The Dream Team: 5 Reasons Tallie + + QuickBooks Online is the Cloud Accounting Solution and Expense Management for You

Cloud, cloud, cloud. We’ve all heard the long list of high level benefits, we know it’s happening, and we know it’s the future. But in the world of finance and accounting, the finer points mean the most.

With Tallie’s recent integration with the new QuickBooks Online and launch on Intuit’s Partner Platform,, we’d like to share the 5 most valuable points of Tallie,, and QuickBooks Online’s cloud accounting ecosystem.

5. Mobile — With Tallie’s mobile app, create expense reports at the point of purchase. Snap a photo of the business lunch bill, select the project/class/billable status, and submit the report approval — all from the phone. Report approvals can also be completed with one-click via email from your phone. Manage billpay and accounting needs in the moment through and QuickBooks Online’s mobile apps.

If you’re not always on-the-go, create expense items in seconds with Tallie’s easy drag-and-drop feature or by sending emailed receipts from your inbox to

4. Duplicate Detection — Tallie’s ability to automatically flag potential duplicate expense entries is the first of it’s kind in the expense management world. Learn about Tallie’s complete Automated Error Prevention features here.

3. Custom Policy and Approval ControlsSet the policy rules and approval process that fits the needs of your company’s projects and businesses. Tallie’s policy flags will trigger to users, admins, and approvers throughout the process to prevent human error and heighten fraud awareness.

2. Complete Data Transfers — Tallie,, and Quickbooks Online have built one of the tightest, bi-directional integrations available. As a result, Tallie is the only expense management option that transfers complete data — including receipt documentation — to and QuickBooks Online. Any updates made once the export is made is instantly captured and updated through real-time sync.

1. Multi-point Integration — In addition to building a seamless integration with and QuickBooks, Tallie’s integrations are also the first to provide multi-point data export. Tallie admins can simultaneously export reimbursables to for repayment and export non reimbursable corporate credit card data to QuickBooks Online that will feed directly into the general ledger.

For QuickBooks Desktop users that are ready to move to QuickBooks Online, Tallie offers a complete, easy migration path.

Boomer Consulting’s CIO, Jim Boomer, said it best,

“I believe an open architecture is critical to the success of providers in the rapidly evolving cloud world. Those cloud providers that accept they can’t be all things to all people will adopt an open, collaborative approach and will win.”

Tallie,, and QuickBooks Online’s ecosystem aims to provide just that — the complete, always improving, cloud accounting solution for the accounting community.

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Tallie Truths: Top 4 True & False Facts About Digital eReceipts, Expenses and the IRS

When it comes to the IRS, recordkeeping, and reimbursements, you would think that the process was black and white. Instead, IRS publications on recordkeeping and reimbursements are a world of gray. In this edition of Tallie Truths, we expose what is fact and fiction in the world of eReceipts created by an expense software system in terms of audit preparedness. Read more to learn about the facts and industry best practices to prepare for a potential IRS audit. Enjoy!


#1: eReceipts and credit card statements are acceptable proof for a $50 business meeting expense.


IRS Publication 463 Ch5: “Documentary evidence is not needed if your expense, other than lodging, is less than $75.”

Ereceipts and credit card statements are acceptable for expenses, other than lodging, less than $75. This is because the IRS does not require any documentation for non-lodging expenses less than $75.(IRS Publication 463 Ch 5) This means after a purchase is expensed using Tallie’s credit card feature, the IRS will not require a documented copy of your receipt for tax deduction purposes. So if you lost the Safeway receipt for that case of sparkling water you bought for last week’s Board of Directors meeting – don’t stress!

That being said, there is a very gray area in regards to what the IRS considers necessary business expenses. For example, the IRS may not blink at a $70 bill at Kinko’s, but may reject a $70 bar tab for a client meeting , deeming it “lavish and extravagant.” Team Tallie suggests you do not push the limits and stick with only claiming the most necessary business expenses. This is particularly important when dealing with business gift and entertainment expenses.

#2: eReceipts and credit card statements can be submitted for a work conference hotel bill that is not paid with a per diem.


IRS Publication 463 Table 5-1

For all lodging expenses – a business trip hotel stay, temporary housing if you move cross country for a new job, and any other necessary lodging for business related activities – a documented receipt IS required by the IRS. The only exception would be if these expenses were covered by a company per diem.

#3: Ereceipts and credit card statements are acceptable for a 30 mile drive to a new customer site visit.


IRS Publication 463 Ch5: “Documentary evidence is not needed if you have a transportation expense for which a receipt is not readily available.”

Say you need to hop on CalTrain to drop off a contract at a new client’s office, or drive an hour north for a 3-day industry conference. If you need to replenish your gas tank because of this work commuting, the IRS does not require you to obtain a receipt of these gas purchases. An electronic receipt or credit card statement is sufficient. It should be noted that mileage/fuel costs are only reimbursable to the extent that the cost goes above and beyond the individual’s normal commute.

#4: In the event of an audit, the IRS will accept eReceipts and credit card statements for purchases over $75


IRS Publication 463 Table 5-1

Remember that case of sparkling water you bought earlier? Well, let’s say you also bought $100 worth of gourmet foods for the meeting to impress the board. The IRS has no way of proving this trip wasn’t for your own personal groceries with a simple credit card statement.  For this purchase you would need a documented and reliable receipt to prove the expenses were business related.

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9.18 Release Notes: Enhanced Expense Report Policy Control, Custom QB Memo Fields & More

With our latest release, we’ve added a number of requested features, including additional administrative corporate card management, being able to add people en masse onto specific projects, QuickBooks’ memo field customization, enforcing policies and assigning default currencies per user! Enjoy the following updates included in the 9.18 release notes:

Assigning Corporate Credit Cards to Employees

As an administrator, you can now go to the “Credit Cards” area, connect your account and assign each of the accounts to the appropriate individuals in your organization!


Customizing the QuickBooks Memo Field

We’ve had a number of requests to be able to customize what Tallie populates in the memo field. Now, you can! Choose between fixed and dynamic text to customize the memo field as you need. For more information, you can contact our Product Expert Team at 800-592-5144.

Mass Updating People to Projects

Now you can easily manage the projects people submit their expenses towards. Simply go to the “Projects” area, select the desired projects and click the arrow on Mass Update. You’ll be able to add the people to the projects in a snap.


Enhanced  Policy Control

When you create expense report policies for your organization, you now ensure the requirements you’ve set (e.g. ‘All expenses over $25.00 need a receipt’, ‘All meals need to have attendees listed’) are met before the user can submit the expense.

Assigning Default Currencies per User

For your employees working out of the states, you can now set a default currency on their profile. In the “People” area, click on a user and select the “Mapping” tab. You’ll see Expense Defaults and be able to assign the user’s default currency for expenses

We hope you enjoy the updates included in Tallie’s 9.18 release. Check back next month for another round of updates!

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Tallie Talk: Jules Carman, VP of Business Development

Her fiery personality, enchanting confidence, and sage wisdom are only the beginning of what makes Jules Carman so special to us. As Tallie’s new Vice President of Business Development, Jules brings fresh insight and unmatched industry experience to the table. To celebrate her recently joining the Tallie family, we’ve asked Jules to sit down and share her Tallie story with us.

How Jules Carman started at Tallie:

I worked with the Tallie team for many months before I accepted a position at the company. Because of Tallie’s strong integration business plan and team, I was introduced to the product while working with other companies that had integrated with Tallie. When you work in the tech industry for as long as I have, you know the recipe for superior software when you see it. As it stands, Tallie has all the ingredients. I first became a user, and then a fan– and because I’m a really lucky girl, an employee.


Her favorite part of day-to-day work life:

The Tallie Team. I get to come to work everyday and do what I love. I love my work because of who I am surrounded by – lovely, salt of the earth people who are as wicked smart as they are hilarious. We have total respect for each other, which allows us to agree to disagree. We are direct and don’t pull any punches. You know exactly what you’re dealing with, and it’s this authenticity that allows us to amplify productivity. The Tallie culture is the true “work hard, play hard” environment.

What does Tallie’s future look like for the VP of Business Development?

If we continue building, innovating, and perfecting at our current rate, the sky’s the limit! We have a highly functional expense management product that performs the way we say it does. This breeds trust. For a biz dev department to be successful, a company actually needs all the attractive human elements – trust, love and kindness. If people don’t like you, they will not do business with you. It’s pretty simple. And, because we are also building a company, one needs unrelenting positive energy.

The secret to staying motivated in your career when things get tough:

Although it’s not really a secret, my first thought is having a competitive streak due to my background as a trained athlete. In track, they say “If you’re going to try to take me down, you’re going to have to beat me to the finish line.” That challenge motivates me in both my athletic passion and my professional life. Additionally, you must have courage. You must be able to “go for it” and roll out the intuitive strategy that YOU believe the market is telling you it wants. I’d rather crash and burn and completely fail by doing what I think is right, versus winning by playing it safe, and fading away without a bold move.

Her advice for women interested in pursuing a career in tech:

Hurry up, we need you! There are tons of women ahead of you that want to scoop you up and get you on the on ramp.

My secret guilty pleasure:

The Green Bay Packers minus the guilt. There is no guilt.

A typical Friday night for me looks like:

Relaxing with my boyfriend who also happens to be my beloved husband, our two children, our dog, our cat, and lots of red wine. Come on, I’m a mother – motherhood + red wine = happy family. HA!

If you share Jules’s love for building a successful business, have cool ideas to share or are Tallie fans with stories to tell, we would love to hear from you. Email your thoughts to

You can start your own Tallie journey by signing up in 2 seconds flat. Use Tallie’s powerful expense management software FREE for 14 days – no credit card or commitment required. Give it a try by signing up today. Care for a walkthrough by a trained expert first? Contact us to schedule your free Tallie product demo now.

Recap & Recorded Webinar: Become A Cloud Accounting Pro: Tallie + QuickBooks Online; Expense Management Solutions

We recently announced Tallie’s newest integration with QuickBooks Online — the powerful cloud accounting solution and rapidly growing platform that connects hundreds of solutions together to meet the needs of any small business. To kick off our new integration, we hosted a webinar titled “Become A Cloud Accounting Pro: Tallie + QuickBooks Online.”

In this webinar we reviewed the highlights of Tallie’s smart expense management solution, walked through our tight data sync with QuickBooks Online, and navigated the unique features Tallie provides QuickBooks users– including receipt attachments, project & class accounting, and billable items. Afterwards, we answered all audience questions regarding QBO and beyond.

Great news – we recorded the webinar which is now available for easy viewing. Enjoy!

In the webinar we mentioned a couple helpful tools for  that we’ve put together for end-user training: a downloadable End-User Training Guide (PDF) and our End-User Training Webinar.

NEXT STEPS TO TAKE:QuickBooks Desktop Users: We’re ready to help you easily migrate to QuickBooks Online. Contact the Product Expert Team to get started.

Get Free Tallie Access in 3 Easy Steps: Try Tallie for 14 days – no CC required.

Stay tuned for details on our July webinar coming up in a couple weeks! In the meantime, do you have any questions relating to the Tallie + QuickBooks Online integration or QBO in general? Leave them in the comments below!

Tallie Wins Stevie Award for Support Team of the Year 2014 Category

Tallie, makers of award-winning expense report software, proudly announces that we won the bronze Stevie Award for Support Team of the Year! Competing against some of the best software companies in the country, Tallie is honored to have placed in this category. We sent two members of our team to the Chicago awards ceremony to accept the award, and both returned with incredible stories to share.

Lucy Lei, Tallie’s Product Expert Manager, reflects on their trip. “It was an honor to have been nominated for a Stevie award, and to win one feels amazing. Being in the same room as a large and incredible group of people who are working towards the same ideals, you get an overwhelming sense of pride both in your work and in your team. It’s too bad that the entire Product Expert team couldn’t fly out there to bask in the spotlight of recognition, but I know we are two cogs in the well-oiled machine that is our team and we accept the award of all their behalves. We’re proud of what we do and excited to add this award to our ever-growing trophy case.” Transforming our support team into a product expert team has made a crucial difference in the advancement of our company and we are ecstatic that Stevie has acknowledged that growth.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 13.25.14

Sitting next to our friends at, this event was a great chance for Tallie to deepen our connections with like-minded companies in the accounting industry. With this recognition from the Stevie Awards, Tallie is now better able to reach out to the community and spread our mission to others.

Learn about how we reinvented our SaaS customer service through product expertise.