Weekly Roundup – Accounting, Tech, and New Partnerships

Welcome to Tallie’s Weekly Roundup! In this space, we’ll keep you up to date with news and events from the accounting and tech industries and beyond. Topics featured this week include new software partnerships, the future of accounting, Disrupt NY, our favorite apps, and news about Tallie.

1. The Dynamic Duo of Integrated Software
They were once competitors, but now they’re partners.  Earlier this week, Microsoft and NetSuite announced a cloud alliance, which means you can now use NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Office in the same interface.

2. Evolve with the cloud or step aside
Dan Burrus, the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA), and the Business Learning Institute (BLI) are releasing a tool called  “The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition” that intends to instill a proactive anticipatory mindset in CPAs. They must identify new industry trends adapt to new accounting technologies or they will not stay competitive.

3. Clean water newcomer wins Disrupt NY!
The winner of this year’s Disrupt NY Battlefield is Liquidity, a startup company based out of Alameda, CA that specializes in making nanofiber based water filters that are adaptable to multiple kinds of filtration systems. Their filters can even go on top of a water bottle, so you have access to clean drinking water wherever you go. This is huge for consumers everywhere who do not have access to potable water and are in danger of contracting common diseases like E. coli and Salmonella.

Tallie’s App of the Week

4. Our favorite app of the week comes from one of our pals, Quickbooks Online.
Quickbooks Online is awesome because it’s flexible for your small to medium sized business, stores your data in the cloud, and you can access it from your PC, smartphone, and tablet. Also, if you integrate it with a software like Tallie, all of your employee and client data will effortlessly transfer over.  No problem.

5. Moss Adams, LLP is now using Tallie for their expense reporting needs. 

Earlier this week, we announced our partnership with Moss Adams, LLP, the 15th largest accounting firm in the nation. “Tallie is part of the ecosystem of tools that are shaping the future of the industry,” said Larry Kammerer, Partner at Moss Adams. “Our outsourced accounting team chose Tallie because they have the expense solution that saves time and money. Tallie is an excellent business partner that helps us grow our practice and add new markets.”

Tune in next week for Tallie’s weekly roundup of accounting, technology, and industry partnership news!