the only expense reporting solution to offer a comprehensive integration with It also offers integrations with Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Desktop and Online, Xero, and NetSuite. 

Watch our video on how Tallie syncs with your choice of accounting software.

With its award-winning integrations, Tallie has made it easy to keep your small business’s financials in sync. 

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Integrations That Sync In Real Time

An integration with activity-based syncs will record and sync data each time a change happens to list data in your accounting or bill pay system. This sync keeps everything up to date, without manual work required on your end. 

Here’s how Tallie’s activity-based sync benefits you, your small business, and and your team:

Small business leaders can more easily onboard new team members. In your accounting system, create the record for your new employee and/or vendor. When you head to Tallie, the information will be in there. Grant the employee an invite and you’re good to go. 

Employees can track client expenses as soon as your project starts. In your accounting system, input a new client project. It will immediately become available in Tallie, so that employees can track client expenses in Tallie from the get-go. When a project is completed, it will immediately be no longer available in Tallie for expense tracking. 

Your finance and accounting teams can more easily clean up your general ledger. Every once in a while, major restructuring is needed. Your integrated systems shouldn’t attempt to use deactivated or erased accounts; Tallie detects those changes and prompts you to correct issues prior to export.

Tallie Integrations Across Accounting and Bill Pay Systems

Integrations are only as strong as the tools they can integrate with. Tallie’s award-winning integrations extend to: 

How Tallie customers use integrations

Here are a few ways our customers have seen their accounting and expense management processes improve with Tallie.

“Awesome and reliable platform. Reliable integration with QBO. The support pages end users are clear and helpful.” (via G2)

“We love that it connects to, which we use to reimburse our clients’ employees! Their QuickBooks integration is great because unlike some other systems, they import each transaction individually with vendor, account, and class data. This makes reconciling credit cards at the end of the month quite easy.” (via Capterra)

“The software is awesome and really supports a fast, electronic, seamless expense reporting process for Quickbooks.” (via Capterra)

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