Scared Straight: Expense Fraud & 5 Ways to Prevent It

Airfare for a cancelled flight. A $50 travel meal of Ketel and sodas. Pay-per-view movies lumped into the nightly hotel room rate. Expense fraud is easily overlooked due to its seemingly insignificant financial impact relative to other risks a business faces day to day.  When committing expense fraud or turning a blind eye on an incident, it’s easy to believe a few bucks here and there won’t hurt but there is more to consider. Expense fraud affects companies far beyond the financial realm. It deteriorates ethical culture and could evolve into very serious problems if an organization ever undergoes an IRS audit. In fact, companies typically lose 5% of their revenue to fraud each year, resulting in $3.5 trillion projected to be lost globally (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, “2012 Report to the Nations”).

Without clear and firm guidelines of expense reports, employees are left making assumptions and are more likely to inflate or submit fictitious expenses. Moreover, lack of proper documentation may result in prosecution if the company undergoes a regulatory audit.


If you’re worried about this often overlooked threat – we’re here to help. Follow these 5 easy steps and protect your company from falling victim to expense fraud:

1) Establish and enforce detailed policies for expense report submission

Define your company’s set of expense report rules. Some examples include: expense report submission within # of days post transaction; receipt requirement for expenses over $25; hotel receipt itemization coded to its respective category (pay-per-view movies go under “Entertainment,” and room service belong to “meals”), etc. With today’s latest expense report software, you can create custom policies by project and enforce expense dollar limits by category, by day or by item. The more specific the expense policy, the safer you’ll be from questionable reports or rejections, and faulty employee assumptions.

2) Have backup plans in case of an inadvertent internal policy violation

The reality is that exceptions may occur regardless of the clear guidelines. You have the choice to immediately reject the expenses, or have a protocol that specifically deals with situations like this. We recommend the latter, as the first indirectly encourages employees to provide falsified proof in order to make their expenses fly. We recommend an expense report software with out-of-policy options that immediately alert the employee of violations prior to submission – so you don’t have to waste time manually checking.

Example scenario: an employee was running late to a conference and forgot to ask for a receipt for his taxi ride. Considering a receipt is a requirement for ground transportation, what other evidence can this employee supply in place of the missing receipt?

3) Design and carry out proper expense review procedures

An effective expense review flow should involve the project manager or a supervisor, as she is familiar with what expenses are required and can spot suspicious transactions more easily. In addition, it’s ideal to have a secondary review of the expenses by a finance or accounting associate before reimbursing the employees. Rather than focusing on each expense’s necessity, this secondary reviewer identifies any noncompliances with the company’s expense policies and ensures the integrity of supplemental documentation in case of an internal or tax audit. Custom approval routing is a critical expense report software feature to invest in that automates and customizes expense review and approval based on your company’s policy.

4) Utilize data analytics to stay on top of expense reporting trends and reimbursement status

Graphs and charts are handy when it comes to viewing the distribution of expense reimbursements by category/employee/projects, etc. Maintaining a consistent expense reporting practice and staying on top of the reimbursement status also minimizes the chance of delayed or duplicate reimbursements.

5) Investigate when necessary, and remember, it’s all about the “tone at the top.”

The best practice to prevent expense fraud is diligent review, however, some perpetrators might still fall through the crack despite your best efforts. Therefore, it’s crucial to communicate company guidelines and educate the consequences of expense fraud to the employees. Two guidelines we recommend: 1) clearly convey every expense policy violation – small or large – will have consequences; and 2) demonstrate equal treatment across all levels of expense policy violators. After all, copycat behaviors are common at the workplace, and establishing the right “tone at the top” would help foster good ethical culture across the entire organization.

When considering the expense software solution that not only streamlines your company’s workflow but also safeguards you from expense fraud, Tallie successfully does both. A user-friendly mobile app, automatic data import, smart matching and categorization make expense report creation a breeze; while Tallie’s duplicate expense auto-alerts, immediate, “along the way” out-of-policy flags, custom expense limits, and policy-based approval routing will keep expense fraud incidents at bay.

Which of these 5 tips are you and your company following to protect against expense fraud?

Tallie’s Conference Survival Guide

As business teams prepare to embark on their own busy conference seasons, we’re offering a Conference Survival Guide to ensure an enjoyable and productive experience. Here are our recommendations:


1. BKR Water Bottle – $30

We’ve all experienced this. Back-to-back seminars can quickly lead to dehydration and afternoon lethargy. Power through your break-out sessions with a BKR water bottle. These glass bottles are easy to tote around the conference floor and include a soft, silicone sleeve available in a variety of colors.

2. Baggu “Duck Bag” – $26

From branded water bottles to USB charger blocks, conference vendors continue to deliver increasingly innovative conference swag, and we recommend you snag a bag that can hold it all. The Baggu “Duck Bag” is made of recycled cotton and will keep all your personal and professional belongings comfortably safe and secure.

3. Mophie “Juice Pack” Powerstation External Battery – $60

Don’t drain your patience on a dead battery; stay connected with a portable charger. This iPhone and iPad charger boasts a special high-output battery that charges twice as fast as traditional 500mAh batteries and improved conversion efficiency so more power reaches your device.

4. Strong & Kind Bars – $2

Be prepared! Pack some protein to stay sharp and alert through collaborative meetings. We recommend the “Strong & Kind Bar” which comes in a handful of delicious flavors: Honey Mustard, Hickory Smoked, Thai Sweet Chili, Roasted Jalapeno, and Honey Smoked BBQ. These bars are made from 100% whole ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin and hemp seeds, and pea crisps, and deliver 10 g of protein per bar.

5. Coloud “Pop” Earbuds – $25

Wildly popular at Tallie HQ, the Coloud “Pop” earbuds are essential for skyward conference travels. These earbuds are compact, colorful, and deliver quality sound all for the great price of $25. Not too bad considering Apple’s earbuds range from $29-79, and Coloud’s will actually fit in your ears.

Team Tallie wishes you a happy and productive conference season! Want to see how easy Tallie makes submitting conference expenses? Schedule a 1-on-1 product demo with one of our experts. Or take advantage of our free 14-day trials– no credit card, no obligation.

Tallie’s Opticon 2014 Takeaways for Every Innovative Business

On Thursday April 17th, Team Tallie attended Optimizely’s inaugural conference, Opticon 2014. Why, you might ask? Tallie uses Optimizely to continually improve our clients’ experience navigating both our website and the Tallie product itself. As a SaaS company, we are intent on continually delivering an improved product experience. As individuals, we are inspired to challenge, test, innovate, and lead the business software industry towards a new era of accounting marked by meaningful technology with top business value.

We were thoroughly impressed with Optimizely’s first conference (if you didn’t know it, you’d never guess). We decided to round up our top 3 favorite takeaways from our experience and pass them on to our followers.


1. Just run an experiment.

This mantra was woven throughout the day of seminars, beginning with the keynote address by Optimizely Co-Founders Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen. Dan first introduced us to this simple, yet powerful solution by sharing a story about his days as a Product Manager for Google Chrome. He said whenever he was met with skepticism or even full-on roadblocks in the development process, he would propose an experiment— the option of an “undo” button. By doing so, he was able to back up his ideas and hypotheses on business value with hard data, and break through seemingly impossible barriers. Performing experiments, however big or small, led Dan to help make Google Chrome the powerhouse web browser that it is today.

Takeaway: Business decisions needn’t be precluded by a battle and office politics. Eliminate cross-department tension through experimentation, iterative change, and most importantly, real data to back it up.

2. Think outside your bubble.

Just because your company’s business methods are time-tested and written in the rule book doesn’t necessarily mean it’s still the smartest way of operating. Be open to new ideas and new approaches to a seemingly established system or process, and welcome them from anyone in your company. This concept resonated deeply with the Tallie Team due to its perfect alignment with our core purpose— to provide the quickest path from receipt to balance sheet. Taking an arduous and error-prone Excel-based process and revolutionizing it in a way that no other expense management product has done before is one of our core motivators for continued innovation.

Takeaway: By welcoming new approaches to business processes, companies can become more efficient and cut costs, and better position themselves as leaders in their field.

3. Transform your perceived value of company culture.

While Opticon 2014 was teeming with tech savvy seminars and fresh ideas, something exceptional permeated through every detail of the conference: strong company culture. Every Optimizely staff member we interacted with was knowledgeable, approachable, on brand, and most importantly, tied to a communal cause. In the keynote address, we heard some remarkable announcements from Optimizely’s co-founders. One of the most impressive was their new commitment to empower nonprofits to quantifiably increase their ability to drive social change. This attention to social causes was present throughout the event, and it made for a powerfully branded event experience. The consistency and quality of their branded experience was remarkable to say the least, and emboldened my positive perception of the overall company.

Takeaway: Real business value can be derived from “softer” company goals. In addition to positive brand recognition in the field, companies commonly experience higher employee retention, and thus strengthened team expertise and product knowledge. Top companies use these softer goals to amplify existing efforts and drive progress towards completing business goals.

The Tallie Team was thrilled with their Opticon 2014 experience, and feels inspired to continue fostering a “testing culture” to deliver the best product experience to our clients. Did you attend Opticon 2014? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Tallie’s Tax Day Expense Management Resolutions 2014

Gone are the days of 80+ hour weeks, piles of paperwork, and burdensome stress levels. Tax season 2014 is over (at least until August), and accountants everywhere are celebrating in a myriad of ways. Some choose to relax with family over Easter Weekend while others opt for a hot date with Netflix and pizza delivery. However you choose to celebrate, Team Tallie encourages you to take a moment to evaluate how to best improve next year’s Busy Season workflow with some Tax Day Resolutions.


Optimize Busy Season with Automation

The benefits of automating a business’s expense workflow are profound. And to be frank, any software company can create a product that automates your expense workflow. The beauty of Tallie lies just beyond this basic process.

Our engineers, led by our team of experienced accountants, built a product that streamlines expenses, deeply integrates with accounting systems, and most importantly, mimics details of a traditional accounting experience. Managers and end-users alike enjoy an intuitive user experience that reflects the tangible and familiar process of traditional accounting. This is a key differentiator between Tallie and other expense software products— a product built in-house by experienced software engineers, designers, and accounting professionals to ensure our clients navigate the expense process quickly, easily, and most importantly, logically. Imagine your next Busy Season powered by one-step data import, automatic receipt matching, and smart categorization of business expenses.

This results in increased time returned to accountants to focus on more valuable tasks and projects, and thus the company is saved both time and costs associated with less efficient personnel.

Break Up With Manual Data Entry. Take Back Your Time.

Accountants sometimes hold off on adopting financial software because they assume it will be cumbersome to file taxes and manage company expenses; in reality it’s quite the opposite. This assumption is detrimental to their own success and perception as leaders on the forefront of powerful accounting technology. Coupled with the right partner systems, businesses have the opportunity to completely revolutionize their accounting workflow with minimal effort. By making this pivotal step forward, businesses will save significant amounts of time for many Busy Seasons to come.

So which expense software product is best for your business? We conducted a comparative analysis and found that Tallie clients experience 67% time savings (32 minutes) compared with another expense software product (50 minutes) and a manual Excel-based process (91 minutes). Of those surveyed, we found that an average of 40% of transactional accounting time is spent on Accounts Payable and almost 50% is spent processing expenses. This translates into a 10% time benefit savings by choosing Tallie as your expense management software product.

In addition to time saved, let Tallie keep your books clean and error-free with our automated error prevention tools: auto-merge matching expenses, duplicate detection of Merchant, Date, and Total expense data, and policy check to flag expenses that fall outside of customized company policies.

We hope these Tax Day resolutions inspire businesses to consider adopting an expense management product such as Tallie. What Tax Day resolutions do you have planned to improve next year’s Busy Season workflow? Tell us in the comments below!

Expense Management Feature Highlight: Manual Credit Card Upload

To automatically import your transactions, Tallie is built to directly connect with 500+ credit card brands – and that number continues to grow. We constantly strive to keep pace with the rapidly expanding credit card industry, though acknowledge that our customers may have credit cards that we don’t yet directly connect with. Because of this, we’ve recently launched a new Manually Add Account feature to enable credit card transaction file uploading. It’s a feature so highly requested, we felt compelled to create an intuitive user experience that streamlines the upload process, even if our direct connection is currently unavailable.

You may wonder how a transaction file upload feature could be an intuitive feature. It’s a simple upload function, right? Wrong! Tallie is the only expense management software product to offer this type of upload. We listened to our users’ requests and challenged our engineering and design teams to understand the “why” behind it all. The result was powerful.

Tallie chose to create a new way of connecting, storing, and remembering your credit card preferences. We know that most businesses are not expensing random charges from a variety of cards; most companies routinely use a calculated, purposeful process for handling credit card expenses. We believe that whether a company imports credit cards via direct integration or a manual file import, the opportunity to always reference charges to cards should always be available.

Now, in Tallie, you can create and store a credit card profile for both your directly integrated credit cards and those credit cards that require manual file transaction upload.

Manually Upload Your Credit Card Statement Data in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Log into your Tallie Account and click “Credit Cards”

Step 2: Select “Manually Add Account”

Step 3: A box will pop up, asking you to enter your bank. If your bank account isn’t listed, select “Other Issuing Bank”tallie-credit-card-upload-expense-management-software

Step 4: Now, you’ll be prompted to enter a name for the account. Select whether the charges from the account are reimbursable or non-reimbursable, and which in currency the transactions exist.

Step 5: After entering your information, Tallie will ask if everything looks alright to you, and whether or not the transactions are purchases. Next, a success window will appear. Simply drag and drop your charges into the window. After it processes, select the transactions you’d like to appear as Purchases and click “Import.” That’s it – you’re done!


Tips & Tricks for the ‘Manually Add Account’ Feature

1. Easily drag and drop transactions from your desktop into your Tallie account.
2. You can now import older charges or mass upload reimbursable transactions.
3. As a quick fix for special cases, use this feature to quickly import credit card charges and then delete the credit card immediately afterwards.

As one of our highly requested updates, Tallie’s new credit card upload feature is proving to be quite a hit. If you have any additional questions regarding this tool or expense management you can visit the Tallie Support site.

How has the feature improved your expense report workflow? Tell us in the comments below!

Tallie Unaffected by Heartbleed

Earlier this week, the Internet was hit with the Heartbleed bug that poses a serious threat to mass amounts of private information and data. No customer data stored in Tallie is vulnerable. We’d like to take a moment to help you understand the potential gravity of the Heartbleed bug, how Tallie protected your data, and what you personally can do to prevent compromised data in the future.

Heartbleed Security Bug

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed is a security flaw in OpenSSL’s implementation of the TLS/DTLS (transport layer security protocols) heartbeat extension (RFC6520). The bug has caused memory contents to leak from the server to the client and from the client to the server. While bugs in software are often fixed by new versions, Heartbleed has proven to be a “super bug” of sorts– leaving extensive amounts of private information vulnerable and exposed online. This extensive exposure, combined with untraceable attacks, makes for easy exploitation.

Your Tallie Customer Data is 100% Secure

On learning of the general issue, Tallie’s Development Team performed an exhaustive assessment of potential exposure and concluded that all user data is secure. Here’s why:

Our public servers are safe. The load balancer we use does not contain or use the affected OpenSSL component, and passes Heartbleed vulnerability testing without issue.

Our private servers are secure. All of our private servers operate within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and are not accessible directly from the Internet. One Amazon Linux-based system within our VPC, which we use for coordination, is being patched, but hosts neither customer data nor sensitive access keys.  Even if it were sitting on the internet for all to see, it would not compromise customer data.

Some 3rd party services experienced minor exposure.  Some of the 3rd party services we use were vulnerable and have been patched by the providers. For these systems, we are following the recommended mitigation steps by regenerating access keys, though there is no indication of any breach or compromise, and again, no customer data is at risk indirectly via these particular systems.

How to Remain Protected Moving Forward

Stay out of accounts from affected sites until the company has patched the problem. Most major companies should release announcements regarding the status of their security. If they have not, Tallie recommends that you contact the company to verify the safety of your data.

Change your passwords ONLY on officially patched sites. Start with personal financial login information, then email accounts, then software solutions that affect business and professional matters. After all critical accounts have updated passwords, then begin updating the rest of your personal and business accounts.

REMEMBER: In order to truly remain safe, you should diversify your passwords and never use the same password for all critical accounts. If you have used a password for your Tallie account that is shared across several different online accounts, we recommend you change your Tallie password to be safe.

Routinely check on your financial statements. Manually scan your credit card statements, for both personal and business, for any suspicious charges over the next few months. If you see a charge you do not recognize, contact your bank immediately to report it.

The unyielding protection of your information remains our highest priority here at Tallie, and this commitment has proven critical in moments of vulnerability such as this. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

Register for Today’s App Center Webinar (Featuring Tallie): 4/10 at 11 am PST

App_Center___Bill_comTake your Tallie experience to the next level by learning more about our integration today! 

Thursday April 10th at 11 am PST

In this 60 minute webinar, our partners will give a tour of their popular App Center and highlight how to use 4 of their key partners. Today’s Webinar Agenda will include:

  • Overall vision and benefits of the App Center
  • Tallie for expense reporting
  • Earth Class Mail for your virtual mailroom
  • Invoicing for Salesforce

Register for the App Center Webinar Now!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Team Tallie

Operations Engineer: Development and Company

Job description
We’re looking for an Operations Engineer with a passion for working with a wide range of Cloud based and hardware based systems to join our engineering team and help grow our products and services.


  • Operation and implementation of various systems at SpringAhead

Production and testing of related systems

  • Maintain and deploy necessary Cloud servers and proactively schedule maintenance on these systems
  • Creation and maintenance of internal software and hardware systems to satisfy company processes
  • Investigate external services for use within SpringAhead and make recommendations.
  • Responsible for the stability of the company’s infrastructure even down to basic computer provisioning


  • Understanding of SaaS based solutions and the infrastructures surrounding them
  • Hands on experience with Amazon’s AWS Cloud services
  • Experience with Microsoft service stack. MSSQL, IIS, Windows server etc..
  • Medium level of script programming; Python, Apex, Ruby
  • Experience with virtual server environments, hardware and software
  • Demonstrated ability to vet and analyse various services
  • Willingness to tackle all projects, great and small
  • Desired Skills
  • Experience in the Agile software development process
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Experience with using and deploying VMWare
  • Ability to collaborate closely with a small team

Bonus Skills (but not required)

  • Experience with SAS70 and PCI compliance
  • Familiarity with Salesforce architecture
  • Personal Skills
  • Highly motivated self starter with an insatiable desire to learn new things
  • Ability to handle stressful technical situations
  • Consistent ability to deliver on time and work with minimal supervision
  • Excellent verbal communication, analytical skill and critical thinking
  • Strong scheduling skills

Think you’re the perfect fit? Email us a copy of your resume and cover letter to

We’re Hiring! Product Expert – Level 1

This will not be your average job posting because this is not your average job.

The Product Expert team’s DNA is in creating and delivering a phenomenal customer experience. We have developed a rock solid foundation by immersing ourselves in our products and attaining unrivaled domain expertise. We are taking that infrastructure to drive the team to the next level and are looking for highly motivated individuals to contribute to our evolution.

The job starts with a strong focus on understanding every aspect of our products and is reinforced by directly helping new and existing customers get the most from our product. SpringAhead is a software company that helps thousands of companies run more efficiently. We have two product lines: an expense tracking solution,, and a time and billing solution, We provide guidance to our customers via email, chat and phone.

Over time, the job will add the following elements:
Providing technical assistance to our Sales team during key sales meetings
Assisting development in testing new product releases
Bringing new tools and processes to life that make our customer more successful
Assisting Product Marketing in understanding client issues and prioritizing them

Key job requirements:
Superior comfort with software systems
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Enthusiasm for continuous learning
Strong desire to work with multiple teams in the company
Basic understanding of either programming or accounting
Past experience in customer success/customer satisfaction

The SpringAhead team is a diverse group. Among us is a professional guitarist, a few avid surfers, a CPA, a competitive swimmer, a Series 7 Certified Stockbroker, a design consultant, a graphic designer, an extreme skier, a professional photographer, an elementary school teacher, etc. — all of whom have a proven passion in business and in life. These apparent differences are brought together through a shared desire to apply their entrepreneurial spirits in an environment where they can quickly see tangible results. This drive and creative thinking fuel SpringAhead’s daily growth.

Are you ready for an opportunity of a lifetime? If so, shoot over your resume in PDF format to Include with it a brief description of what drives you, what you would bring to our transformation and why you want to be a part of our team.

Tallie Talk: Milan Korsos, UI Ninja

Every Team Tallie member is awesome in their own way. When it comes to our resident UI Ninja, Milan Korsos, we can’t get enough of his refreshing product perspective, inspirational discoveries, crazy collaboration skills, and  unwavering commitment to the Tallie vision. He’s our thrill-seeking, bright-eyed builder and he’s here today to share his Tallie story with us.


A Tallie UI Ninja’s Mission:

To build the next generation of business products that are beautiful, easy-to-use, and provide breakthrough value.

BUD-BRC-SFO (My Tallie Journey):

After too many years working on consumer facing products in T-Mobile Hungary’s innovation lab, I was craving a change of pace. So I bought a ticket to California.

I kicked off this west coast adventure with my first trip to Burning Man. After that crazy week, I landed in San Francisco and began a wild ride. I made new friends, worked for a startup, couch surfed, survived on Burger King when said startup shut down, stayed with a fun group of stand-up comedians, and spent a lot of time interviewing with tech start ups looking for the next cool gig.

Just before my return flight to Budapest, I met Chris Farrell – our Tallie CEO – who sold me on an ambitious plan to build an automated expense management software from the ground up. The night before my return flight, I had to make a decision – do I head back to Hungary and resume my familiar and comfortable life? Or do I listen to instinct and embark on a new adventure with Tallie?

I cancelled my flight. The following week, the life of the Tallie UI Ninja began, and I haven’t looked back since.

Tallie Talk Milan Korsos TedxYouth

My TedxYouth Experience:

In 2010, I received an invitation to speak at TedxYouth in Budapest. Yeah, that TED. In front of a packed theater of curious eyes, I shared my passion for “building” and discussed the limitless opportunities on the internet for us creative, forward thinking “builders”. Even today, I firmly believe talented and determined dreamers can launch a successful web product no matter what corner of the world they live in.

My Definition of Awesome UI:

Square, Uber and Airbnb. Not only do they have beautiful products but every aspect of their user experience is outstanding. They’re also doing an amazing job of redefining legacy workflows in their respective industries, which is our primary mission here at Tallie, too.

Tallie’s Freshest Product Features:

We’re always improving Tallie by adding new features and fine-tuning the existing aspects of our product. We just released a new version of our Tallie iOS App that’s smoother, sturdier and easier. We’re also working hard on a long list of really exciting stuff on our whiteboards, all leading to an even more streamlined and swift product. From improvements to our auto-calculated mileage feature, to a simpler Expense Report page, to new impressive software integrations –  please stay tuned!

A Peek Into My iTunes Playlist:

My playlist contains many different personalities – from Thievery Corporation, MSTRKRFT and Beastie Boys to Grimes and Pretty Lights. Growing up in Europe, I listened to Pete Tong’s famous weekly BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and was influenced by this late 90s UK electronic music scene – mainly trip hop, drum&bass and house.

For writing code, electronic music is still my go-to, but I’m more on the happy and sunny side of house music these days. My Soundcloud list has sets from Wolf+Lamb, RobotHeart and Distrikt crews as well as the new shining Hamburg based Diynamic label.

The Go-To Surf Spots:

I have a love-hate relationship with Ocean Beach. There are days when I have epic moments out there, but when the waves get mean, I stay away and opt for the Pacifica waves instead.

The Board:

My recent favorites include my 6.6″ thruster and 6.4″ fish. You need to paddle hard with these guys but once you gain some speed they’re super fun.

The Traveling Man:

Having the luxury of living in two different countries has shown traveling as a remarkable way to discover more about myself and the world around me. And it’s super fun! Whether it’s a quick weekend in the Sierras or a month in an exotic location – if given the chance, I always hit the road. As for my next adventure, I will get the Indonesian stamp in my passport – I’ve heard too many incredible stories about their endless perfect waves, exquisite islands and heavenly food. I can’t wait to see, surf, and explore it for myself.

3 Reasons I Love Working on Team Tallie:

Of course, our product. Additionally, we have a passionate team that believes Tallie is changing the way companies work by reducing back-office time so they can focus on what’s most important: the front office, strategic part of their business. Last but not least, we have a keg at the office. What more could you ask for?

Over the last two years we’ve worked hard to build the Tallie product and establish a growing, loyal user community, but I feel like the real journey is just about to start.  It’s an exciting time for us.

The UI Ninja Mantra:

“Keep it simple, make it fast!”

If you share Milan’s love for building, have cool ideas to share or are Tallie fans with stories to tell, Milan would love to hear from you. Email your thoughts to!