9.19 Release Notes: Improved Credit Card Flow, Custom Expense Export Options, & More

We’ve done it again. Talie’s 9.19 release notes introduce new features, enhances existing ones, and delivers new training resources available 24/7. We simplified the “Add a Credit Card” process, improved Custom Export options, added a new Auto-Split feature, amplified account security via a new password strength meter, and built a new training center called the Tallie Resource Room. Take a look:

I. Simplified Credit Card Page

Tallie’s Credit Card page is now better than ever before. You can now search credit cards by URL and bank name, and manual credit card profile setup is streamlined to one simple screen. Check out the screenshots below for step-by-step process:

Step 1: To add any card, click “Add a Credit Card.” Then you can find, search, and select your bank.


Step 2a: For manually added cards, everything is displayed on one easy setup screen. Click “Save Credit Card Profile” and you’re done!

tallie-expense-report-credit-card-2Step 2b: If you simply selected your bank from Tallie’s list, click the bank name and sign into your bank account.


Step 3: Review all imported credit cards before you finish.


II. Improved Custom Export Options

Tallie’s custom expense export file now includes a number of new fields and supports simultaneous export of two different files – one for reimbursable expenses and one for non-reimbursable expenses. Additionally, you can now concatenate different values into the same field.

For Intacct/Bill.com users, Credit Card charges can now be directly imported into Intacct via CSV upload, giving you greater control over your non-reimbursables.

III. New Feature: Auto-Split

Now, under very specific parameters, expenses can be evenly split amongst a select group of projects.

Process Overview

  1. Create a transaction
  2. Click Itemize
  3. Create an individual item for each project and enter $0 for the amount in each item
  4. Save
  5. Review the itemizations, and you should see them split up evenly (e.g. 3 itemizations = $25 each).

For more information on how this new feature works, read this Auto-Split Tips & Tricks article in the Tallie Support Center.

IV. Enhanced Bill.com Integration for Intacct & NetSuite Clients

We’ve expanded and enhanced our integration capabilities for clients using either Intacct or Netsuite along with Bill.com. In addition to Classes, Intacct and Netsuite clients can now sync Department and Location lists from Bill.com into Tallie. These lists are fully editable with the same bi-directional sync capabilities that we expect for Classes.

V. New Password Strength Requirements

In an effort to further advance the security of your critical data, we have introduced a password strength meter. This adds greater security for company data and prevents users from creating passwords that are easily hackable.

The new password strength meter applies only to new passwords. Passwords are ranked on a scale of poor, weak, fair, good and strong. For now, a password will be accepted with a weak status and above; passwords with a poor status are not accepted. If you would like your employees to be using more secure passwords, you must ask them to create new passwords independently.


Image from XKCD.com

TALLIE TIP: The Tallie password strength meter is based on the difficulty of a computer to create your password.The strongest passwords are easy for a human to remember and hard for a computer to guess. Try stringing together a few random words, rather than simply substituting numbers or symbols for letters.

VI. Tallie.com Resource Room

Looking to see Tallie’s features in action? Need additional training? Say hello to Tallie’s newest  learning hub: the Resource Room. On this page you will find videos, webinars, and downloadable content for learning, training, and helping you get the most out of your Tallie account. Visit the Resource Room now.

We hope you find these features to be highly valuable to your Tallie experience. For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product Expert Team at 888-874-1118 ext 2 or email us directly at support@usetallie.com.