Advancing SaaS Best Practices for the Expense Report Industry

While Tallie is innovative software disrupting the traditional expense report industry, our company features an engineering team equipped with 20+ years of experience in SaaS development. It’s that collective experience that helps us continue to advance the standard for SaaS best practices in the financial industry, balancing stability and reliability with innovation.


Our team of Tallie expense report software engineers.

The best engineering teams take a proactive developer approach, continually evaluating the systems and services in place to ensure that their product operates at an optimal level. We recently made a big improvement by releasing a major server upgrade. As a result, our customers will experience the following updates: faster product performance, new features, added redundancy, enhanced prevention of outage and product downtime, and improved stability during disaster recovery. This server upgrade constitutes a major step for our expense report software towards AICPA SOC (Service Organizational Control) certification, guaranteeing our customers complete audit compliance.

Tallie now has access to more Amazon services such as provisioned iOps for faster disk speed. We have employed the usage of a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for even greater advanced security, scalability, and reliability of our services. We developed scripts to help bring services and servers back online with ease using Chef to leverage our pre-existing programs. These services may not make the most sense to non-engineers, but they represent the best in open source technology available today.

Why choose open source services? Simply put, open source services are peer edited and peer reviewed. Our counterparts across the globe have worked with these services through beta testing and development, allowing our team confidence in their stability and functionality. Tallie engineers’ commitment to choosing services that have successfully completed the beta stage is of paramount importance to us.

Ultimately, the Tallie Engineering Team is devoted to implementing the best services and advancing standards of best practice in the financial SaaS industry. It is our intent to use this practice to strengthen Tallie as a product, and serve as a solid foundation for our expense report software.